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Event 201 Pandemic Simulation, World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation and Global Control 2019

In the public interest. This is a perspective that a pandemic simulation was undertaken in October 2019 at the World Economic Forum with the assistance of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The simulation took place 6 weeks before the actual coronavirus. He states they funded the organisation who formulated the coronavirus.

The simulation includes control of the internet and arresting people in respect of what is perceived as ‘misinformation’. Google and Facebook in the simulation delete information.

  • What if the false information in the simulation is the truth?
  • All are forced to publish what is perceived as the right information.
  • Enforcement against so called fake news is about censorship. They note conspiracy theories.
  • The World Health Organisation becomes the central source of information.
  • Wuhan is the location of he biolab and ground zero of this simulated virus spreading.

Spiro holds concerns about control exercised globally.

The question is – is it a coincidence? I feel the global chess board.

I would propose the scenario and reality of the coronavirus is an argument for decentralisation and remote working. It puts cold water on policies to increase the size of cities. Below is a visitor to my blog from Corona, I had to smile. Corona is in California. The link is another blog on this simulated pandemic. Very interesting timing.

 Guest  1 03-15-2020 04:58 pm UTC   Corona, CA/bill-gates-global-pandemics-and-controversial-coronavirus/

Canberra Modernising the Public Service or is it Control?

In the public interest. Modernisation is code for disruption.

Is IT digitisation of government or any organisation a modernisation in reality. When everything is shifted to a centralised (cloud) global control and command systems (IoT). Is this moving forward (evolution) or are we returning to feudal totalitarianism sold as the next digital revolution within the context of ecological collapse? This is the question not asked but it is the card on the table, that I would call the Joker. We can exchange this card for a better card, but it requires critical thinking and really looking through the smart marketing serving up control as freedom, freedom as access, mind control as choice and so on. In government the systems are becoming digitised by US multinational companies accessing government systems and redesigning systems with licencing agreements in contract relationships. How does this protect Australian sovereignty and citizens from foreign influence? I find this highly concerning.

As privatisation expands, non disclosure becomes the modus operandi. As cyber warfare escalates so does access to private information whereby governments can break encrypted data and call it national security. As governments become private entities they will act like corporations and the public right to know will disappear as a mist under the rising sun of change.

The digital reality is not a ecosystem it is bits and bytes (0,1) binary choices (yes/no) of code that creates the impression of reality and use 3D modelling through special glasses to emulate reality as another world, that appears real. It is confusing the senses and training people to follow the prompts, to tick yes to terms and conditions and ignore choice. To allow breaches of personal privacy but collecting information and selling data and calling this business. The reality beyond the mask of efficiency is full spectrum dominance. It is a business reality (not democratic) that is artificial intelligence (inclusive of those creating IT) that excludes the real human social emotional needs for a fantasy world of fake control, fake choices (algorithms will define) and false stimuli not based on your demand but based on augmented/promoted demand so you buy products. It has nothing to do with freedom of choice, freedoms of liberty and has everything to do with gaining control over the community to maximise profit.

I will post Deloitte in the next blog another major player shape changing our world into a Orwellian image and calling it modernisation and prosperity. It is not the real wealth of nations in my view. It is the road to Serfdom paved with marketed good intentions but creating a infrastructure of enslavement which will be hard to extract ourselves from as we will be locked into the system with no opt out. Optus always comes to mind ‘YES’ I believe that was code for there is no ‘NO’. No means no access. No means non compliance. No means exclusion from the system. I believe in democracy and choice so it clearly will not be for me. I have been locked out and experienced 2.5 years homeless without income as I did not comply. Not because I am rebellious but because I believe in freedom of choice. I believe in the internet serving the public not a commercial venture where the companies fish for customers using shop fronts as webpages where they can spin their stories making it hard for people to check. I do note on some website you can’t find the Board of Directors (governance) and I see it is window dressing. As governments shutdown their shopfronts which were face to face access points with the public, government will become a cyber reality that feels more and more remote. For me remote viewing comes to mind as the reality of life on the net. No real human contact, no real purpose only consumption to benefit the few over the many. This is the conversation we are not having. Yet it is in the public interest.

Canberra seeks vendor fluent in digital transformation to modernise public service

The Australian Public Service Commission is looking for a vendor to train public service staff so they can lead digital transformation within their respective agencies or departments.

By Asha Barbaschow | January 9, 2018 — 00:25 GMT (11:25 AEDT) | Topic: Digital Transformation

The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) wants to modernise the government’s workforce, heading to market for a the provision of the design and delivery of an “intensive” digital transformation development program for Senior Executive Service (SES) staff within the public service.

The statement of requirement, published Tuesday, explains the vision of the APSC is to create a “flexible, efficient, and high-performing Australian Public Service (APS) that delivers quality outcomes for government, business, and the community”.

The APSC’s Centre for Leadership and Learning has partnered with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to deliver a Building Digital Capability Program the APSC hopes will accelerate its digital transformation agenda.

The program consists of four areas, which includes a training marketplace, talent attraction, talent retention, and a revamped culture.

See also: 8 digital transformation resolutions for CIOs in 2018 (TechRepublic)

As a result of the Building Digital Capability Program, the APSC is expecting public service staff to be better skilled to support digital transformation in their respective agencies or departments, which will in turn transform government services.

The Approach to Market (ATM) explains the APSC is seeking to partner with leadership and executive education experts to design, develop, and deliver a “longitudinal, multi-modal, executive leadership program”, with the commission producing Learning Design Standards to guide the design and development of the learning solutions.

According to the ATM, the successful supplier must have the capability and capacity to deliver a program which includes a “variety of modes in accordance with best practice in blended learning”. These modes include immersive and intensive face-to-face delivery, digitally delivered content, social media content, workplace-based learning, webinars, virtual classrooms, self-paced instruction, collaborative forums, and discussion groups with a variety of approaches.

“It is expected that the program will be delivered using agile processes allowing for the program to evolve and improve from cohort to cohort using participant feedback and evaluation results,” the ATM states.

It is an expectation that the chosen supplier will work with the APSC to identify appropriate channels to attract, engage, and retain participants in the program, by developing, as one example, a digital solution that manages the user “journey” from program awareness, through digital delivery of content and ongoing monitoring and reporting.

The supplier will also be required to work with the Centre’s Talent Strategies and Evaluation Team on detailing evaluation and reporting techniques.

Watch this: Four steps to successful digital transformation (TechRepublic)

The Australian government is implementing a digital transformation agenda to transform the way it delivers services to citizens, business, and other users. The DTA — formerly the Digital Transformation Office — was created to help lead that transformation.

Although kicking off a handful of digital transformation projects earlier in the year, the government outlined its series of initiatives in its Budget 2017-18, intending to modernise and consolidate its systems, as well as train staff members in digital skills.

“A number of Commonwealth agencies are taking advantage of technology and other innovations to provide more productive and efficient ways of working such as establishing flexible working environments, including converting offices to open plan and activity-based working facilities, to enable co-location and improving remote access technology to allow staff to work from anywhere,” the government said in its Budget 2017-18 documents.

The APS upgrade project will see a AU$350 million investment over three years from the government in order to modernise processes and systems.

“This measure, which is fully funded from the additional efficiency dividend applied in the 2016-17 Budget, provides for investments to advance the collection and use of government data in the development of evidence-based policy, including people-centred policy design,” the government explained in May.

“The measure enhances service delivery through the Digital Transformation Agency’s development of whole-of-government platforms, supports the development of digital capability, and further modernises systems to enable greater collaboration across the APS.”

The one year contract with the APSC includes an extension option of either two additional periods of one year each, or additional services at the government’s discretion.

The ATM closes February 2, 2018.

More on digital transformation in government

The War Within US

Is the war path The Way? It is the duty of who see the blind man on a blind horse heading towards the abyss.  For the War US is within projected without in endless wars of win/lose.  What is put out returns is the inner-sense.



This is the song to those who cannot see,


This is for those who can not hear,


This is for those who can not speak with


Who are deaf and dumb to what they do,

And how it affects what others choose.


For you are busy,

You are consumed,

By your own pain,

And those around you are invisible,

For the war within is the real war,

That divides society,

At its core.


So I say to all,

Please stop yelling,

And start listening,

Please stop ignoring,

And start facing the mirror,

Please let go of the story of others,

And look into your own story,

Let go of criticism of how others wrong you,

And consider what you are doing which is wrong,

For you are the role model,

You live the example,

And what example are you setting,

What is that you do that you keep forgetting?

As you project on to others what you cannot own,

The walls you build keep emotions out,

As your windows are dark and stained,

As denial hides in the corner,

Refusing to let go,

Of the past.


Has misery made a home in your heart?

Has blame made your bed?

Have patterns become grooves,

That dive deep,

As the same record keeps on playing,

The same old song.


Why not try a new song?

Why not jump the track?

Why not open the windows and see,

Close your eyes and listen,

For the birds are singing at a higher crescendo,

As a new morning dawns as above so below,

You yawn as you see a different day glow,

As realisation hits you like a thunderbolt,

That there is no blade of grass out of place,

That every moment comes to you by design,

All is for your greatest good,

Even when It seems bleak,

For when you seek you will find,

A way opens out of darkness.


Epstein Financial Backer of Israeli IT Start-up Carbyne, is this Intelligence?

This article is in the public interest.  I am very concerned about the potential and future targeting of dissents, non violent activists or those opposing in anyway a Orwellian future.

I will trust life and my heart.  What happens in the future happens. For this moment I am calling forth a world where whistle blowers and truth arises in the public interest so they can awaken and change the future. As I see it so it will be.

Disillusionment is a step on the pathway home to a renewable earth where we learn to live in harmony.  The break down of ethics and the allowance of corruption at the highest levels is what is breaking down the public’s belief in government. However, we do not want an Orwellian future where a totalitarian dictatorship steps into the void.  We must reclaim democracy, I feel people will.

I often speak in my blogs about ‘what you put out comes back’, it is a universal law.  What you think about you bring about, whether it be positive or negative.  We create our reality.  If you spend your life engaged in corruption eventually it catches up, fate unfolds and destiny is realised. It is beyond us at times, as life has its own interesting way of bringing forth truth. I observe when I discover stories how they just come to me.

The link between Microsoft and Israeli intelligence doesn’t surprise me.  I note with the Smart Meter and NBN that Microsoft updated on my computer without wireless.  I used to always stop updates as I don’t know what they are downloading.  Today I don’t trust it at all.  If I could stop it I would.  When I go into  Event Viewer I can see the activity that has gone on.  I don’t consent to it, but it does it anyway.  No respect, the public are just a commodity to exploit. The public pay for the NBN and then the multinationals and as we are going to learn in this article, intelligence agencies, access our information.  It is picked up through telecommunications, routed through intelligence agencies profited by business with no regard to privacy of the public.  It means you can’t write anything private, you can’t speak on the phone and probably it will mean we will get out of all technology no matter the cost.  I personally think it is used for targeting. I’ve had the experience of a beam hit my computer on the right hand side of myself when at a university.  I felt it was directed via a satellite.  I’ve had surveillance cameras by police turn on as I passed, I’ve had US intelligence on my website, my blog, my emails which is response to their fear and their labelling of anyone that claims democracy (which I have) as a threat.  This is untrue, it is life happening and it is meant to be.  I see the world in a different way today.  There are no mistakes, therefore what can I control, when I never was in control. That is the secret here.  Yet others will play out their fears, their part believing they are controlling the spectrum, they are not. We live in a abundant universe and we are a tiny aspect believing we are at the centre.  On a higher level that inner spark is the centre but in our day to day life we are inconsequential in the greater scheme of life itself.  Yet we are part of life, we are created by life and we return to it. So what is to fear.  The truth comes up. Why is that concerning.  Fear of vulnerability is the mask behind threats, aggression and anger yet even that is an illusion.  Only the ego fears vulnerability, if we see ourselves as beyond our body, when we leave this life, the dynamic changes.  So life is unfolding, you are at choice how you choose to see and the actions you take.  Everyone is responsible and natural or universal law cannot be undone, it is a dynamic regardless of totalitarianism, bullying, wars and profit making.  Always life brings back to you what you are here to learn, all ways.

