Citizen Denied Entry into Parliament: Was this Targeting using Artificial Intelligence on the Basis of False Beliefs?

This blog follows my two blogs on being banned from Parliament for no crime, no disruption of public order or protest activity. It was based on Artificial Intelligence profiling a citizen as predictive rather than actual. Wilson’s Security were the contractor protecting the Australian Federal Parliament. The crime appears to be no ID and false allegations of protesting when protest is a protected right under the Australian Constitution in a democracy. For the record I don’t protest per se and wasn’t on that day.  Who I am is profiled by myself below. I am the only one who knows me. Others will define me according to their world views and agenda.

I am interested in hearing all voices. I am a trained Rotary Peace fellow and peacemaker not an activist in the sense of ‘against’. I work actively on peace both inner and outer.  Outer peace reflects directly inner peace. I have economics training and am a former market analyst. My training and work was to hear all sides and find the truth to answer questions. My work was to be impartial and with permission record, observe and analyse what the public has to say. I learned to listen deeply to voices without preference and honouring all equally even those inarticulate contrasted with those who command the floor. It was excellent training for a mindset of representation. I found myself faithfully recording what people said without embellishment, without bias or over emphasizing the more articulate speakers but to record word for word. I found myself standing on a balance beam and ensuring that I was not biased one way or the other but seeking to interpret as best as I could to accurately reflect the reality in the room at that moment. It is a skill and it is an imperfect science as the human emotional/intellectual array is influenced by a complex mix of influences, education, perceptions and attitudes, many of which are conveyed through language and body language. To gain an insight into the essence of the truth is not an easy target. No computer can be programmed to do this. No computer has a spiritual, energetic or auric energy field merged with a greater energy field of life itself.

I realised my work using qualitative and quantitative research was to gain a ‘feel’ for the emotions/feelings/thoughts of people and to statistically analyse questionnaires to gain the weight of opinion to unbiased questions, hopefully similarly interpreted. I recall realising my work was to minimise error as whenever you use words, interpretation, contexts, agenda’s filtering what has been said can lose its integrity due to interpretation and poor understanding and lack of emotional intelligence. I was very aware to do my best to reflect what the truth of a matter is to the best of my ability minimising error where possible. That was in the highest interest of clients and those giving their time to share their opinions.

We humans unconsciously tend to look at situations with patterns of biases, emotions, triggers, unquestioned beliefs, categorisations of good/evil, enemy/friend, cold/hot and then interrogate data to acquire power as knowledge (superior) rather than understanding as truth (unity, joining). We are so removed from the living truth as all dance to the tune of who pays rather than deeply drilling down into who they are and how the truth ultimately serves them as humans with shared interests and purpose.

We are taught at universities, we repeat what we learn but seldom to use intelligence in a way aware of human bias, blindness, left/right brain stimulation and human weakness (to be right, win, superior, smarter etc.). We can never get it 100% right, if we were to really be honest maybe at most we are 5% right. You can never know a person, profile them and say they are a this or that. Even when you know people well, you still do not know them. Arrogance, status, degrees and privilege give us the false sense of ‘knowing’ but in reality there is little we know for sure so even the notion of ‘certainty’ is a misnomer.  We are never certain although we may create the illusion of certainty through programs, statistics and group think amplified by media.  Commentators speak with confidence but if they were really put under scrutiny with probing questions it is unlikely what they believe is true.

I found The Work of Byron Katie excellent for really facing ourselves with the question – Is it true? Can we be absolutely sure it is true? How do we feel how do we react when we believe the thought? Who would we be without the thought looking at the ‘enemy’ or whoever? Then we turn these beliefs around to the self, the other and the opposite to gain insight, it is like a 360 degree circle around the belief to allow for insight to guide truthful examination.  One has to have the intent for truth to see it. You can’t fake it as life is intelligent and what we think about we bring about. See the Byron Katie link below to understand how to find clear seeing.

