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The End Times are a New Beginning

I use the Christian wording as many believe this is the End.  it is not.

My poem is below.



The earth from space is breathless magnificence,

The third planet from the sun,

Is a library with infinite records,

Sifted through archaeological digs,

Carbon dating,

Papyrus leaves,

Inscriptions, encodings, etchings,

As the past tells a story of the future,

The question is are you listening to his story or her story?

For as the ice caps melt they are poles apart.


Life is a harmonic blueprint we did not design,

Humility worshipped magnificence beyond comprehension,

As all needs were supplied like clock work,

As the earth rotates around the sun,

It appears the sun rotates around the earth,

As night follows day,

The earth faces the sun or turns away,

What holds us on the earth is a gravitational pull that we take for granted,

As it has always been this way,

Yet the earth is a moving body alive circling and cycling as part of cosmic events,

We call the 12 phases of the moon one year,

Yet it is the sun blocked by the earth in phase as the moon rotates in 24 of what is called hours,

All arbitrary numbers to map what we see and then believe,

To make sense of our universe without knowing the sphere,

For it appears we are at the centre point.


To travel beyond the speed of light away from the earth,

To move beyond space and time,

Could we arrive before we start?

If we were to return before we start,

What world would we create given what we know?


We remember his story of conquest, murder and control

Historically recorded as victories,

We remember her story of community, life bearing and surrender,

Historically left unrecorded as night follows day,

For what is taken for granted is not a role but nurturing the nature of future generations,

This is given.


We look upon our planet from a great distance and we see those into control,

The puppet masters pulling the strings behind the scenes,

Never seen or heard as secrecy is the silent weapon of this war,

Those re-writing the news, investing in instruments of war, never sleeping,

This is the cap stone,

For they are left unchallenged as money is God and artificial intelligence knows not truth,

For those Godless have no power to determine their destiny as unconsciousness living the lie,

For to lie to ONEself is the highest betrayal,

The all seeing eye is consciousness awakening to love,

Placing a cap on trade as true abundance is balance not greed,

Greed is the genetically modified seed of humanity’s destruction.


Slavery begins when we believe in powerlessness,

Abuse shows when we believe we have no say,

Violence grows where hope used to believe

as we force others to change in our image,

For we have not known the wisdom of the dream,

The silent peace of surrender,

The silent prayer of acceptance,

That accepts night follows day aware that the truth is the earth revolves around the sun,

For those who know are not in control of the moment they simply surrender to it,

For they know not what will come as they do not need to know,

For how can one control what is out of control as it always flows to the source,

Life is not on a need to know basis as information comes at the right moment,

Just as water turns into wine as the elixir of life is both the highs and the lows,

To align the planets is to realise the precision of the equinoxes as homeostasis,

As real power has no control only allowance of nature returning to the still point,

For nature is the real spectrum without dominance where all is done beyond space and time,

As the sum of the parts in-forms the whole,

The whole is the sum of the parts,

For there is nothing apart in unity,

Unity is a simple recognition that there is no separation in the universe,

As all are ONE no matter the primitive beliefs of the few puppets acting as masters,

For it is not possible to control the full spectrum,

As this is the rainbow bridge,

It is not possible to buy up all spectrum,

As how can one own the colours that inform the light,

For you cannot own what is natural for how can you own your hand or leg?

Ownership was always about the control by those who do not know



To know thyself are the words remembered when one returns before they arrive,

These words are carved into deep library walls entombing silence,

For silent wars fight against universal wisdom that silently encodes survival as a blue-print,

As the blue planet is not at war with itself as echo systems are feedback loops,

For it is not survival of the fittest that wins,

it is the evolution of those who love without condition,

for this is unconditional love allowing change without resistance,

Evol-u-it-on reversed is no-it-u-love.


For the purpose of the journey is to come home not to leave the planet,

For Planet X is XX not XY, as X marks the spot at this cross road,

It is to rebalance the Y with X as a decision for equality as this is homeostasis or balance naturally aligning with life,

It is to kiss and make up surrendering to love not war,

As those at war know not love,

Rome was never built in a day yet empires always fall,

And the path to Jerusalem is to remember the teachings on the Mount,

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall know God,

Jerusalem is not a place it is the symbol of a birth,

Birthing love as the true saviour of our world.