This is a notable quote from below:

As will be noted later in this report, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — to whom all of Israel’s intelligence agencies answer by virtue of his position — has stated on more than one occasion that the acquisition of Israeli intelligence-linked start-ups by foreign tech giants, especially in Silicon Valley, is a current and “deliberate policy” of the state of Israel…”

This is in the public interest.

Confirmed by VT: The CIA, Mossad and “Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings

Confirmed by VT: The CIA, Mossad and “Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings

By Whitney Webb at MintPress


VT, among others, has investigated the rash of shootings, not just in the US but France, Italy and elsewhere.  Outside the US we have cooperation from counter-terrorist organizations (governmental) because of our standing.  In the US, we remain pariahs because of our unwillingness to blame others.

Our general position is this:  We believe that 9/11 was an operation intended to overthrow the Gore administration, one cheated out of a presidency, and install a fake military dictatorship under the control of the RKM/KN crime ring run out of Israel and Russia, one that encompasses the full gambit of fake groups, Bilderberg, the “hunting clubs,” evangelical zionism, most of DC “stink tanks…”

From here, an all encompassing mob controlled bureaucracy would be created, the DHS, which would engineer, aided by the media, a divided population, pushed into accepting “benevolent dictatorship,” giving up all rights, all privacy but armed to the teeth…until that last moment when the hammer falls and the roundups begin.  Whitney Webb outlines how technology will bring about that day.  We have official briefing material telling us it is coming and confirming everything written here:

Following the arrest and subsequent death in prison of alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a little-known Israeli tech company began to receive increased publicity, but for all the wrong reasons. Not long after Epstein’s arrest, and his relationships and finances came under scrutiny, it was revealed that the Israeli company Carbyne911 had received substantial funding from Jeffrey Epstein as well as Epstein’s close associate and former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and prominent Trump backer Peter Thiel.

Carbyne911, or simply Carbyne, develops call-handling and identification capabilities for emergency response services in countries around the world, including the United States, where it has already been implemented in several U.S. counties and has partnered with major U.S. tech companies like Google. It specifically markets its product as a way of mitigating mass shootings in the United States without having to change existing U.S. gun laws.

Yet, Carbyne is no ordinary tech company, as it is deeply connected to the elite Israeli military intelligence division, Unit 8200, whose “alumni” often go on to create tech companies — Carbyne among them — that frequently maintain their ties to Israeli intelligence and, according to Israeli media reports and former employees, often “blur the line” between their service to Israel’s defense/intelligence apparatus and their commercial activity. As this report will reveal, Carbyne is but one of several Israeli tech companies marketing themselves as a technological solution to mass shootings that has direct ties to Israeli intelligence agencies.

In each case, these companies’ products are built in such a way that they can easily be used to illegally surveil the governments, institutions and civilians that use them, a troubling fact given Unit 8200’s documented prowess in surveillance as a means of obtaining blackmail and Israel’s history of using tech companies to aggressively spy on the U.S. government. This is further compounded by the fact that Unit 8200-linked tech companies have previously received U.S. government contracts to place “backdoors” into the U.S.’ entire telecommunications system as well as into the popular products of major American tech companies including Google, Microsoft and Facebook, many of whose key managers and executives are now former Unit 8200 officers.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it no secret that placing Unit 8200 members in top positions in multinational tech companies is a “deliberate policy” meant to ensure Israel’s role as the dominant global “cyber power”, while also combating non-violent boycott movements targeting Israel’s violations of international law and stifling the United Nations’ criticisms of Israeli government policy and military operations abroad.

As Jeffrey Epstein’s links to intelligence in both the United States and Israel — the subject of a recent four-part series exclusive to MintPress — began to be revealed in full, his financing of Carbyne came under scrutiny, particularly for the company’s deep ties to Israeli intelligence as well as to certain Americans with known connections to U.S. intelligence. Ehud Barak’s own role as both financier and chairman of Carbyne has also added to that concern, given his long history of involvement in covert intelligence operations for Israel and his long-standing ties to Israeli military intelligence.

Another funder of Carbyne, Peter Thiel, has his own company that, like Carbyne, is set to profit from the Trump administration’s proposed hi-tech solutions to mass shootings. Indeed, after the recent shooting in El Paso, Texas, President Trump — who received political donations from and has been advised by Thiel following his election — asked tech companies to “detect mass shooters before they strike,” a service already perfected by Thiel’s company Palantir, which has developed “pre-crime software” already in use throughout the country. Palantir is also a contractor for the U.S. intelligence community and also has a branch based in Israel.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, whatever technological solution is adopted by the Trump administration, it is set to use a controversial database first developed as part of a secretive U.S. government program that involved notorious Iran-Contra figures like Oliver North as a means of tracking and flagging potential American dissidents for increased surveillance and detention in the event of a vaguely defined “national emergency.”

As this report will reveal, this database — often referred to as “Main Core” — was created with the involvement of Israeli intelligence and Israel remained involved years after it was developed, and potentially to the present. It was also used by at least one former CIA official on President Reagan’s National Security Council to blackmail members of Congress, Congressional staffers and journalists, among others.

Given recent reports on the Trump administration’s plan to create a new government agency to use “advanced technology” to identify “neurobehavioral signs” of “someone headed toward a violent explosive act” using data collected by consumer electronic devices, the picture painted by the technology currently being promoted and implemented under the guise of “keeping Americans safe” is deeply Orwellian.

In fact, it points directly to the genesis of a far-reaching surveillance state far more extensive than anything yet seen in American history and it is being jointly developed by individuals connected to both American and Israeli intelligence.

Demystifying Carbyne

Carbyne911, which will be referred to simply as Carbyne in this report, is an Israeli tech-startup that promises to revolutionize how calls are handled by emergency service providers, as well as by governments, corporations and educational institutions.

Not long after it was founded in 2014 by veterans of Israeli military intelligence, Carbyne began to be specifically marketed as a solution to mass shootings in the United States that goes “beyond the gun debate” and improves the “intelligence that armed emergency responders receive before entering an armed shooter situation” by providing video-streaming and acoustic input from civilian smartphones and other devices connected to the Carbyne network.

Prior to Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest in July, Carbyne had been receiving high praise from U.S. and Israeli media, with Fox News hailing the company’s services as the answer to the U.S.’ “aging 911 systems” and the Jerusalem Post writing that the company’s platform offers “hi-tech protection to social workers and school principals.” Other reports claimed that Carbyne’s services result in “a 65% reduction in time-to-dispatch.”

Carbyne’s call-handling/crisis management platform has already been implemented in several U.S. counties and the company has offices not only in the U.S. but also in Mexico, Ukraine and Israel. Carbyne’s expansion to more emergency service provider networks in the U.S. is likely, given that federal legislation seeks to offer grants to upgrade 911 call centers throughout the country with the very technology of which Carbyne is the leading provider.

One of the main lobby groups promoting this legislation, the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), has a “strong relationship” with Carbyne, according to Carbyne’s website. In addition, Carbyne has also begun marketing its platform for non-emergency calls to governments, educational institutions and corporations.

Yet, what seemed like the inevitability of Carbyne’s widespread adoption in the U.S. hit a snag following the recent arrest and subsequent death of sex trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who exploited underage girls for the purpose of obtaining “blackmail” on the rich and powerful, an operation that had clear ties to intelligence.

Epstein, after his first arrest and light sentence for soliciting sex from a minor in 2007, was tapped by former Israeli Prime Minister and former head of Israeli military intelligence Ehud Barak, to become a key financial backer of Carbyne.

As a result of increased scrutiny of Epstein’s business activities and his ties to Israel, particularly to Barak, Epstein’s connection to Carbyne was revealed and extensively reported on by the independent media outlet Narativ, whose exposé on Carbyne revealed not only some of the key intelligence connections of the start-up company but also how the architecture of Carbyne’s product itself raises “serious privacy concerns.”

MintPress detailed many of Carbyne’s main intelligence connections in Part III of the investigative series “Inside the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Too Big to Fail.” In addition to Barak — former Israeli prime minister and former head of Israeli military intelligence — serving as Carbyne’s chairman and a key financer, the company’s executive team are all former members of Israeli intelligence, including the elite military intelligence unit, Unit 8200, which is often compared to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

Carbyne’s current CEO, Amir Elichai, served in Unit 8200 and tapped former Unit 8200 commander and current board member of AIPAC Pinchas Buchris to serve as the company’s director and on its board. In addition to Elichai, another Carbyne co-founder, Lital Leshem, also served in Unit 8200 and later worked for Israeli private spy company Black Cube. The only Carbyne co-founder that didn’t serve in Unit 8200 is Alex Dizengof, who previously worked for Israel’s Prime Minister’s office.

As MintPress noted in a past report detailing Israeli military intelligence’s deep ties to American tech giant Microsoft, Unit 8200 is an elite unit of the Israeli Intelligence corps that is part of the IDF’s Directorate of Military Intelligence and is involved mainly in signal intelligence (i.e., surveillance), cyberwarfare and code decryption.

It is frequently described as the Israeli equivalent of the NSA and Peter Roberts, senior research fellow at Britain’s Royal United Services Institute, characterized the unit in an interview with the Financial Times as “probably the foremost technical intelligence agency in the world and stand[ing] on a par with the NSA in everything except scale.”

Notably, the NSA and Unit 8200 have collaborated on numerous projects, most infamously on the Stuxnet virus as well as the Duqu malware. In addition, the NSA is known to work with veterans of Unit 8200 in the private sector, such as when the NSA hired two Israeli companies, to create backdoors into all the major U.S. telecommunications systems and major tech companies, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

Both of those companies, Verint and Narus, have top executives with ties to Israeli intelligence and one of those companies, Verint (formerly Comverse Infosys), has a history of aggressively spying on U.S. government facilities. Unit 8200 is also known for spying on civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories for “coercion purposes” — i.e., gathering info for blackmail — and also for spying on Palestinian-Americans via an intelligence-sharing agreement with the NSA.

Unlike many other Unit 8200-linked start-ups, Carbyne also boasts several tie-ins to the Trump administration, including Palantir founder and Trump ally Peter Thiel — another investor in Carbyne.

In addition, Carbyne’s board of advisers includes former Palantir employee Trae Stephens, who was a member of the Trump transition team, as well as former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. Trump donor and New York real-estate developer Eliot Tawill is also on Carbyne’s board, alongside Ehud Barak and Pinchas Buchris.

Yet, privacy concerns with Carbyne go beyond the company’s ties to Israeli intelligence and U.S. intelligence contractors like Peter Thiel. For instance, Carbyne’s smartphone app extracts the following information from the phones on which it is installed:

Device location, video live-streamed from the smartphone to the call center, text messages in a two-way chat window, any data from a user’s phone if they have the Carbyne app and ESInet, and any information that comes over a data link, which Carbyne opens in case the caller’s voice link drops out.” (emphasis added)

According to Carbyne’s website, this same information can also be obtained from any smartphone, even if it does not have Carbyne’s app installed, if that phone calls a 911 call center that uses Carbyne or merely any other number connected to Carbyne’s network.

Carbyne data collection

Carbyne gathers data points from users’ phones as well as a myriad of other web-connected devices.

Carbyne is a Next-Generation 9-11 (NG911) platform and the explicit goal of NG911 is for all 911 systems nationwide to become interconnected. Thus, even if Carbyne is not used by all 911 call centers using an NG911 platform, Carbyne will ostensibly have access to the data used by all emergency service providers and devices connected to those networks. This guiding principle of NG911 also makes it likely that one platform will be favored at the federal level to foster such interconnectivity and, given that it has already been adopted by several counties and has ties to the Trump administration, Carbyne is the logical choice.