I met Edward de Bono many years ago and went to dinner with him. He was pronounced one of the 50 greatest thinkers in the world. He said most people do not know how to think. If we turn to AI it is only a program, regardless of whether it learns logically, it is not human it has not higher faculties to sense, feel, intuit, scrutinise, or question the problem from illogical perspectives. It cannot instantly know what is true or predict the future. It will sift and sort information on the basis of the program and algorithms. Humans can become lazy and use these computer/IT programs and believe (without question) the statistics are accurate. They believe the algorithms are accurate but in reality it is fraught with error. They will adamantly state the numbers don’t lie, AI is impartial, but the reality is the programmer does not know thyself and feeds into this robot what they know not what they don’t know.  As a result of faulty incomplete AI intelligence innocent people are targeted and some incarcerated and killed as they were profiled not understood. This targeting may be deliberate intent or by accident (mis-identification). Whatever the case imbalances occur and nature responds. Nature is sensitively about restoring balance, the natural world is the example of re-balancing when left to DNA and environment to find zero point.  With humans the imbalance is expressed as this one against that one. It is our nature to differ as we are diverse and this is by intelligent design in nature. The very diversity is the resiliency so when we transhumanise, create hive minds we work against the very natural balance that ensures construction not destruction.

Rather than simplistically see an enemy or ‘other’ someone using words like ‘dangerous’, ‘selfish’ ‘independent thinker’, ‘useless eater’, ‘dissident’ or ‘domestic terrorist’ to target a person what if that very other was an aspect of yourself denied?

Stop and re-read what I just wrote.

What if the shadow you see in the other is your own projection? The Christians quote Jesus as saying about judgement ‘take the log out of your own eye’. Perhaps today this is the log-a-rhythm (updated it to now) we believe is true.

What if there is no enemy and what you see in your world is you not the other? What if on the basis of one’s own bias you direct resources to stopping this enemy when it is fear creating the enemy? Those educated in the peace area and conflict resolution recognise that when the one finger of accusation points to someone 3 fingers are pointing back. We are the projector until we question our beliefs we become the victim of our beliefs and others are hurt. We deny what we are unwilling to face in ourselves. Those who refuse to take responsibility will find targets, will blame others, will use force to coerce or kill another to intimidate others to conform with their will. But what if the very energy directed in this way brings more people to your door as teachers? As what you push against pushes back. It is the yin/yang of life. When you relax, step back, observe without projection you see innocence in life and you understand people are the product of unquestioned thinking. That is what I have learned as a peacemaker studying global conflict, personal disputes and looking into my own confusion at times as we live in a world deceiving its very self. It matters not what side you identify with. Natural lore treats everyone the same, as we are indeed One, as they say. Nature re-balances for the WHOLE.

To find balance and sift for truth aware of projection, denial and hidden fears has been awareness in search of the ‘truth that sets you free’. That has been my modus operandi.

This is why I am not a protester, what you push against you make stronger (life seeks to re-balance). In truth the one pushing creates the other. I personally don’t dislike anyone, I have my own biases but I am aware of them and change my thoughts as my desire is to not self deceive. Even the worst perpetrator I can see has been a victim or born into life trained to think what they think for generations. They believe it is true. It is not for me to say you should be like me. You shouldn’t. You should be you. My interest is that you be you but within that if you harm me or others I will as a person who loves, speak up, as it would violate natural lore to allow a harm to happen when I can assist.

Post Incident: Refused Entry into Parliament by Artificial Intelligence

I found out a few days after this incident from a government person that I had been profiled by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Clearly in my case it is an inaccurate profiling despite what the government believes or seeks to frame. I am not protesting. I don’t believe in protest although I may go if I am curious. I am seeking truth or as the indigenous say ‘truth telling’. The AI, false profiling raised for me questions of persecution and inaccurate predictive profiling and policing which demonises without the facts in order to exclude from access to what is perceived as public institutions. It is an indicator of a Brave New World. This is what likely happened.

US President Joe Biden announced a drone strike to murder what they profile as terrorists. Is this teaching justice without trial violating the US Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. What happens when citizens who are seeking the truth of matters are profiled inaccurately and then a drone comes overhead with energy directed weapons? This was done in Canberra during the Canberra Convoy. Is this how we learn to fear our government rather than engage with government? For me, I am not going into fear but I will seek the truth. As the truth is what sets everyone free including those who believe violence is power. Truth reveals how we defeat ourselves when we harm others. What we do to others returns to the self.

Below is a video on policing with AI, which is why I was banned from Parliament for no crime or protest activity but based on my background of seeking truth in the public interest.

