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Violent Videos For Violent Futures Does Not Serve Children

In the public interest.

Violent video games simulates violence through military applications teaching children that this is power, invincible, control, fun yet the reality on the ground it is disgusting, horrific and hell on earth. A soldier told me this. he was not glorifying the butchering of civilians, so-called enemies in the name of winning or the side of good. Both sides think they are on the side of good. I thought of parents last night and how they feel when their child is murdered. How is killing heroic.

Imagine if children could be exposed to games where they learn to problem solve ecological collapse. Where they learn how to deal with life threatening bullying (read about a boy on the point of suicide through taunting by other boys telling him to kill himself). How about games that reframe peace as a issue that is a true testimony of courage in the face of violence. I recall Scott Ritter Senior Weapons Inspector in Iraq (CIA) tell the audience that the most courageous people were the pacifists as they face danger without arms. Anyone can hold a gun and force others to comply, but what about standing there without anything and asking for dialogue, conflict resolution and sharing perspectives in order to find a solution to the impasse. I used to watch the fighting and wonder why can’t we talk? I am still asking the same question today. I am asking it of you.

This gaming website let’s the kids play for free. I saw the intro on YouTube and I can see it simulates training for killing. Don’t think for one minute when kids repetitively engaging in actions and intentions to kill it doesn’t change them, I can assure you it does. It will not prepare them for the hard work of peace and resolution of conflict which requires meeting in the middle. There is no win/lose only win win. That is the world I feel, touch, see and manifest as a peacemaker. I feel it in my soul. Before I get ridden off as a peacenik my ex partner was a solider and I met many of the military refuseniks and those in Israel trying to dialogue with people around nonviolence. I also met soldiers traumatised from killing children, unable to shake the horrific memory. I travelled the world and visited Gandhi’s ashram and saw the real courage in daring to care and facing death without the desire to hit back. This is where summary executions stop, targeting stops, torture stops, murder stops, domestic violence stops, bullying stops. This is the power of real love as they are me.

I won’t be crossing out anything, I include everything even these games, as we are to learn how to really love children by freeing them to have their own games, their own imagination and their own talents to go into life unafraid, not fearing enemies everywhere. To love them is to free them from fear through facing it for real.

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Domestic Violence or Family Peace?

Today is International Women’s Day. My video I felt to upload was a coincidence, yet I know that there are no mistakes.

When I felt inspired to feel the men’s pain this is where the core of violence is emerging from. That is why men must look into their deep pain and where they are triggered. This will become a new door opening to intimacy or in-to-me-see. This is where men are truly liberated.

I send love to women who have had great hardship, not felt heard or lived in constant fear of violence. May you find the inner light to find your way to peace and safety. It is unwise to return to violence situations as children’s wellbeing is deeply affected and issues can arise later in their lives or they can model violent behaviours. Work through the issues with counsellors and find inner truth and know you didn’t fail. There are always lessons to learn about empowerment.

May my words bring peace to you.

Below is Dr. Emoto’s Hidden Messages from Water. Everything we think, say and do causes balanced symmetry or chaos and can create disease and sickness. We must learn nonviolent communication. Refer to the links on the video for more information to empower positive pathways forward.

The Hidden Messages in Water ~ by Dr Masaru Emoto

Are Shooters Reflective of Embedded Violence in Games?

This video with narrative depicts how games influence the psyche of young men. Emotionally they associate warfare with fun.  They rewire their neural networks as they recite the language of powerlessness in order to relate to the other party. This is how war is indoctrinated. It may appear fun for them but the real wars on the ground are horrific. I note he promotes the Evil Dinosaur Corporation. Making evil fun.  

Video Games are used by the military to train soldiers.  The consciousness here is to kill or be killed.  It is a false bravado where those who feel disempowered seek to feel power. It is imagineered through games that train in power over not power within. Young men do not get the role modelling they need in order to learn respect, to dialogue, to solve problems and to feel power through mastering their own lives.  Subtly they are programmed into a cyber world that increasingly will be the theatre of wars in the future.  

I met many soldiers who didn’t see it as fun in reality, many come back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Those watching and playing the games learn emotional detachment in the midst of imagined violence. The compassionate centres are not stimulated, this is how emotional intelligence is lost and why people commit horrific crimes.  Society has to contemplate these issues to decide the world they wish to co-create.

The End Game arrives fast through this type of indoctrination. When the militaries and games manufacturers decide that they have had enough of endless war games, then real change will arise.  There is an addiction to the violence and a deep need to have control in a world that feels out of control. This is the hook.  Until we face our dark side we cannot overcome the fears that run us.  What is not understood is that fear is the energy of control and powerlessness, it is not real.  These are the demons that project out as characters in war games, unresolved.

Harmony is not an idealistic notion, it is the balance of the dark and light.  We never remove the dark but we come into homeostasis with it as life is about duality.  The dark when balanced is what propels us into greater expressions and experiences of who we are.  The harmony is alignment with inner truth it is not passive, it is the edge of real challenge.  The challenge was always to overcome fear but not through violence but to stand in vulnerability with courage.  Then the snake becomes a rope.