Another cause for concern is how other countries have used platforms like Carbyne, which were first marketed as emergency response tools, for the purpose of mass surveillance. Narativ noted the following in its investigation of Carbyne:

In May, Human Rights Watch revealed Chinese authorities use a platform not unlike Carbyne to illegally surveil Uyghurs. China’s Integrated Joint Operations Platform brings in a much bigger data-set and sources of video, which includes an app on people’s phones. Like Carbyne, the platform was designed to report emergencies. Chinese authorities have turned it into a tool of mass surveillance.

Human Rights Watch reverse-engineered the app. The group discovered the app automatically profiles a user under 36 “person types” including “followers of Six Lines” which is the term used to identify Uyghurs. Another term refers to “Hajj,” the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. The app monitors every aspect of a user’s life, including personal conversations [and] power usage, and tracks a user’s movement.”

Such technology is currently used by Israeli military intelligence and Israel’s domestic intelligence agency Shin Bet to justify “pre-crime” detentions of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. As will be noted in greater detail later in this report, Palestinians’ comments on social media are tracked by artificial intelligence algorithms that flag them for indefinite detention if they write social media posts that contain “tripwire” phrases such as “the sword of Allah.”

Carbyne’s platform has its own “pre-crime” elements, such as it’s c-Records component, which stores and analyzes information on past calls and events that pass through its network. This information “enables decision makers to accurately analyze the past and present behavior of their callers, react accordingly, and in time predict future patterns.” (emphasis added)

Concerns have recently been raised that “pre-crime” technology may soon become more widely adopted in the U.S., after President Trump stated that one of his planned solutions to mass shootings in the wake of the recent tragedy in El Paso was for big tech companies to detect potential shooters before they strike.

Israeli intelligence, Blackmail and Silicon Valley

Though many of the individuals involved in funding or managing Carbyne have proven ties to intelligence, a closer look into several of these players reveals even deeper connections to both Israeli and U.S. intelligence.

One of Carbyne’s clearest connections to Israeli intelligence is through its chairman and one of its funders, Ehud Barak. Though Barak is best known for being a former prime minister of Israel, he is also a former minister of defense and the former head of Israeli military intelligence. He oversaw Unit 8200’s operations, as well as other units of Israeli military intelligence, in all three of those positions. For most of his military and later political career, Barak has been closely associated with covert operations.

Prior to the public scrutiny of Barak’s relationship to Jeffrey Epstein, following the latter’s arrest this past July and subsequent death, Barak had come under fire for his ties to disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein. Indeed, it was Ehud Barak who put Weinstein in contact with the Israeli private intelligence outfit Black Cube, which employs former Mossad agents and Israeli military intelligence operatives, as Weinstein sought to intimidate the women who had accused him of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Former Mossad director Meir Dagan led Black Cube’s board until his death in 2016 and Carbyne co-founder Lital Leshem is Black Cube’s former director of marketing.

After Barak put him in contact with Black Cube’s leadership, Weinstein, according to The New Yorker, used the private spy firm to “‘target,’ or collect information on, dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focused on their personal or sexual histories.” In addition, The New Yorker noted that “Weinstein monitored the progress of the investigations personally” and “also enlisted former employees from his film enterprises to join in the effort, collecting names and placing calls that, according to some sources who received them, felt intimidating.”

Yet, more recently, it has been Barak’s close relationship to Epstein that has raised eyebrows and opened him up to political attacks from his rivals. Epstein and Barak were first introduced by former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres in 2002, a time when Epstein’s pedophile blackmail and sex trafficking operation was in full swing.

Barak was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s residences in New York, so often that The Daily Beast reported that numerous residents of an apartment building linked to Epstein “had seen Barak in the building multiple times over the last few years, and nearly half a dozen more described running into his security detail,” adding that “the building is majority-owned by Epstein’s younger brother, Mark, and has been tied to the financier’s alleged New York trafficking ring.” Specifically, several apartments in the building were “being used to house underage girls from South America, Europe and the former Soviet Union,” according to a former bookkeeper employed by one of Epstein’s main procurers of underage girls, Jean Luc Brunel.

Barak is also known to have spent the night at one of Epstein’s residences at least once, was photographed leaving Epstein’s residence as recently as 2016, and has admitted to visiting Epstein’s island, which has sported nicknames including “Pedo Island,” “Lolita Island” and “Orgy Island.” In 2004, Barak received $2.5 million from Leslie Wexner’s Wexner Foundation, where Epstein was a trustee as well as one of the foundation’s top donors, officially for unspecified “consulting services” and “research” on the foundation’s behalf.

In 2015, Barak formed a limited partnership company in Israel for the explicit purpose of investing in Carbyne (then known as Reporty) and invested millions of dollars in the company, quickly becoming a major shareholder and subsequently the company’s public face and the chairman of its board. At least $1 million of the money invested in this Barak-created company that was later used to invest in Carbyne came from the Southern Trust Company, which was owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

In July, Bloomberg reported that Epstein’s Southern Trust Company is identified in U.S. Virgin Islands filings as “a DNA database and data mining” company. Given Carbyne’s clear potential for data-mining and civilian profiling, Epstein’s investment in Carbyne using this specific company suggests that Carbyne’s investors have long been aware of this little advertised aspect of Carbyne’s product.

In a statement to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Barak asserted:


However, Barak later admitted that Epstein had been one of the investors.

MintPress’ recent series on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal noted in detail Epstein’s ties to CIA/Mossad intelligence assets, such as Adnan Khashoggi; CIA front companies, such as Southern Air Transport; and organized crime, through his close association with Leslie Wexner. In addition, Epstein’s long-time “girlfriend” and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, has family links to Israeli intelligence through her father, Robert Maxwell. While it appears that Epstein may have been working for more than one intelligence agency, Zev Shalev, former executive producer for CBS News and journalist at Narativrecently stated that he had independently confirmed with two unconnected sources “closely connected to the Epstein story and in a position to know” that Epstein had “worked for Israeli military intelligence.”

Zev Shalev@ZevShalev


Jeffrey Epstein: Building Big Brother



Notably, Epstein, who was known for his interest in obtaining blackmail through the sexual abuse of the underaged girls he exploited, also claimed to have “damaging information” on prominent figures in Silicon Valley.

In a conversation last year with New York Times reporter James Stewart, Epstein claimed to have “potentially damaging or embarrassing” information on Silicon Valley’s elite and told Stewart that these top figures in the American tech industry “were hedonistic and regular users of recreational drugs.” Epstein also told Stewart that he had “witnessed prominent tech figures taking drugs and arranging for sex” and claimed to know “details about their supposed sexual proclivities.”

In the lead-up to his recent arrest, Jeffrey Epstein appeared to have been attempting to rebrand as a “tech investor,” as he had done interviews with several journalists including Stewart about technology investing in the months before he was hit with federal sex trafficking charges.

Jessica Lessin, editor-in-chief of The Informationtold Business Insider that a journalist working for The Information had interviewed Epstein a month before his recent arrest because “he was believed to be an investor in venture capital funds.” However, Lessin claimed that the interview was not “newsworthy” and said the site had no plans to publish its contents. Business Insider claimed that the way the interviews with Epstein had been arranged “suggests that someone in Silicon Valley may have been trying to help Epstein connect with reporters.”

Though it is unknown exactly which Silicon Valley figures were most connected to Epstein and which tech executives were potentially being blackmailed by Epstein, it is known that Epstein associated with several prominent tech executives, including Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

Last year, Epstein claimed to be advising Tesla and Elon Musk, who had been previously photographed with Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell. A few years ago, Epstein also attended a dinner hosted by LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, where Musk had allegedly introduced Epstein to Mark Zuckerberg. Google’s Sergey Brin is known to have attended a dinner hosted by Epstein at his New York residence where Donald Trump was also in attendance.

Elon Musk with Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell at an Oscars after-party on March 2, 2014. Kevin Mazur | VF14

These associations suggest that the person in Silicon Valley who was trying to boost Epstein’s image as a tech investor before his arrest may have been Peter Thiel, whose Founders Fund had also invested in Carbyne. Thiel was an early investor in Facebook and is still on its board, connecting him to Zuckerberg; he is also a funder of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and a former colleague of Musk’s through PayPal. In addition, Thiel has ties to Reid Hoffman and both Thiel and Hoffman are prominent backers of Facebook.

It is unknown whether Epstein’s “damaging information” and apparent blackmail on notable individuals in the American technology industry were used to advance the objectives of Carbyne, which recently partnered with tech giants Google and Cisco Systems — and, more broadly, the expansion of Israeli intelligence-linked tech companies into the American tech sector, particularly through the acquisition of Israeli tech start-ups linked to Unit 8200 by major U.S. tech companies.

The latter seems increasingly likely given that the father of Ghislaine Maxwell — one of Epstein’s chief co-conspirators in his intelligence-linked sexual blackmail operation involving minors — was a Mossad operative who helped sell software that had been bugged by Israeli intelligence to government agencies and sensitive facilities around the world, including in the United States.

As will be noted later in this report, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — to whom all of Israel’s intelligence agencies answer by virtue of his position — has stated on more than one occasion that the acquisition of Israeli intelligence-linked start-ups by foreign tech giants, especially in Silicon Valley, is a current and “deliberate policy” of the state of Israel.

Carbyne’s ties to U.S. intelligence

While Epstein and Barak are the two financiers of Carbyne whose ties to intelligence are clearest, another funder of Carbyne, Peter Thiel, has ties to U.S. intelligence and a history of investing in other companies founded by former members of Unit 8200. Thiel co-founded and still owns a controlling stake in the company Palantir, which was initially funded with a $2 million investment from the CIA’s venture capital fund In-Q-Tel and quickly thereafter became a contractor for the CIA.

After the success of its contract with the CIA, Palantir became a contractor for a variety of federal agencies, including the FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) and the military’s Special Operations Command, among others.

Last year, it won a contract to create a new battlefield intelligence system for the U.S. Army. Palantir is also in demand for its “pre-crime technology,” which has been used by several U.S. police departments. According to the Guardian, “Palantir tracks everyone from potential terrorist suspects to corporate fraudsters, child traffickers and what they refer to as ‘subversives’… it is all done using prediction.”

Thiel has gained attention in recent years for his support of President Trump and for becoming an adviser to Trump following the 2016 election, when he was “a major force in the transition,” according to Politico, and “helped fill positions in the Trump administration with former staff.”

One of those former staffers was Trae Stephens, who is also on Carbyne’s board of advisers. Thiel also has business ties to Trump’s son-in-law and influential adviser, Jared Kushner, as well as to Kushner’s brother Josh. A senior Trump campaign aide told Politico in 2017 that “Thiel is immensely powerful within the administration through his connection to Jared.”

Thiel has also backed some prominent Israeli tech start-ups connected to Unit 8200, such as BillGuard, which Thiel funded along with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and other investors. BillGuard was founded by Raphael Ouzan, a former officer in Unit 8200, who serves on the board of directors of Start-Up Nation Central (SUNC) alongside neoconservative American hedge fund manager Paul Singer, neoconservative political operative and adviser Dan Senor, and Terry Kassel, who works for Singer at his hedge fund, Elliott Management.

Peter Thiel Netanyahu

Peter Thiel greets Netanyahu during a 2017 meeting in Israel. Photo | Israel PM

SUNC is an organization founded by Paul Singer, who has donated heavily to both President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Since it was founded in 2012, SUNC has sought to integrate Unit 8200-connected Israeli tech start-ups into foreign companies, primarily American companies, and has helped oversee the shift of thousands of high-paying tech jobs from the U.S. to Israel.

Another Carbyne-connected individual worth noting is the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, who serves on Carbyne’s board of advisers. In addition to Chertoff’s ties to DHS, Chertoff’s company, The Chertoff Group, employees several prominent former members of the U.S. intelligence community as principals, including Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and former director of the NSA; and Charles Allen, former assistant director of Central Intelligence for Collection at the CIA, who worked at the agency for over 40 years.