For no-one is chosen ONE simply chooses to love under all conditions,

This is to choose love and love is God,

There are no favourites, no superior or inferior only the one family learning to love,

For you know not what you do when you separate a unified field of sunflowers,

There is no them or us only us in this game of hide and seek,

There is no enemy only potential friends,

Did one not say ‘love is the answer’ yet so many forget this simple precept,

It is not a concept but love in action that includes every ONE as part of the self made whole,

It matters not the colour, class, creed or greed – all reflects diversity as unity,

For this is the true message that came down through the annals of time,

But did you hear the message preached by so many so long ago?

There is nothing to fear but fear itself,

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.


The greatest power is in gentle compassion,

Be like little children look at life with innocence,

Be quick to forgive, let go of control and enjoy the moment as it is,

For clowns remember the child within laughing and playing,

For life is not a serious business it is enlightenment when you lighten up,

Yet can you find the light in the dark I venture?

Can you let go of control and find inner peace?

For this is the light seeking you,

And you are seeking the light,

Yet it cannot be found in things, in power, in control or war,

It is found in silence when the wars have stopped,

For one can stand on a hill and recite great parables,

Endlessly repeated in stories but not realised,

For until you leave the palace of security you cannot find real peace in uncertainty,

For you must venture past the walls of your own making into the forest of vulnerability,

You must cross the rainbow bridge to meet with the people on the other side,

For you cannot unify the realm until you live the same as all others,

For until you walk in the shoes of another you cannot know their plight,

It is said the meek that inherit the earth,

The meek are without ego or agenda as they are over 21.


You can surveil, gather data and reach for full spectrum dominance,

But peace will never be found in the instruments of control,

So consider the Lillies of the field they neither toil nor spin,

They are just being themselves as night follows day.


This is the clarion call to those who are listening for truth not proof or evidence,

Consider this a reminder to re-member your humanity,

Contemplate this as an invitation to be the change you wish to see in the world,

For if not you then who? If not now then when?

For what you do to another returns to the self,

As night follows day or day follows night,

For you cannot fight nature and you can never win,

For life is not a battle ground but a field of infinite possibilities,

As our life is to open to the enlightenment of nature,

Nature spins but never toils as the soils are alluvial gold,

The real gold is not in money but in the realisation that you cannot eat gold,

For nature is sustainability as homeostasis recalibrating as the greatest disruption,

As the central sun is the sundial and the inner wheel,

As you did not create the uni-verse the one song created you,

For until you sing the one song in harmony

you will not recognise the real word in the uni-verse,

So as I sing this song to you I re-member the verse as ONE word:


Who AM I?

I AM that which I AM,

I am you,

You are me,

Can you see eternity in the blade of grass?

Can you feel unity in the whispering wind?

Can you know life as the gift of grace?

For s/he is we created in equality,

Growing together in a Garden of Eden,

For to know the Garden is to honour each variety,

To Judge not as good or bad but a given,

For heaven is in love,

And love is life,

In peace.

For peace is the ONE word

re-membering life as God or

God as life.


I send you peace and love,

As this is the ONE religion that unifies all worlds

beyond space and time.



The crystal Senenite is described below. I didn’t realise how powerful it is.

These 9 Things about Selenite Will Blow your Mind

by Ceida UilycJune 19, 2019

These 9 Things about Selenite Will Blow your Mind

One of the few purification crystals that can also amplify the power of other crystals, selenite is a white to orange gemstone that opens your highest chakras. Selenite can absorb evil energies and transform you. Today we will learn selenite facts dug from the secret vaults of expert crystal users. If you’re smitten by selenite, this is all you need to get started as a professional selenite user.

Ready to find out all the selenite secrets?

Table of Contents:

What Is Selenite?

9 Things About Selenite You Never Knew


Nature: When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears


What if nature is the teacher and it is appearing… Are you listening to your teacher.  Bring an apple, make sure it is not modified nor polished, no chemicals – just bring an ordinary apple and feel the true sweetness of nature. This is living truth that many take for granted. There is great wisdom, perhaps soon we will discover it.