I did attend the Canberra Convey not as a protester but because my friend was going and she urged it was important. It was about forced vaccines, called Mandatory vaccinations. I had chosen not to have genetic technology injected into my body on the basis of 3 years of research and more than 14 Senate reports (see link above). My choice was informed as I discovered the genetic therapies change the DNA (permanently), causes harm (sickness) and death. There is evidence around the world that people feinted and dropped dead. There is footage of them shaking uncontrollably, magnets sticking to them, paralysis and children having heart attacks and dying. I see that as grounds for caution, not blindly following because a perceived authority told you to. I was aware from the research these mRNA shots were experimental and had not gone through 10 years of safety trials. Safety trials are important so the public are assured they are indeed safe. The big pharma companies were immune from prosecution which means they do not take responsibility for harm caused. This should be an alarm bell. Everyone is accountable for any harms caused. So as a citizen I chose to stay safe and keep healthy by allowing natural immunity.

When I went to the gathering I was chatting to others who did not want a harmful genetic therapy. It was nice to meet likeminded as our society was turning against democracy believing those unvaccinated were dangers when those who had taken the jab were still getting coronavirus (colds), getting sick and dying. So the real problem was not the perceived unvaccinated but close to mandatory force of products that had not been safety tested.

The gathering was wonderful, a sunny day, full of love and a sense of real democracy and community. There were ordinary people from all walks of life. Emergency service personnel were there – ambulance, fire brigade, surgeons, nurses and others who were concerned. It was the first time I really felt Australians come together. It was peaceful in the Australian spirit. There was no police presence. No violence. Just a space to listen and talk to others to gain insights in the public interest.

I saw a drone hover over me which I looked directly at. I suspect that is how I was categorised as a protester. When the right to have a say is criminalised by negative narratives making protest appear illegal this is when we lose our democracy which is at its base ‘freedom of speech’.

When I studied Peace Studies at La Trobe University my lecturer, a world expert on Gandhi, said protest was a safety valve allowing tensions to be dispersed and actually prevents violence as people come together to feel safe and feel heard as distinct from arming themselves. Below is an article on Energy Directed Weapons used in Canberra.

We hear authoritative terms such as restrictions and police force as ensuring public order, public safety, identifying dissidents (reframed domestic terrorists) or categorising as an enemy of the state. This can be used to demonise other opinions as a new ‘compliance’ regime of control is projected justifying the negation of human rights and interference in every aspect of human life. At the end of the day the real safety is allowing people their true nature which is to talk to each other when some situation is impacting them and causing them distress. It is natural for people to come together to work out a problem. When this is allowed we are respecting people’s self determination as it is ‘their bodies’ they are protecting. On the other hand, when people are coerced, threatened, data gathered, filmed, tracked, profiled, rounded up and blackmailed this is the behaviour of coercive control and totalitarianism. It typically masks corruption as those very values are not adhered to. Interestingly, it is not that different from coercive control in domestic violence situations.

The surveillance state used to target innocent people is the concern of millions of Australians who turned up that day. They believe foreign interests have penetrated our country and that the injections of mRNA genetic therapies are not vaccines (a vaccine would have viral particles of SARS-CoV-2). Using the word ‘vaccines’ makes people think of childhood vaccines which we all know were fine. These experimental genetic therapies have never been used on people, they are untested and offer protection not immunization. Those gathering were very concerned about the safety and forced vaccines which brings up Nuremberg Trials of Nazi Germany. As the Nazi’s were experimenting on prisoners in concentration camps. We see quarantine centres were being built up around Australia away from public scrutiny and after the abuses we witnessed on refugees in Nauru, Manus and Christmas Islands. They could be dual purpose concentration camps.

Ironically the Parliamentary Security who had told me I was banned with no evidence and on the basis of false allegations were the very same company – Wilson’s Security – who were accused of human rights violations on vulnerable people during Offshore Processing of refugees. The high levels of child abuse raises real questions about the pedophilia issue which ironically the protesters were raising on the lawns of Parliament the day I was banned. How is it possible that Wilson’s Security can be contracted (after police checks) to protect the Australian Federal Parliament and public when they themselves have allegations of abuse far worse than simple protesting. It reinforces concerns of a Culture of Abuse inside the Australian Parliament (ie. Britney Higgins) protected by those who think abuse is the ‘new normal’ of control and is justifiable as those who want to abuse seek to normalise it and decriminalise sponsored violence.

Our country’s motto is a fair go. Advance Australia Fair is our anthem despite attempts to change it. Equality and fairness is who we are. I will not change. I will continue to be curious, to ask questions, to do research and engage in my democracy as I would love to see something much better emerge for everyone. Including those who see control in their war against universal peace.