The Chertoff Group has a long-standing and lucrative contract with the company OSI Systems, which produces full-body scanners and markets itself as a solution to mass shootings and crisis events, not unlike Carbyne. While Chertoff’s company was advising OSI Systems, Chertoff went on a media blitz to promote the widespread use of the machines produced by OSI Systems and even called on Congress to “fund a large-scale deployment of next-generation systems.” Chertoff did not disclose his conflict of interest while publicly promoting OSI’s full-body scanners.

Some have also alleged that Chertoff’s mother, Livia Eisen, had links to Israeli intelligence. According to her 1998 obituary, cited by both researcher/author Christopher Bollyn and journalist Jonathan Cook, Eisen participated in the Mossad operation code-named “Magic Carpet” while working for Israel’s El Al Airlines. Both Bollyn and Cook have suggested that Eisen’s participation in this covert Israeli intelligence operation strongly indicates that she had ties to the Mossad.

Melding into Silicon Valley

Beyond its troubling connections to Silicon Valley oligarchs, Israeli military intelligence and the U.S.-military industrial complex, Carbyne’s recent partnerships with two specific technology companies — Google and Cisco Systems — raise even more red flags.

Carbyne announced its partnership with Cisco Systems this past April, with the latter announcing that it would begin “aligning its unified call manager with Carbyne’s call-handling platform, allowing emergency call centers to collect data from both 911 callers and nearby government-owned IoT [Internet of Things] devices.” A report on the partnership published by Government Technology magazine stated that “Carbyne’s platform will be integrated into Cisco Kinetic for Cities, an IoT data platform that shares data across community infrastructure, smart city solutions, applications and connected devices.” The report also noted that “Carbyne will also be the only 911 solution in the Cisco Marketplace.”

As part of the partnership, Carbyne’s President of North American Operations Paul Tatro told Government Technology that the Carbyne platform would combine the data it obtains from smartphones and other Carbyne-connected devices with “what’s available through nearby Cisco-connected road cameras, roadside sensors, smart streetlamps, smart parking meters or other devices.”

Tatro further asserted that “Carbyne can also analyze data that’s being collected by Cisco IoT devices … and alert 911 automatically, without any person making a phone call, if there appears to be a worthy problem,” and expressed his view that soon most emergency calls will not be made by human beings but “by smart cars, telematics or other smart city devices.”

A few months after partnering with Cisco Systems, Carbyne announced its partnership with Google on July 10, just three days after Carbyne funder Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New York on federal sex trafficking charges. Carbyne’s press release of the partnership described how the company and Google would be teaming up in Mexico “to offer advanced mobile location to emergency communications centers (ECCs) throughout Mexico” following the conclusion of a successful four-week pilot program between Carbyne and Google in the Central American nation.

Netanyahu Eric Schmidt

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt meets Netanyahu at his Jerusalem office. Israel PM | YouTube

The press release also stated:


The reason Carybne’s partnerships with Cisco Systems and Google are significant lies in the role that Cisco and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt have played in the creation of a controversial “incubator” for Israeli tech start-ups with deep ties to Israeli military intelligence, American neoconservative donor Paul Singer, and the U.S.’ National Security Agency (NSA).

This company, called Team8, is an Israeli company-creation platform whose CEO and co-founder is Nadav Zafrir, former commander of Unit 8200. Two of the company’s other three co-founders are also “alumni” of Unit 8200. Among Team8’s top investors is Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, who also joined Peter Thiel in funding the Unit 8200-linked BillGuard, as well as major tech companies including Cisco Systems and Microsoft.

Last year, Team8 controversially hired the former head of the NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, Retired Admiral Mike Rogers, and Zafrir stated that his interest in hiring Rogers was that Rogers would be “instrumental in helping strategize” Team8’s expansion in the United States. Jake Williams, a veteran of NSA’s Tailored Access Operations (TAO) hacking unit, told CyberScoop:


Team8 has also been heavily promoted by Start-Up Nation Central (SUNC). SUNC prominently features Team8 and Zafrir on the cybersecurity section of its website and also sponsored a talk by Zafrir and an Israeli government economist at the World Economic Forum, often referred to as “Davos,” that was attended personally by Paul Singer.

SUNC itself has deep ties to Israeli military intelligence, with former Unit 8200 officer Raphael Ouzan serving on its board of directors. Another example of SUNC-Unit 8200 ties can be seen with Inbal Arieli, who served as SUNC’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships from 2014 to 2017 and continues to serve as a senior adviser to the organization. Arieli, a former lieutenant in Unit 8200, is the founder and head of the 8200 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Program (EISP), which was the first start-up accelerator in Israel aimed at harnessing “the vast network and entrepreneurial DNA of [Unit] 8200 alumni” and is currently one of the top company accelerators in Israel, alongside Team8. Arieli was the top executive at 8200 EISP while working at SUNC and several other top SUNC staffers are also connected to Israeli military intelligence.

Thus, Google and Cisco’s connections to Team8 suggests that their partnerships with another Israeli military intelligence-connected firm like Carbyne is a deepening of those two companies’ links to the growing bi-national security state that is uniting key players in the U.S. military-industrial complex and Israeli intelligence.

Mossad-backed Panic Buttons, coming to a school near you

Carbyne is hardly the only Israeli intelligence-linked tech company marketing itself in the United States as a solution to mass shootings. Another Israeli start-up, known as Gabriel, was founded in 2016 in response to a shooting in Tel Aviv and the Pulse Nightclub shooting in the United States, which took place just days apart.

Created by Israeli-American Yoni Sherizen and Israeli citizen Asaf Adler, Gabriel is similar to Carbyne in the sense that elements of its crisis response platform require installation on civilian smartphones as well as devices used by crisis responders. The main difference is that Gabriel also installs one or a series of physical “panic buttons,” depending on the size of the building to be secured, that also double as video and audio communication devices connected to the Gabriel network.

As with Carbyne, the ties between Gabriel and Israeli intelligence are obvious. Indeed, Gabriel’s four-person advisory board includes Ram Ben-Barak, former deputy director of the Mossad and former director-general of Israel’s intelligence ministry; Yohanan Danino, former chief of police for the state of Israel; and Kobi Mor, former director of overseas missions for the Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet. The only American on the advisory board is Ryan Petty, the father of a Parkland shooting victim and friend of former Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Gabriel’s only disclosed funder is U.S.-based MassChallenge, a start-up accelerator non-profit. Gabriel is funded by MassChallenge’s Israel branch, which was opened six months prior to Gabriel’s creation and is partnered with the Israeli government and the Kraft Group. The Kraft Group is managed by Robert Kraft, who is currently embroiled in a prostitution scandal and is also a close friend of President Trump.

Notably, one of MassChallenge Israel’s featured experts is Wendy Singer, the executive director of SUNC, the organization created and funded by neoconservative Trump backer Paul Singer with the explicit purpose of promoting Israel’s tech start-ups and their integration into foreign, chiefly American, businesses. As was noted in a recent MintPress report on SUNC, Wendy Singer is the sister of neoconservative political operative Dan Senor, who founded the now-defunct Foreign Policy Initiative with Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol, and was previously the director of AIPAC’s Israel office for 16 years.

Gabriel’s founders have been quite upfront about the fact that the uptick in shootings in the U.S. has greatly aided their company’s growth and success. Last November, Sherizen told The Jerusalem Post that new mass shootings in the U.S. not only increased U.S. demand for his company’s product but also were opportunities to show the effectiveness of Gabriel’s approach:


The Jerusalem Post noted that Gabriel is set to make considerable profits if concern over mass shootings continues to build in the U.S., writing:


Sherizen told the Jerusalem Post:


Much more than just a start-up

While it is certainly possible that numerous former officials and commanders of elite Israeli intelligence agencies may have no ulterior motive in advising or founding technology start-up companies, it is worth pointing out that top figures in Israel’s military intelligence agencies and the Mossad don’t see it that way.

Last March, Israeli media outlet Calcalist Tech published a report entitled “Israel Blurs the Line Between Defense Apparatus and Local Cybersecurity Hub,” which noted that “since 2012, cyber-related and intelligence projects that were previously carried out in-house in the Israeli military and Israel’s main intelligence arms are transferred to companies that in some cases were built for this exact purpose.” (emphasis added)

The article notes that beginning in 2012, Israel’s intelligence and military intelligence agencies began to outsource “activities that were previously managed in-house, with a focus on software and cyber technologies.” (emphasis added)

It continues:


Notably, Calcalist Tech states that the controversial company Black Cube was created this way and that Black Cube had been contracted, and is likely still contracted, by Israel’s Ministry of Defense. The private security agency Black Cube is known to have two separate divisions for corporations and governments. The firm was recently caught attempting to undermine the Iran nuclear deal — then also a top political objective of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — by attempting to obtain information on the “financial or sexual impropriety” (i.e., blackmail) of top U.S. officials involved in drafting the accord. NBC News noted last year that “Black Cube’s political work frequently intersects with Israel’s foreign policy priorities.” As previously mentioned, one of Carbyne’s co-founders — Lital Leshem, also a veteran of Unit 8200 — worked for Black Cube prior to starting Carbyne.

Black Cube | Israel Hackers

The entrance to Black Cube’s offices on the 26th floor of a Tel Aviv high rise, Feb. 8, 2019. Raphael Satter | AP

One of the main companies profiled in the Calcalist Tech report appeared to be a front for Israeli intelligence, as its registered owner was found not to exist: even high-level employees at the company had never heard of him; his registered addresses were for nonexistent locations in Israel’s capital of Tel Aviv; and the three people with that name in Tel Aviv denied any association with the business.

This company — which Calcalist Tech was unable to name after the Israeli military censor determined that doing so could negatively impact Israeli “national security” — was deliberately created to service the Israeli military and Israeli intelligence. It is also “focused on cyber technologies with expertise in research and development of advanced products and applications suitable for defense and commercial entities.” (emphases added) In addition, the company’s management consists largely of “veterans of Israeli military technology units.”

Notably, a former employee of this company told Calcalist Tech that “crossing the lines between military service and employment at the commercial outfit was ‘commonplace’ while he was working at the company.”

It’s not exactly clear why Israel’s military intelligence and other intelligence agencies decided to begin outsourcing its operations in 2012, though Calcalist Tech suggests the reasoning was related to the difference in wages between the private sector and the public sector, with pay being much higher in the former. However, it is notable that 2012 was also the year that Paul Singer — together with Netanyahu’s long-time economic adviser and former chair of the Israeli National Economic Council, Eugene Kandel — decided to create Start-Up Nation Central.

As MintPress noted earlier this year, SUNC was founded as part of a deliberate Israeli government effort to counter the nonviolent Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement and to make Israel the dominant global “cyber power.” This policy is aimed at increasing Israel’s diplomatic power and specifically undermining BDS as well as the United Nations, which has repeatedly condemned Israel’s government for war crimes and violations of international law in relation to the Palestinians.

Last year, Netanyahu was asked by Fox News host Mark Levin whether the large growth seen in recent years in Israel’s technology sector, specifically tech start-ups, was part of Netanyahu’s plan. Netanyahu responded, “That’s very much my plan … It’s a very deliberate policy.” He later added that “Israel had technology because the military, especially military intelligence, produced a lot of capabilities. These incredibly gifted young men and women who come out of the military or the Mossad, they want to start their start-ups.”

Netanyahu again outlined this policy at the 2019 Cybertech Conference in Tel Aviv, where he stated that Israel’s emergence as one of the top five “cyber powers” had “required allowing this combination of military intelligence, academia and industry to converge in one place” and that this further required allowing “our graduates of our military and intelligence units to merge into companies with local partners and foreign partners.”

The direct tie-ins of SUNC to Israel’s government and the successful effort led by SUNC and other companies and organizations to place former military intelligence and intelligence operatives in strategic positions in major multinational technology companies reveal that this “deliberate policy” has had a major and undeniable impact on the global tech industry, especially in Silicon Valley.

