Chelsea Manning Refused to Testify Against Julian Assange

In the public interest.

Chelsea was fined for the refusal to speak in a court hearing.  He has to pay $400,000.  I don’t believe that is fair at all. If a person doesn’t want to engage in a further crime then withdrawal from a biased hearing aligns with one’s own truth. The fines are to deter whistle-blowing. In Australia the Military actually apologised to the Afghan families as a report came out where the soldiers were engaging in summary executions of unarmed civilians. Our government wanted to deploy soldiers in cities. I was not in favour given civilians are the ones who are targeted, not armies.  However, I was pleased to see accountability acknowledged and an apology at the very least, it won’t bring back those murdered but at least the Afghans have some acknowledgement that a “crime” was committed.  Surprisingly the head of Defence called the whistle-blower the hero.  That is a first. Not the one killing but the one calling out the crime.  It was also noted that those in the top of defence were not accountable. Crimes Against Humanity must be confronted. We glorify military action yet it is largely civilians who are killed, we seek to call this honour.  Taking the life of any human being is not honourable, it works against nature.  Some will regard the warrior as the lion or the predator. Nature is not that at all.  Nature is a cycle of life. Animals give up their lives to other animals for food. The lion eats when it is hungry not full. The violence we justify we say is in defence of ideals yet we have not developed the morality to understand the sanctity of life and that violence is the last line of defence, not a pre-emptive attack. We use technology to prove our superiority when no-one is superior to anyone. We all want the same thing, freedom, peace and to live our lives as we desire.  The violent video games only promote violence without morality, to train boys that this is manhood when the most admired men are those who have integrity and are non violent. Violence is a call for help in truth. It is seeking power when power is within (not outside yourself). Power resides in values not force. Yet we are still in the same paradigm unawake to what we do in ignorance as tradition dictates.  Life will wake us up from the nightmare. I send love and peace to the families of Afghans who have had endless suffering, like no others on earth. They are a gentle simple people in the sense that they lived lives where family was everything, making money was survival. They have very deep empathy. If a person kills their family member and asks for shelter an Afghan will not reject hospitality. They will allow the person to have shelter. Yet we keep them in detention centres when they ask for shelter here. We treat them badly and call this civilised. We have much to learn about true humanity. You can cut funding in universities as if humanity is worthless, yet you cannot re-wire what is natural in humans. There is a high level movement to set aside human rights, to set aside basic decency, to set aside democracy, to set aside human happiness and lock us into a new reality in its aim to control what is uncontrollable. Is that sustainable?

In relation to Julian Assange, no hearing should be taking place in the United States given it would be a biased hearing clearly.  If there is a problem to be solved it should go to a international criminal court with unbiased judges. 

The irony is that Julian revealed criminality and like many whistle-blowers is treated far worse than any criminal and held without a fair hearing.  However, the truth is the truth and what is out is out. The world is aware of the pedophilia and in that, he has served the children and maybe saved children’s lives. No higher calling then the protection of children.

Pedophilia is the card on the table that is face up.  Collectively we are looking at this card – is it the King, the Queen, the Jack, the ACE, is it a diamond, spade, heart or club?  This card was under the table now it is on the table for all the players to see. That is what Julian truly did. Visibility makes deception visible.

Below is information about Chelsea (Manning) Clarke.  Both s/he and Julian are unusual in their own way. Wild Cards, perhaps the Joker, completely unexpected yet there it is.  The Joker means you don’t have to follow suit.

Perhaps the message to the US military/government/deep state is the mirror of surveillance. When you surveil others without their permission it will happen to you.  When you breach privacy, privacy is breached.  It is no surprise that Assange and Snowden brought the message of surveillance of the world’s people into public awareness. Now we notice cameras in lights, LED’s, computer screens, when we are on the computer (intelligent electricity monitors, updates), smart meters monitor, facial recognition, Microsoft gathering data, private telecommunications companies gathering data and this being regarded as the “new gold”, it is not, it is greed looking for ways to maximise profit and lifestyles completely counter to any sustainability narrative which is put out as if those creating the imbalance know how to live with nature, they don’t. They can’t resolve basic human conflict as they engage in further conflict to feel power, this is not order, this is the real chaos by those who do not know themselves.