You’ve heard it before… ‘Nature Is Life’s Greatest Teacher’

But what does that really mean?

There are actually a lot of really amazing reasons why investing time to connect with nature is one of the best 

decisions you could make for yourself.

1. Watch This Quick Video About Learning In Nature
2. Scroll Down To See The Complete List
After I made this video I decided to sit down and brainstorm a whole bunch of different ways that nature teaches us in life.  Some of these are very practical, some are all about developing yourself as a person, and others still are just plain cool.

The 21 things that nature wants to teach you:

1. Observation: Observation is a skill that some people have and some people don’t, but anyone can develop strong observation skills when they spend time outside.

2. Knowledge of place: Learn to identify all the trees, plants & birds of your local bio-region. You can know the land like the back of your hand.

3. Adventure: By exploring in nature and following the trail of your curiosity you can discover hidden groves and amazing areas where people don’t often venture. It’s a cool experience to visit places that are wild & unknown to most humans.

4. Sensory Awareness: Your senses have far more potential than you presently use. Take some time to sit outside in nature, close your eyes and listen as far as you can hear. It’s incredible how much more we notice when we take the time to slow down.

5. Intelligence: Human beings have untapped intelligence locked away inside our minds.  When we get out into nature and start investigating life with an attitude of curiosity, we’re led down a trail to amazing discoveries and gain practical problem solving skills.

6. Comfort: The outdoors isn’t always a comfortable place. But when you can find a deeper comfort that comes from inside, you’ll be able to feel at home even in the rough isolated wilderness.

7. Creativity: Artists, musicians, philosophers, & writers have long looked to nature for the inspiration to create their masterpiece. Some of the greatest architectural ideas have been sparked by observations made in nature.

8. The Art of Happiness: Listen to a bird singing at dawn in the midst of a storm and you’ll begin to understand the real art of happiness. Animals are great teachers of emotional resiliency.

9. Well-Being: Nature deficit disorder is a term coined by Richard Louv to describe what happens when people don’t get enough nature in their life & the results are not pleasant. Nature will teach you how to stay healthy, happy & connected.(How To Cure Nature Deficit Disorder)

10. History: Nature is a portal to discover the secrets of the past. It’s all written in the land. Take a trip back in time and imagine what it would like to live during the days of your ancestors. 

11. Sense of Direction: It’s easy to get lost in the great outdoors. Nature will teach you to hold clear images in your mind & keep track of where you’re going.

12. Inner Peace: Peace is already inside every living person. When we get the space to freely enjoy the outdoors and let go of what we have on our mind, we discover a tremendous freedom and joy for life that isn’t attached to anything external.

13. Gratitude: Learning to experience the gift of life through our senses in nature helps us to feel thankful for all the amazing things that we have in our world. Take some time to appreciate life.

14. Natural Consequences: Nature shows us that our choices in life have natural consequences. We learn to be on alert for what the weather is doing & take action to avoid unwanted consequences.

15. Decision-Making: You have to think fast in order to respond effectively to what nature gives you. Make the choice to bring a raincoat or else you get soaked!

16. Survival: Even with all the challenges facing our planet, nature never gives up. By making a commitment to growth & expansion we can overcome any challenge.

17. Persistence: Climbing the mountain takes more than a little bit of effort. You’ll learn to persist as you reach towards your desire to connect with the natural world.

18. Resiliency: Storms may come and trees may fall but when the wind dies down, the clouds will always clear & the sun will always return. The same is true for everything in life.

19. Curiosity: There are so many mysteries and new discoveries to be made out in nature. What will spark your attention and where will your curiosity take you?

20. Perspective: The world we live in is much bigger than just you or me. We each play but a small part in a global community of plants, animals, people, ideas & dreams.

21. Humility: Not all questions have an answer. There are new challenges awaiting us around every corner. All we can do is let go and keep moving forward.


Nature is a great teacher when you take the time to get out there and pay attention. From naturalist knowledge to life skills there’s something for everybody big and small.