Mossad gets its own In-Q-Tel

This “deliberate policy” of Netanyahu’s also recently resulted in the creation of a Mossad-run venture capital fund that is specifically focused on financing Israeli tech start-ups. The venture capital fund, called Libertad, was first announced by Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office and was created with the explicit purpose of “increasing the Israeli intelligence agency’s knowledge base and fostering collaboration with Israel’s vibrant startup scene” It was modeled after the CIA’s venture capital fund In-Q-Tel, which invested in several Silicon Valley companies turned government and intelligence contractors — including Google and Palantir — with a similar goal in mind.

Libertad declines to reveal the recipients of its funding, but announced last December that it had chosen five companies in the fields of robotics, energy, encryption, web intelligence, and natural language processing and text analysis. In regard to its interest in web intelligence, a Mossad employee told the Jerusalem Post that the intelligence agency was specifically interested in “innovative technologies for [the] automatic identification of personality characteristics – personality profiling – based on online behavior and activity, using methods based on statistics, machine learning, and other areas.” (emphasis added)

According to Libertad’s website, in return for its investment, now set at NIS 2 million (~$580,000) per year per company, “the Mossad will receive access to the IP [initial product] developed during R&D [Research and Development] while under contract, and a non-commercial, non-exclusive license to use it. Libertad’s contract with the company will not provide it with any additional rights.” In an interview with Calcalist Tech, Mossad Director Yossi Cohen told the paper that the Mossad’s partnership with civilian companies in Israel is “excellent” and that the agency will continue to strengthen those ties.

Israeli intelligence has a documented history in placing “backdoors” into technology products for the purpose of surveillance, with one well-known case being Israel’s repurposing of the PROMIS software, discussed in Part III of MintPress’ series on Jeffrey Epstein. Furthermore, given that U.S. intelligence, specifically the NSA, had “backdoors” placed into the products of major Silicon Valley companies (a service performed by Israeli intelligence-linked tech companies no less), Mossad may very well plan on doing the same with the technology products of companies it backs through Libertad.

Tim Shorrock, investigative journalist and author of Spies For Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing, told MintPress that the Mossad’s continuation of such practices through Libertad was definitely plausible, especially given what Shorrock described as the “unusual” choice of Libertad choosing not to release the identities of the companies in which it invests.

“The Mossad is trying to hide what they are investing in,” Shorrock stated, adding that Libertad’s secrecy “raises a lot of questions” particularly given that it was modeled after the CIA’s In-Q-Tel. Shorrock noted that In-Q-Tel and other venture capital funds with ties to U.S. intelligence or the U.S. military rarely, if ever, hide the identities of the companies they finance.

However, Libertad is merely the latest and most public expression of the Mossad’s interest in Israeli tech start-ups, the lion’s share of which are created by veterans of Unit 8200 or other Israeli intelligence agencies. Indeed, former Mossad Director Tamir Pardo stated in 2017 that “everyone” in the Israeli cybertechnology sector is an “alumni” of either Israeli intelligence, like the Mossad, or Israeli military intelligence, like Unit 8200. Pardo even went as far as to say that the Mossad itself is “like a start-up.”

Pardo himself, after leaving his post as Mossad director in 2016, dove straight into the world of Israeli tech start-ups, becoming chairman of Sepio Systems, whose two CEOs are former Unit 8200 officers. Sepio Systems’ advisory board includes the former chief information security officer of the CIA, Robert Bigman; former member of the U.S. Military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Geoff Hancock; and former head of the Israel National Cyber Bureau and veteran of Israeli military intelligence, Rami Efrati. Sepio Systems’ cybersecurity software has been adopted by several banks, telecom and insurance companies, including in the U.S. and Brazil.

Pardo is not the only prominent figure in Israel’s intelligence community to compare Israeli intelligence agencies to tech start-ups. Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman described Israel’s domestic spy agency in similar terms. “The Shin Bet is like an evolving start-up, with unmatched strength,” Argaman stated in a June 2017 speech, as he extolled the agency’s use of “pre-crime” technology to detain Palestinians based on their social media activity.

Argaman, at the time, claimed that more than 2,000 Palestinians, whom he described as “potential lone-wolf terrorists,” had been arrested as a result of these “breakthrough technological advances” that use artificial-intelligence algorithms to monitor the social media accounts of Palestinians, especially younger Palestinians, for the use of “tripwire” phrases that have been used by Palestinians who later committed acts of violence. In the case of those who use such terms, “their phones are tracked to see if they meet other suspects, or leave their districts to move towards potential Israeli targets. In such cases, security forces detain the suspect,” according to a 2017 report on the practice by The Economist.

The road to fascism, paved by a corrupted PROMIS

Though Israeli intelligence’s interest in tech companies goes back several years, there is a well-documented history of Israeli intelligence using bugged software to surveil and gain “backdoor” access to government databases around the world, particularly in the United States.

As was mentioned in Part III of MintPress’ Epstein series, a sinister yet cunning plan was executed to place a backdoor for Israeli intelligence into the Prosecutor’s Management Information System (PROMIS) software, which was then being used by the U.S. Department of Justice and was the envy of government agencies, particularly intelligence agencies, around the world. This bugged version of PROMIS — born out of the collusion between Earl Brian, Ronald Reagan’s then-envoy to Iran, and Rafi Eitan, then-director of the now-defunct Israeli intelligence agency Lekem — was seeded around the world by Brian’s company Hadron as well as by Mossad-linked media mogul Robert Maxwell, father of Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell.

After this first PROMIS “backdoor” was discovered, Israel would again gain access to sensitive U.S. government communications, as well as civilian communications, thanks to the collusion between Israeli intelligence and Israeli telecom and tech companies, especially Amdocs and Comverse Infosys (now Verint), that were operating throughout the United States. Today, Unit 8200-linked start-ups appear to have taken up the torch.

While the PROMIS software is perhaps best known for offering Israeli intelligence a backdoor into as many as 80 intelligence agencies and other sensitive locations around the world for nearly a decade, it was also used for a very different purpose by prominent officials linked to Iran-Contra.

One key Iran-Contra figure — Lt. Col. Oliver North, then serving on the National Security Council — decided to use PROMIS neither for espionage nor for foreign policy. Instead, North turned PROMIS’ power against Americans, particularly perceived dissidents, a fact that remained unknown for years.

Beginning in 1982, as part of the highly classified Continuity of Government (COG) program, North used the PROMIS software at a 6,100-square-foot “command center” in the Department of Justice, as well as at a smaller operations room at the White House, to compile a list of American dissidents and “potential troublemakers” if the COG protocol was ever invoked.

According to a senior government official with a high-ranking security clearance and service in five presidential administrations who spoke to Radar in 2008, this was:


In 1993, Wired described North’s use of PROMIS in compiling this database as follows:


The COG program defined this “time of panic” as “a national crisis, such as nuclear war, violent and widespread internal dissent, or national opposition to a US military invasion abroad,” whereby the government would suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, and incarcerate perceived dissidents and other “unfriendlies” in order to prevent the government’s (or then-serving administration’s) overthrow.

This secretive database has often been referred to as “Main Core” by government insiders and, most troubling of all, it still exists today. Journalist Christ Ketcham, citing senior government officials, reported in 2008 that, at that time, Main Core was believed to contain the names of as many as 8 million Americans. Eleven years later, it is highly likely that the number of Americans included in the Main Core database has grown considerably.

Author and investigative journalist Tim Shorrock also covered other disturbing aspects of the evolution of Main Core back in 2008 for Salon. At the time, Shorrock reported that the George W. Bush administration was believed to have used Main Core to guide its domestic surveillance activities following the September 11 attacks.

Citing “several former U.S. government officials with extensive knowledge of intelligence operations,” Shorrock further noted that Main Core — as it was 11 years ago at the time his report was published — was said to contain “a vast amount of personal data on Americans, including NSA intercepts of bank and credit card transactions and the results of surveillance efforts by the FBI, the CIA and other agencies.”

Bill Hamilton, former NSA intelligence officer and the original creator of the PROMIS software, told Shorrock at the time that he believed that “U.S. intelligence uses PROMIS as the primary software for searching the Main Core database” and had been told as much by an intelligence official in 1992 and an NSA official in 1995. Dan Murphy, former deputy director at the CIA, had told Hamilton that the NSA’s use of PROMIS was “so seriously wrong that money alone cannot cure the problem.” “I believe in retrospect that Murphy was alluding to Main Core,” Hamilton had told Shorrock.

Though most reporting on Main Core, from the time its existence was first revealed to the present, has treated the database as something used by the U.S. government and U.S. intelligence for domestic purposes, MintPress has learned that Israeli intelligence was also involved with the creation of the Main Core database. According to a former U.S. intelligence official with direct knowledge of the U.S. intelligence community’s use of PROMIS and Main Core from the 1980s to 2000s, Israeli intelligence played a role in the U.S. government’s deployment of PROMIS as the software used for the Main Core domestic surveillance database system.

Israeli intelligence remained involved with Main Core at the time of the August 1991 death of journalist Danny Casolaro, who was investigating not only the government’s misuse of the stolen PROMIS software but also the Main Core database. This same official, who chose to remain anonymous, told MintPress that, shortly before his death, Casolaro had obtained copies of computer printouts from the PROMIS-based Main Core domestic surveillance database system from NSA whistleblower Alan Standorf, who was found murdered a few months before Casolaro’s lifeless body would be found in a West Virginia hotel room.

The source also stated that Main Core’s contents had been used for the political blackmail of members of Congress and their staff, journalists, and others by Walter Raymond, a senior CIA covert operator in psyops and disinformation who served on President Reagan’s National Security Council during and after Main Core’s creation. If used for this purpose by Raymond in the 1980s, Main Core has also likely been used by other individuals with access to the database for blackmailing purposes in the years since.

Given that Israeli intelligence was known to have placed a backdoor into the PROMIS software, before it was marketed and sold around the world by Earl Brian and Robert Maxwell, its role in the U.S. government’s decision to use PROMIS in the creation of Main Core suggests that Israeli intelligence likely advocated for the version of PROMIS containing this backdoor, thereby giving Israeli intelligence access to Main Core. Given that Reagan aides and officials colluded with Israeli “spymaster” Rafi Eitan in his efforts to create a backdoor into the software for Israeli military intelligence, the use of this version of PROMIS in the Main Core database is certainly plausible.

Furthermore, the fact that Israeli intelligence was known to be involved in Main Core nearly a decade after its creation suggests that Israeli intelligence may have played a role in certain aspects of the database, such as the criteria used to flag Americans as “unfriendly,” and — like Walter Raymond — may have used information in the database to blackmail Americans. In addition, the fact that the cooperation between U.S. and Israeli intelligence, particularly between Unit 8200 and the NSA, has only grown since 1991 further suggests that Israeli involvement in Main Core continues to the present.

While Main Core’s very existence is troubling for many reasons, the alleged involvement of a foreign intelligence service in the creation, expansion and maintenance of a database with personal details and potentially damaging information on millions of Americans targeted for detention or increased surveillance in times of crisis is chilling. It is especially so considering that the Trump administration’s latest proposals to prevent mass shootings before they occur are likely to use Main Core to flag certain Americans for increased surveillance or potentially detention, as was done by the George W. Bush administration following the September 11 attacks.

It appears that Main Core serves a dual purpose; first as a mass targeted surveillance system to crush dissent during times of “national crisis” — whether spontaneous or engineered — and, second, as a massive blackmail database used to keep every potential opponent in line during non-emergencies.

Peter Thiel’s Seeing Stone

As was mentioned earlier in this report, Palantir — the company co-founded by Peter Thiel — is set to profit handsomely from the Trump administration’s plans to use its “pre-crime” technology, which is already used by police departments throughout the country and also used to track Americans based on the company’s integrative data-mining approach. Palantir, named for the “seeing stones” in the Lord of the Rings novels, also markets software to foreign (and domestic) intelligence agencies that predicts the likelihood that an individual will commit an act of terrorism or violence.