That breaches to community privacy are not abated it has accelerated as fear and paranoia needs to control the narrative, needs to profile, needs to track (what are they doing? who do they meet?, must stop them gathering together, keep them apart so they don’t discuss what is happening)

What if you let go of control and let the principles all say they fight for – freedom, democracy and happiness, be lived? You can’t fight for it you can only live it. Life is a mirror not a mask. What you do to another does return to the self as a universal law, you cannot fight nature is the point here, you can try and spend a lot of money (that could house the homeless).  To let go of control is to feel freedom as there is nothing to do but be. This is what freedom means. It is nature.

I am not advocate for breaching anyone’s privacy, however, if a crime is happening it is in the public interest to reveal it as a person/s may be harmed.  In the case of children it is mandatory reporting under all circumstances. No-one is above lore.

It is only truth that sets people free. Truth is not a person. It is nature rebalancing what is out of balance whether you agree or not, life will bring up surprises and you cannot predict it as life is vast, we are mere dots or pixels in the universe yet we see ourselves as able to control nature itself. Some call this dominion. It is not possible we are part of a much bigger picture. Until we learn peace we will continue to fight the so-called enemy which is really the outcome of one’s own actions. Responsibility which is largely ignored, is the path that leads not to order but balance. Life is always rebalancing. 

Order is about control or logic that we can control as we understand this then that x,y,z yet life is more geometry then straight lines.  Love is the energy that moves the whistle-blower to speak up. Love is the energy that sacrifices one’s life for a higher purpose.  Love is the one who works for nothing working towards a greater good.  Love endures so all things are set free. Love is not an enemy or opposite of hate, it is the context within which all emotions express. It is the singularity the zero point. Until that is understood those who perceive the enemy will fight against anything that exposes them, or feels uncomfortable as they will see this as dangerous, when it is nature rebalancing. That is all it is. Ultimately when you fight nature you never win. Uniqueness and change is natural, sameness and uniformity is not.

I send peace and love to those who are not at peace. I send peace and love to those incarcerated for bringing to light crimes against humanity. I send love and light to every person trying to co-create a better world, world worthy of the children who desperately cry for help.

Thank you.


Chelsea Manning released from prison after refusing to testify in Wikileaks investigation

Chelsea Manning speaks at a conference in Berlin.
Chelsea Manning’s lawyers say she recently tried to take her own life.(Reuters: Axel Schmidt)

Former US Army soldier and WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning has been released from prison on a judge’s order after being held since May last year for refusing to testify in an ongoing US investigation of WikiLeaks.

US District Court Judge Anthony Trenga in Alexandria, Virginia, ordered Manning released because the grand jury hearing the case had concluded.

Alexandria City Sheriff Dana Lawhorne told reporters Manning had been released from the Alexandria Detention Centre.

Judge Trenga rejected a request from Manning to cancel fines he had imposed for her refusal to testify, and ordered her to pay fines totalling US$256,000 ($407,000).

A detention hearing for Manning scheduled for Friday was cancelled.

“Needless to say, we are relieved and ask that you respect her privacy while she gets on her feet,” Manning’s defence team said in an emailed statement.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for Manning’s defence team said Manning had attempted suicide and had been taken to hospital, where she was recovering.

Prior to her recent incarceration for refusing to testify, Manning had served seven years in a military prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of US military messages and cables to WikiLeaks, before being released on the order of President Barack Obama.

WikiLeaks, an internet-based “dead letter drop” for leakers of classified or sensitive information, was founded by Australian Julian Assange in 2006.

Assange is being held in a London prison as British courts consider a request from US prosecutors for his extradition to the United States.

He is wanted on charges of conspiring with Manning to hack into a Pentagon computer system containing classified materials.

Assange surveilled as he meets lawyer in Ecuadorian embassy – go to this link to see the surveillance footage.