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What the Bleep Do We Know is to Know We Don’t know!

This may help take off some of the fear we fear about uncertainty and recognise we do have the power to change our world.

This movie below changed my life. I interviewed the director of ‘What the Bleep do I know’. The movie combines science and metaphysics. It helps us to understand who we really are. It reminds us of the power of perception as distinct from truth. Repetition rewires our brain so what we think about we bring about. We must become mindful of inputs and outputs. I do not put into my mind information that repeats fear, that is negative or creating mind control. I choose my thoughts and allow inspiration to move my life.

Thought and feeling creates, the only question is in what direction are you co-creating your world? Are you creating it as a peaceful future or one fear fuelled (fearful)? We all get to choose. If you want to change your world you must intend the world you wish to see. For me I intend world peace, but first I must see it within myself. In addition, you cannot ignore what you fear as you attract it to you, you must learn to face life as it turns up and with a truthful intention, this is what enables us to overcome fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real.

We have infinite possibilities we can choose from. We can live in fear or love. We can change our thoughts. We can not watch the news. We can create our own news in our own lives. To know we are co-creating the times we are moving through.

The old paradigm is being revealed and a new vision is arising. This new paradigm is about consciousness and we can go beyond our senses and trust our inner intuition to lead us to a better place. The Quantum reality is a whole different scenario or indeed, dimension. What if there is no time but the present?

I don’t fear the changes in the world because I know it is a sign of transformation which we have called forth consciously or unconsciously. The cosmos is bigger than governments. Truth is greater than misinformation. Awakening is bigger than ideology. Love is the power that drives creation and expansion of who we are. Love in reality is unifying. So when thoughts focus on love our world will change overnight. However, the journey is through the fear as that is the shadow of humanity that must be faced. I love all people because I know the role they play enables all to choose. All are worthy and all are loved.

We are One consciousness on a journey to re-membering unity. I feel this as home.