Aside from its “pre-crime” products, Palantir has come under fire in recent years as a result of the company’s contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), where it created an intelligence system known as Investigative Case Management (ICM). The IB Times described ICM as “a vast ‘ecosystem’ of data to help immigration officials in identifying targets and creating cases against them” and also “provides ICE agents with access to databases managed by other federal agencies.” ICM further gives ICE access to “targets’ personal and sensitive information, such as background on schooling, employment, family relationships, phone records, immigration history, biometrics data, criminal records as well as home and work addresses.” In other words, Palantir’s ICM is essentially a “Main Core” for immigrants.

Notably, part of Oliver North’s original intentions in “Main Core” was to track immigrants then coming from Central America as well as Americans who opposed Reagan era policy with respect to Central America. At that time, Main Core was believed to be controlled by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), which is now part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

VICE News reported in July that the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center, which is run by DHS, “serves around 300 communities in northern California and is what is known as a ‘fusion center,’ a Department of Homeland Security intelligence center that aggregates and investigates information from state, local, and federal agencies, as well as some private entities, into large databases that can be searched using software like Palantir. “ VICE further noted that this center alone used Palantir to surveil as many as 8 million Ameicans. There are many more such DHS “fusion centers” throughout the United States.

If the Trump administration moves forward with its proposal of employing technology to detect potential mass shooters before they strike, Palantir’s technology is set to be used, given that it has already been used by U.S. law enforcement and U.S. intelligence to determine which people run “the highest risk of being involved in gun violence,” according to an investigation of Palantir by The Verge. Furthermore, Palantir’s close ties to the Trump administration make the company’s role in a future nationwide “pre-crime” prevention system based on technology appear inevitable.

Peter Thiel founder of CIA-funded Palantir, listens as Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with tech leaders at Trump Tower in New York, Dec. 14, 2016. (AP/Evan Vucci)

Palantir founder Peter Thiel listens to Trump during a meeting at Trump Tower in New York, Dec. 14, 2016. Evan Vucci | AP

Worse still is the apparent overlap between Palantir and Main Core. Palantir — which has obvious similarities to PROMIS — is already known to use its software to track potential terror threats, including domestic terror threats, and a category of people it refers to as “subversives.” Palantir’s tracking of these individuals “is all done using prediction.” Palantir’s close ties to the U.S. intelligence community suggest that Palantir may already have access to the Main Core database. Tim Shorrock told MintPress that Palantir’s use of Main Core is “certainly possible,” particularly in light of the company’s use of the term “subversive” to describe a category of people that its software tracks.

Palantir also has alleged ties to Israeli intelligence, as there have long been suspicions that Israeli intelligence has used Palantir as part of its AI “pre-crime” algorithms targeting Palestinians after Palantir opened a research and development (R&D) center in Israel in 2013. The current head of Palantir Israel, Hamultal Meridor, previously founded a brain-machine interface organization and was senior director of web intelligence at Verint (formerly Comverse Infosys), which has deep connections to Unit 8200, a history of espionage in the United States and was one of the two companies contracted by the NSA to insert a “backdoor” into the U.S. telecommunications system and popular products of major American tech companies.

Given the above, Peter Thiel’s 2018 decision to fund Carbyne, the Unit 8200-linked start-up that markets itself as a technological solution to mass shootings in the U.S., strongly suggests that Thiel has been anticipating for some time the now-public efforts of the Trump administration to employ “pre-crime” technology to track and target Americans who show signs of “mental illness” and “violent tendencies.”

A nightmare even Orwell could not have predicted

In early August, in the wake of the shooting at an El Paso Walmart, President Trump called on big tech companies to collaborate with the Justice Department in the creation of software that “stops mass murders before they start” by detecting potential mass shooters before they cnm act. Though Trump’s ideas were short on specifics, there is now a new proposal that would create a new government agency that will use data gathered from civilian electronic devices to identify “neurobehavioral” warning signs, thereby flagging “potential shooters” for increased surveillance and potentially detention.

This new agency, as proposed by the foundation led by former NBC Universal president and vice chairman of General Electric Robert Wright, would be known as the Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA) and would be modeled after the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Per the proposal, recently detailed by the Washington Post, the flagship program of HARPA would be “Safe Home” (Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes), which would use “breakthrough technologies with high specificity and sensitivity for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence,” specifically “advanced analytical tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

The program would cost an estimated $60 million over four years and would use data from “Apple Watches, Fitbits, Amazon Echo and Google Home” and other consumer electronic devices, as well as information provided by health-care providers to identify who may be a threat.

The Washington Post reported that President Trump has reacted “very positively” to the proposal and that he was “sold on the concept.” The Post also noted that Wright sees the president’s daughter, Ivanka, as “the most effective champion of the proposal and has previously briefed her on HARPA himself.” Ivanka has previously been cited as a driving force behind some of her father’s policy decisions, including his decision to bomb Syria after an alleged chemical weapons attack in 2017.

Liz Fed — president of the Susan Wright Foundation, which is led by Robert Wright and created the proposal for HARPA and “Safe Home” — told The Post that the proposal emulated DARPA because “DARPA is a brilliant model that works. They have developed the most transformational capabilities in the world for national security…We’re not leveraging the tools and technologies available to us to improve and save lives.” Fed further asserted that DARPA’s technological approach had yet to be applied to the field of healthcare.

For anyone familiar with DARPA, such claims should immediately sound loud alarm bells, especially since DARPA is already developing its own solution to “mental health” issues in the form of a “brain-machine interface” as part of its N3 program. That program, according to reports, involves “noninvasive and ‘minutely’ invasive neural interfaces to both read and write into the brain,” help distance soldiers “from the emotional guilt of warfare” by “clouding their perception” and “to program artificial memories of fear, desire, and experiences directly into the brain.”

Though N3 is intended to improve the prowess of American soldiers, it is also set to be used as a means of pursuing DARPA’s Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies (SUBNETS) project, which aims to “to develop a tiny, implanted chip in the skull to treat psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, PTSD and major depression.”

Given that HARPA’s lead scientific adviser is Dr. Geoffrey Ling, former director and founder of DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office (BTO), which “merges biology, engineering, and computer science to harness the power of natural systems for national security,” it seems likely that DARPA’s neurological-focused research programs, like SUBNETS and N3, would be folded into HARPA’s portfolio, making the proposed agency’s approach to mental health very questionable indeed.

Aside from the dystopian nature of both DARPA and potentially HARPA’s approach to mental health, there is grave cause for concern regarding the Trump administration’s moves to address U.S. mass shooting events by implementing pre-crime technology based on artificial intelligence, data-mining and mass surveillance, technologies already laying in wait thanks to companies like Palantir and numerous Israeli tech start-ups led by former Unit 8200 officers.

With companies like Carbyne — with its ties to both the Trump administration and to Israeli intelligence — and the Mossad-linked Gabriel also marketing themselves as “technological” solutions to mass shootings while also doubling as covert tools for mass data collection and extraction, the end result is a massive surveillance system so complete and so dystopian that even George Orwell himself could not have predicted it.

Following another catastrophic mass shooting or crisis event, aggressive efforts will likely follow to foist these “solutions” on a frightened American public by the very network connected, not only to Jeffrey Epstein, but to a litany of crimes and a frightening history of plans to crush internal dissent and would-be dissenters in the United States.

Feature photo | Graphic by Claudio Cabrera

Whitney Webb is a MintPress News journalist based in Chile. She has contributed to several independent media outlets including Global Research, EcoWatch, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She has made several radio and television appearances and is the 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.

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  1. Creepy and worrying. I came across Mint Press and Whitney Webb’s first Epstein article on the Epstein saga in July and took in the following three. Positively educational!!
    I am not ‘New Age’ by any manner of means but I understand that there is a concept that for evil to succeed it has to advertise it’s wares ahead of time. So, H.G. wells, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Star Wars, and in focus the film Minority Report appears apt.

  2. embedded in the narrative are two assertions, both of which are dubious, particularly in an article with obvious good intelligence behind it.
    1) Epstein is dead. If he is, i don’t believe the prison was the scene of the event. I don’t think he’s dead yet.
    2) The direction of the flow of money was from Epstein to the quasi-military corporations. No, that’s the wrong way round.
    So, disinfo.

    • This theory of Epstein being alive was being mass shilled by very questionable persons and sites without any evidence. I don’t know the truth but the origin of the rumors is very suspicious. The “visible” portion of the funding came from Epstein’s non-profits but heavy black research projects were financed by tax money mostly from the military and criminal activities.

  3. The late distinguished physicist from Far Rockaway, NY Richard Feynman used to try to help students in other fields too. He was working with a graduate student in psychology who told him of some confusing aspects of an experiment. His recommendation was to repeat the full experiment no matter how long or difficult it might be. The student discussed this with the professor of psychology supervising the project. He ridiculed Feynman’s good advice. While even the science of physics has made great achievements, especially compared to backward subjects like psychology and their ignorant professors above, still it is very difficult if not impossible to predict future events where humans are concerned. This is called a many body problem. If Netanyahu
    read more …

  4. The Las Vegas mind bending shoot up to end all shoot ups, hasn’t been mentioned lately And for good reason. Whomever wrote that script had to be on LSD. Whatever it was planned to do, was thrown out the window. The actors were so bad, that after the fiasco ended, they should have been rounded up and executed for real. While God like shooter Paddock was blasting away, the street below him, had full traffic flow. The bump stocks must have made his shooting so accurate, that the folks in the street, were never in danger. I would like to see this mass shooting get an award, for the best commedy mass shooting with science proof action events.

    • If you’re suggesting the Las Vegas shooting was a fake and no-one was shot, then you’re absolutely wrong, many people were shot and killed, just not by the claimed patsy.

    • I know people who were there and there was nothing false about the dead and wounded. The only thing that was faked was Paddock’s sniper position which was way out of the effective range of an AR.

      Besides ARs can’t handle full auto even with a bump stock. So someone or more likely someones were using M 16s. Reports I’ve heard and read place the shooters in the crowd and firing from a helicopter.

  5. Yeah, Gall. If Israeli companies – or their affiliates, offer a solution to the danger of mass shootings it can only guarantee one thing – more mass shootings. They require mayhem to fight chaos. As the boy from Skunk Run in Possum Hollow says, “It gets worser and worser.” It has come to a stage now that you cannot go out for an evening constitutional without having to look over your shoulder. Nothing good will come out of it for the United States. Of that we can be sure. Israel, our overlord and mistress runs the show from behind the stage curtain. Only Israel gains. Only Israel grins … the grin of a jackal.

    • Gotta love the Israelis con though. Create Terrorism using a False Flag Attack i.e. WTC, OKC Bombing which got us the Anti-Terrorism and Death Penalty Act but that still didn’t support the Terrorist state enough so they hit us with 9/11 which also involved cyber-warfare thanks to their theft and exploitation of Promis which they used to create “security breaches” that now they offer to fix.

      Just another version of Jewish Lightning.

  6. Look at the surveillance apparatus being built into our transportation systems. Transportation is a Constitution free zone run by DHS DOT and all the rest of the alphabets. All thanks to the Patriot Act which was written prior to 911. “Let me see your papers!”

    • Yes, a lot of the research was destined to mind control and surveillance, if you search for it in a uncensored search engine you will find this kind of technology exists and can drive a person insane using gaslighting or pretending to be a religious experience.

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars is a Barrier to Empowered Change

I felt inspired to share this today.  I understand it is a TOP SECRET document found in 1954 and produced by the Bilderberg. The Bilderberg’s are part of the so-called Illuminati and it provides a perspective of a world plan for domination.  We have to move towards a world plan for harmony.  That is our challenge.  Here is a link providing an outline of the global elite

Domination is an imbalance coming from control. We have to work along the model of yin/yang which is balance.  Those dominating come from a disconnected mindset where they do not feel for the impact they make on the lives of billions.  This small group owns something like half of the world’s wealth and have disproportionate power to control life and move us towards the 6th extinction event.

Key in-sightful comments from Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

It is only a matter of time before the new breed of private programmer/economists will catch on to the far-reaching implications of the work begun at Harvard in 1948. The speed with which they can communicate their warning to the public will largely depend upon how effective we have been at controlling the media, subverting education, and keeping the public distracted with matters of no real importance.
“Give me control over a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”– Mayer Amshel Rothschild (1743-1812)
Note: N.M Rothschild funded new County Court building, Melbourne and Supreme Court, Israel.
Mr. Rothschild discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”
Q. Is the currency – gold, physical currency or data (or all)?
Q. Does this produce real happiness or more hampster wheels where those at the top of the pyramid do not experience true freedom? 
Consider: The real freedom requires nothing. Freedom from attachment is the liberation.
Q. What if the so-called lower classes are equal and their ignorance STEMmed by structural impediments to realisation of their full potential?


I am born into those lower-middle classes and in my experience I have found the most warmth of human nature in those who are not affected by power. Many were honest ‘what you see is what you get’.  As I moved up the ranks I witnessed positional power, false masks, strategic moves, professionalism (detachment from community) and narratives removed from reality as the real indoctrination occurred at the higher levels and promulgated by economic mantras or what is termed the protestant work ethic. Those outside the economic system were down trodden.
A few examples: 

I recall a successful woman believing her friend wouldn’t die until she came (reflecting self importance and the power over death).

A middle manager in a research company stated the business organisational plan consisted of the ‘Gods and the Plebs’.  I was shocked by this as he truly believed he was a God.  I did laugh. I left this company as the owner was attempting to reduce research to laptops that were flexible, people moving around when we needed to focus on the research in one place as it required focus not flexibility.  The Owner was a salesman who had no clue about research. That is why the idea was unrealistic.

A manager in the public sector stated I’d never amount to anything because I made a few typing mistakes.  I never forgot that statement as it was undermining and ignorant. She didn’t know who I am or what my destiny would be.  I was actually bored which was why I made mistakes, when I was more engaged my work improved. It is also to do with dyslexia.

A Director in a research company stated his belief that I was intelligent because I remembered his conjoint analysis as he dictated the numbers. I laughing said I wasn’t and he took the comment seriously. I did not equate memory with intelligence.

A woman married to a Professor undertaking research with me stated seriously that she believed people at her class were genetically superior.  I smiled as I knew many who had no qualifications but were far brighter than she was.  Such is the arrogance of a shared belief of superiority.  It is discrimination. There are many types of intelligences the most important of all is emotional intelligence, that is being able to read people, not predict them but understand them, this is the foundation of peace. I regard that as the natural selection that thrives. An intellectual isn’t going to be able to survive in the desert for a week, an indigenous person has for 50,000 years as they know nature intimately as part of themselves.  So who has the intelligence in this scenario? Who will nature select? 

I can relate to the indoctrination in the excerpt from the paper ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ below as I believed I was unintelligent until the age of 30, this was a class structure I confronted.  There was no encouragement to further my education, there was no praise or belief in the potential of a person.  Yet intuitively I always believed in humanities potential, I felt it.  At that time 1970s and 1980s ambition wasn’t important, it was freer in reality.   I was lucky enough to not have the pressure but explore life my own way which shaped my resiliency and independence.
I am self made because I had to go my own way no one helped or guided me.  I studied economics because I was skilled at business and it seemed logical to develop my intellect. I was curious about the big picture.  I had Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from poor ergonomics and overworking.  I couldn’t type anymore as the injury forced me to change.  I had severe pain in my arms. I had a back injury from sitting which felt like sitting in an uncomfortable chair, I had to go to the chiropractor for years.  I so love technology and how it enslaved me to sit all day doing rote tasks utterly boring with no mental stimulation.  I had to do this for $20 per hour.  It was clear the women were in this serving role.  I saw myself at that time as stuck and realised no one saw (or cared about) my potential.  I used to write poetry in between automated typing to break free.  I was seen as the robot, an extension to technology fused with it typing without feeling or humanity sitting there doing as I was told not able to say anything. The perfect employee right?  I was not happy nor stupid.  I got it I saw the set up via education. 
I recall as a trained economist in the City of London still typing graphics whilst others less qualified than me were watching curves (stock market) making heaps of money whilst I was on 15 pounds per hour.  I was not lost on the irony. But I have to say that I did not envy them.  I saw them in an illusion as they saw themselves as financial analysts, City of London bankers with their long coats.  They sat in front of banks of computers in rows.  I saw them as stuck in a greater illusion.  I had the opportunity to look around all these work places and question the purpose of work.  I worked in a wide range of occupations, industries and organisations (400) and it gave me great insight into the social energy (as noted below) that was misused for the benefit of the few not unlocking the huge potential of humanity of which I was deeply aware.  I was on the outside looking in and it was from this perspective I could see with clarity.  I was not invested in my work. I was free to choose.
I was one of the first generations on computers and I know the damage they cause and the great disconnection from others created by distracting us from family, friends and our own lives. I think they are a useful tools in service of humans but a poor master when enslaving humans as they impoverish the human spirit yet at the same time inspired change.  I travelled the journey from technology to university to self determination. Experience prompted me to ask questions.  I moved so much that my inner world became more stable as external situations changed.  Inner peace was natural as I turned inward rather than outward to figure out life and where I was going.
My writing was interrupted by a robo call.  It stated the persons name who set up this internet connection. Then warned this was about serious fraud and to press a button.  It said it is not marketing. I just waited and then it hung up.  I believe it is connected to this work I am doing now.  Interesting how quickly they identify the internet connection, the phone number and then use an electronic voice to frighten. I wondered if it is a tracking program? That seems in line with the Quiet Wars doctrine that I am exploring now. The number that called me was 02 83246560. So if anyone knows what that is let me know.
As a result of the call I remembered another experience at another house sit recently when I was investigating the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (Smart Cities) investment program process as I was curious about who funds the infrastructure and whether it is public or private.  I received a robo call whilst I was on the website stating I was being hacked and to press a button, I hung up.  It could be coincidence. I regard that as Artificial Intelligence and using robo calls as intimidation.  I regard the calls as serious fraud.  Later that day I had a robo call from a political party in respect of the election. 
Just whilst I am on the subject.  I had a call from an Indian voice I felt was offshore stating he was from Telstra saying my computer was being hacked by California and Pakistan.  He said he may have to cancel the internet given this was serious.  The Telstra representative taught me how to look at Event Viewer on my computer and that it should have between 0-150 error messages, mine had 700 then rose to 1500 now it is about 2,500 error messages (yesterday).  I realised in this process that Windows has the ability to log activity on my computer and automatic programs throw up errors.  I deleted some from ‘uninstall programs’ as I am wondering who the companies are now. I wondered if they remotely access and take data when online or log activity via battery then upload later. I realised Windows is exactly as it sounds, it is looking through a window at a person. They can use cameras (biometric) and audio (voice recordings). Wow. Not different to someone standing outside looking in quietly and then recording everything you say and do. It is Machiavellianism refer  Seems like stalking to me and if data is taken or privacy invaded, then it is illegal.  As a citizen I have a duty to report it.   I have written ‘no consent’ on my blog to make it legal that I do not want anyone peering in through my Windows.
I might note here that I had direct contact with the Bill Gates Foundation (Bill Gates owns Microsoft Corporation).  I am a Rotary Peace fellow so I was able to talk to staff via Rotary contacts.  I was seeking funding for my SPEAK UP Award.  They did not support it nor would Rotary.  The idea was to empower young people to participate in a Sustainability Peace Encouragement Award for Kids to Unite People (SPEAK UP).  I know if would have worked but I couldn’t find those committed to work with me.  This is the link.
I am open to sponsors who realise that children must be em-power-ed in peace building and sustainability (harmony) through actioning local projects.  This is not online education but face to face, group to group and learning from life. I am realising websites are not what they seem and communications about world peace, sustainability and a democratic future can be used to cover real agendas of control in their image.  Slowly I am awakening to this. In my innocence I approached many people not realising or understanding their agendas.
Many people are innocent and like myself unaware about the wider commercial picture, drivers and companies with vested interests who own the apps embedded on their computers extracting data. Private photos, videos, writing is not private now. If you upload to a cloud then it is off your computer and hackers can access it.  I no-longer feel my data is safe on Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter or in a cloud.  I have lost trust as I experienced blocking on Facebook when I tried to post Kevin Shipp – Geoengineering and intelligence whistleblower.  I realised that private IT companies were not neutral and could control information we receive and share.  They can block us from our families.  They call it Facebook Jail.  It is incredible but symptomatic of power and control paradigms. 
It can be hard to get off platforms when they are merging into one browser or social media platform, akin to a one world system or government. They literally can look at all you do, say and predict what you think.  Eric Schmidt from Google stated they know who you are where you go and even what you think. 
Here are videos to give insights.
This is some marketing spin as to why this is overwhelming for the public.  The money is big and they do not care what we think, they only want to sell it in my view.  Facebook keeps coming up and getting blocked by TOR when I did this as they seek for the link. This is data gathering.
If they can see it they can change it, alter it or add to it.  So people could be set up by those who want suppression and control. This is why civil rights and liberties are being eroded and democracy is dismantled. You can only say YES as Optus say. There is no ability to say NO in a compliance world of inclusion and exclusion. 
People don’t realise as they don’t think to turn off the apps that by default give permission for companies to enter their window.  I only recently realised this.  Oh my god.  People just think it is a passive computer and don’t know. Ignorance or information withheld is how NBN (data cabling, nothing lost), Smart meters (mapping activity, cut off power), smart street lights (cameras, movement) and Silicon Valley come in under the radar as passive infrastructure the public pay for and are not fully informed about.
I woke up the other morning with the words ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’.  I am waking up myself and I am starting to see what is happening as I look back through the window to see who is outside.  I have been shocked to be honest. Oh my god became a favourite expression.
I downloaded the TOR project program (free download) to stop tracking by cookies as I want to find the truth out about what is going on in our world.  I note Facebook and Twitter go to every site I go to.  I don’t want that or give consent.  I deeply care about the children, their privacy and freedom and the brave new world infrastructure erected around them as ‘normalised’. Their lives are profiled, personalised and tracked as outlined below and this is not okay with children as they are vulnerable. What about those in pedophilia rings.  Information Technology served up as a smart revolution that is sustainable, education tailored as information rather than traditional teaching which questions knowledge and institutionalised child care disconnecting from traditional family can disconnect this generation whilst promoting connection. The children are more anxious, lonely and exposed globally, it is very concerning.
People have become addicted to IT and their lives entwined into it, so they feel helpless to jump off the hamster wheel, this is the enslavement I feel described below.  Yet they too are at a choice point, they must decide ‘who they are’.  The climate issue may well inspire them to not go the way of adults who have clearly lost their way.
So here is the TOP SECRET article allegedly found in a photocopy machine that is believed to be the blueprint of domination of the global public.  As always I would advise, you decide!  Don’t believe anyone do your own research and trust yourself.  I see no enemies only distortions of who we are given unquestioned fears.  I believe we are more powerful than we know and that our ‘happy destiny is unavoidable’ but it would be wise to find out the truth for yourself and choose a life that best serves you and your family and the future of our world.
The addiction to power seduces people who believe it is real.  What is REAL is responsibility, empathy, awareness and love.  That is the prism not the prison that reveals who you are.  The Fools Gold is lovingly placed at your feet to honour or destroy.  On the karmic wheel we get to experience all of it as master and servant.  Those realising free dominion leave the wheel. 
One last question, the answer will change our world: 
Which is more powerful fear or love? 
I love you, including those who see themselves as the master class.  Until we learn to serve humanity we will not know true power as what you give to another returns to the self. The truth sets all free. 

Re-member: I am you. We are ONE.  All get to choose.
What do you choose for those you love?
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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

World War II. The original purpose of Operations Research was to study the strategic and tactical problems of air and land defense with the objective of effective use of limited military resources against foreign enemies (i.e., logistics).  It was soon recognized by those in positions of power that the same methods might be useful for totally controlling a society. But better tools were necessary.
Social engineering (the analysis and automation of a society) requires the correlation of great amounts of constantly changing economic information (data), so a high-speed computerized data-processing system was necessary which could race ahead of the society and predict when society would arrive for capitulation.
Relay computers were to slow, but the electronic computer, invented in 1946 by J. Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly, filled the bill. The next breakthrough was the development of the simplex method of linear
programming in 1947 by the mathematician George B. Dantzig.
Then in 1948, the transistor, invented by J. Bardeen, W.H. Brattain, and W. Shockley, promised great expansion of the computer field by reducing space and power requirements.
With these three inventions under their direction, those in positions of power strongly suspected that it was possible for them to control the whole world with the push of a button.
Immediately, the Rockefeller Foundation got in on the ground floor by making a four-year grant to Harvard College, funding the Harvard Economic Research Project for the study of the structure of the American Economy.
One year later, in 1949, The United States Air Force joined in. In 1952 the grant period terminated, and a high-level meeting of the Elite was held to
determine the next phase of social operations research. The Harvard project had been very fruitful, as is borne out by the publication of some of its results in 1953 suggesting the feasibility of economic (social) engineering.
Engineered in the last half of the decade of the 1940’s, the new Quiet War machine stood, so to speak, in sparkling gold-plated hardware on the showroom floor by 1954.
With the creation of the maser in 1954, the promise of unlocking unlimited sources of fusion atomic energy from the heavy hydrogen in sea water and the consequent availability of unlimited social power was a possibility only decades away.
The combination was irresistible.
Although the silent weapons system was nearly exposed 13 years later, the evolution of the new weapon-system has never suffered any major setbacks.
This volume marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Quiet War. Already this domestic war has had many victories on many fronts throughout the world.

Political Introduction

In 1954 it was well recognized by those in positions of authority that it was only a matter of time, only a few decades, before the general public would be able to grasp and upset the cradle of power, for the very elements of the new silent-weapon technology were as accessible for a public utopia as they were for providing a private utopia.
The issue of primary concern that of dominance, revolved around the subject of the energy sciences.


Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.
All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control.

Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?
In 1954 this was the issue of primary concern. Although the so-called “moral issues” were raised, in view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and
Consequently, in the interest of future world order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided to privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of permanently shifting the natural and social energy (wealth) of the undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few.
In order to implement this objective, it was necessary to create, secure, and apply new weapons which, as it turned out, were a class of weapons so subtle and sophisticated in their principle of operation and public appearance as to earn for themselves the name “silent weapons”.
This concept was never more than a questionable theory of elitist Charles Darwin.
In conclusion, the objective of economic research, as conducted by the magnates of capital (banking) and the industries of commodities
(goods) and services, is the establishment of an economy which is
totally predictable and manipulatable. In order to achieve a totally predictable economy, the low-class elements of society must be brought under total control, i.e., must be housebroken, trained, and assigned a yoke and long-term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to question the propriety of the matter. In order
to achieve such conformity, the lower-class family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents
and the establishment of government-operated day-care centers for the occupationally orphaned children.
The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintain some measure of social order, peace, and tranquility for the ruling upper class.

Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon

Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in it s own manner of functioning.
It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, in stead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general.
It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone’s daily social life.
Yet it makes an unmistakable “noise,” causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for.
The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.  The public might instinctively feel that some thing is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they donot know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.
When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/ adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up.
Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

Theoretical Introduction

Give me control over a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.
— Mayer Amshel Rothschild (1743-1812)
Today’s silent weapons technology is an outgrowth of a simple idea discovered, succinctly expressed, and effectively applied by the quoted Mr. Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Mr. Rothschild discovered the missing passive component of economic theory known as economic inductance. He, of course, did not think of his discovery in these 20th-century terms, and, to be sure, mathematical analysis had to wait for the Second Industrial Revolution, the rise of the theory of mechanics and electronics, and finally, the invention of the electroniccomputer before it could be effectively applied in the control of the world economy.

General Energy Concepts

In the study of energy systems, there always appears three elementary concepts. These are potential energy, kinetic energy, and energy dissipation. And corresponding to these concepts, there are three idealized, essentially pure physical counterparts called passive
(1) In the science of physical mechanics, the phenomenon of potential energy is associated with a physical property called elasticity or stiffness, and can be represented by a stretched spring. In electronic science, potential energy is stored in a capacitor instead of a spring. This property is called capacitance instead of elasticity or stiffness.
(2) In the science of physical mechanics, the phenomenon of kinetic energy is associated with a physical property called in ertia or mass, and can be represented by a mass or a flywheel in motion.
In electronic science, kinetic energy is stored in an inductor (in a magnetic field) instead of a mass. This property is called inductance instead of inertia.
(3) In the science of physical mechanics, the phenomenon of energy dissipation is associated with a physical property called friction or resistance, and can be represented by a dashpot or other device which converts energy into heat. In electronic science, dissipation of energy is performed by an element called either a resistor or a conductor, the term “resistor” being the one generally used to describe a more ideal device (e.g., wire) employed to convey electronic energy efficiently from one location to another. The property of a resistance or conductor is measured as either resistance or conductance reciprocals.
In economics these three energy concepts are associated with:

1. Economic Capacitance – Capital (money, stock/inventory, investments in buildings and durables, etc.)
2. Economic Conductance – Goods (production flow coefficients) 
3.Economic Inductance – Services (the influence of the population of industry on output)
All of the mathematical theory developed in the study of one energy system (e.g.,mechanics, electronics, etc.) can be immediately applied in the study of any other energy system (e.g., economics).

Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery

What Mr. Rothschild had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”
Mr. Rothschild had discovered that currency or deposit loan accounts had the required appearance of power that could be used to induce people (inductance, with people corresponding to a magnetic field) into surrendering their real wealth in exchange for a promise of greater wealth (instead of real compensation). They would put up real collateral in exchange for a loan of promissory notes. Mr. Rothschild found that he could issue more notes than he had backing for, so long as he had someone’s stock of gold as a persuader to show his customers.
Mr. Rothschild loaned his promissory notes to individuals and
to governments. These would create overconfidence. Then he would make money scarce, tighten control of the system, and collect the collateral through the obligation of contracts. The cycle was then repeated. These pressures could be used to
ignite a war. Then he would control the availability of currency to determine who would win the war. That government which agreed to give him control of its economic system got his support. Collection of debtswas guaranteed by economic aid to the enemy of the debtor. The profit derived from this economic methodology made Mr. Rothschild all the more able to expand his wealth. He found that the public greed would allow currency to be printed by government order beyond the limits (inflation) of backing in precious metal or the production of goods and services.
Apparent Capital as “Paper” Inductor In this structure, credit, presented as a pure element called “currency,” has the appearance of capital, but is in effect negative capital.
Hence, it has the appearance of service, but is in fact, indebtedness or debt. It is therefore an economic
inductance instead of an economic capacitance, and if balanced in no other way, will be balanced by the negation
of population (war, genocide).
The total goods and services re present real capital called
the gross national product, and currency may be printed up to this level and still represent economic capacitance; but currency printed beyond this level is subtractive, represents
the introduction of economic inductance, and constitutes notes of indebtedness.
War is therefore the balancing of the system by killing the true creditors (the public which we have taught to exchange true value for inflated currency) and falling back on whatever is left of the resources of nature and regeneration of those resources.
Mr. Rothschild had discovered that currency gave him the power to rearrange the economic structure to his own advantage, to shift economic inductance to those economic
positions, which would encourage the greatest economic instability and oscillation.
The final key to economic control had to wait until there was sufficient data and high-speed computing equipment to keep close watch on the economic oscillations created by
price shocking and excess paper energy credits – paper inductance/inflation .


The aviation field provided the greatest evolution in economic engineering by way of the mathematical theory of shock testing. In this process, a projectile is fired from an airframe on the ground and the impulse of the recoil is monitored by vibration transducers connected to the airframe and wired to chart recorders.
By studying the echoes or reflections of the recoil impulse in the airframe, it is possible to discover critical vibrations
in the structure of the airframe which either vibrations of
the engine or aeolian vibrations of the wings, or a combination of the two, might reinforce resulting in a resonant self-destruction of the airframe in flight as an aircraft.
From the standpoint of engineering, this means that the strengths and weaknesses of the structure of the airframe in terms of vibrational energy can be discovered and manipulated.

Application in Economics

To use this method of airframe shock testing in economic engineering, the prices of commodities are shocked, and the public consumer reaction is monitored. The resulting echoes of the economic shock are interpreted theoretically by computers and the psycho-economic structure of the economy is thus discovered. It is by this process that partial differential and difference matrices are discovered that define the family household and make possible its evaluation as an economic
industry (dissipative consumer structure).
Then the response of the household to future shocks can be predicted and manipulated, and society becomes a well-regulated animal with its reins under the control of a
sophisticated computer-regulated social energy bookkeeping system.
Eventually every individual element of the structure comes under computer control through a knowledge of personal preferences, such knowledge guaranteed by computer
association of consumer preferences (universal product code
, UPC; zebra-striped pricing codes on packages) with identified consumers (identified via association with the use of a credit card and later a permanent “tattooed” body number invisible under normal ambient illumination).


Economics is only a social extension of a natural energy system. It, also, has its three passive components. Because of the distribution of wealth and the lack of communication and lack of data, this field has been the last energy field for which a knowledge of these three passive components has been developed.
Since energy is the key to all activity on the face of the earth, it follows that in order to attain a monopoly of energy, raw materials, goods, and services and to establish a world
system of slave labor, it is necessary to have a first strike capability in the field of economics. In order to maintain our position, it is necessary that we have absolute first knowledge of the science of control over all economic factors and the first experience at engineering the world economy.
In order to achieve such sovereignty, we must at least achieve this one end: that the public will not make either the logical or
mathematical connection between economics and the other energy sciences or learn to apply such knowledge. This is becoming increasingly difficult to control because more and more businesses are making demands upon their computer programmers to create and apply mathematical models for the management of those businesses. It is only a matter of time before the new breed of private programmer/economists will catch on to the far-reaching implications of the work begun at Harvard in 1948. The speed with which they can communicate their warning to the public will largely depend upon how effective we have been at controlling the media, subverting education, and keeping the public distracted with matters of no real importance.

The Economic Model

Economics, as a social energy science has as a first objective the description of the complex way in which any given unit of resources is used to satisfy some economic want.
(Leontief Matrix).
This first objective, when it is extended to get the most product from the least or limited resources, comprises that objective of general military and industrial logistics known as Operations Research. (See simplex method of linear programming.)
The Harvard Economic Research Project (1948-) was an extension of World War II Operations Research. Its purpose was to discover the science of controlling an economy:
at first the American economy, and then the world economy. It was felt that with sufficient mathematical foundation and data, it would be nearly as easy to predict and control the trend of an economy as to predict and control the trajectory of a projectile. Such has proven to be the case. Moreover, the economy has been transformed into a guided missile on target.
The immediate aim of the Harvard project was to discover the economic structure, what forces change that structure, how the behavior of the structure can be predicted, and how it can be manipulated. What was needed was a well-organized knowledge of the mathematical structures and interrelations hips of investment, production, distribution, and consumption.
To make a short story of it all, it was discovered that an economy obeyed the same laws as electricity and that all of the mathematical theory and practical and computer know-
how developed for the electronic field could be directly applied in the study of economics. This discovery was not openly declared, and its more subtle implications were and are kept a closely guarded secret, for example that in an economic model, human life is measured in dollars, and that the electric spark generated when opening a switch connected to an active inductor is mathematically analogous to the initiation of war.
The greatest hurdle which theoretical economists faced was the accurate description of the household as an industry. This is a challenge because consumer purchases are a matter of choice which in turn is influenced by income, price, and other economic factors.
This hurdle was cleared in an indirect and statistically approximate way by an application of shock testing to determine the current characteristics, called current technical
coefficients, of a household industry.
Finally, because problems in theoretical electronics can be translated very easily into problems of theoretical electronics, and the solution translated back again, it follows that only a book of language translation and concept definition needed to be written for economics. The remainder could be gotten from standard works on mathematics and electronics. This makes the publication of books on advanced economics unnecessary, and greatly simplifies project security.
See paper for further information.