Citizen Denied Entry Twice to Enter the 47th Federal Parliament Justified by False Allegations

I, Susan Carew do not consent to false allegations of protest and ID being made against myself by Parliamentary Security. This is undemocratic and unjust.

I was asked by my mother today if I had been targeted yesterday.  I said no.  I honestly believed it was random.  Today I found out the truth.

I tried again to enter Parliament.  I was again denied entry to the people’s house.  

I found out today the real reason why I was denied entry into the 47th Federal Parliament today. 

Before going I decided to make a Statutory Declaration of my identity rather than take my licence to the Parliament to be identified. This is not lawful.  Refer Susan Carew ID summary1  On the back was a lawful Oath of Allegiance to the Queen of the UK. This means I recognise common law rights.  It also means my allegiance is to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution. This is the only protection of human rights.  

The reason I did this is that the drivers licence is not my identity.  I discovered that the licence has UPPER CASE text and this has a meaning to my surprise. It means under the Royal Styles and Titles Act of 1973 that CAPITALS are not English they are pictures.  When I was told this I questioned it as we see CAPS everywhere.  I was shown the actual Royal Styles and Titles Manual and UPPER CASE is called dogged Latin, it is technically a picture or hieroglyphics.  What this means is it is not English, you cannot read it even though we may say we understand the words.  My name is written in UPPER CASE.  So the Statutory Declaration was to type my name in upper and lower case text as my true name.  I have found out that the UPPER CASE text means I am a corporate entity and that I am entering a contract, which I am not.  So out of honesty and integrity I have to do the Statutory Declaration to align with my truth as my identity is the picture.  This was what I wrote:

My Christian name is Susan Faye and my father’s name is Carew.  I am a living breathing woman. I was born in Canberra (Ngunnawal country).  I am a Commonwealth Officer. I have sworn an oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Australian Constitution of 1901. The image is my true image in the licence below.

I put in Ngunnawal country as I recently attended an Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander forum by invitation and when I walked on the ground outside, I felt this was my country. I felt it very strongly. I grew up in Canberra.  I feel myself to be a steward of the land.  That is more my identity.

I went to the library and was able to print this Statutory Declaration document and luckily there was a Justice of the Peace there who verified my licence so this is a legal document.  I am not telling an untruth.

I walk up to Parliament House, I feel very happy.  It is a beautiful day.  I see a few protestors and inquire what they are doing. I see them making signs.  They are raising pedophilia issues. I am aware of this issue due to Fiona Barnett’s book Eyes Wide Open.  Which shocked me.  It is about VIP Pedophile rings.

I speak to another guy who has concern about the destruction of our civilisation and discusses super volcanoes, he states this is a fact.  Research revealed this link: 

He asks me am I aware of the Georgia Guidestone’s and the plan to reduce population to 500 million.  I am aware of this. 

We talk about climate change which would more accurately be discussed as ecological balance if we are serious above rebalancing earth systems.  I mention Tesla free energy.  He believes in a Tesla free energy which concentrates energy in underground in pipelines with no loss of energy is a more efficient approach. He was very intelligent this man and had done considerable research.  I stood there trying to absorb his knowledge.  This is my link to Tesla from my blog

I love talking to my community.  I don’t see people as protestors just people communicating a message. I am open to all viewpoints. I explained to this guy my perspective is like the pyramid, it is balanced on all sides.  I value all perspectives.  I see this as the core of democracy which the New Parliament could represent peopled by those with a integral sense of fairness and ethics.  

I say goodbye and start walking up to Parliament.  I see young people in front of me and smile.  I contemplate their challenges.  I wonder what they think of democracy.  I continue up to the entrance and wonder if I will get in today.

As soon as I join the queue I see the lovely security guard that I really connected with the day before, his eyes less sparkly.  He comes to me in the line and says to me I cannot come into the parliament. I am banned.  He wants to introduce me to the Australian Federal Police.  For those who saw my blog yesterday. This is for no crime, no disruption, no protest just wanting to go to Question Time.  I even brought an ID in the form of a Stat Dec. He didn’t want to alarm the public, this made me think when I spoke with a louder voice yesterday on leaving I informed the public I was being denied entry to Parliament for not having an ID on me.  It was in the card.  Yesterday I challenged the police asking for legislation where it makes it illegal to enter my Parliament without ID.  I lived in Canberra went regularly to Parliament I was never asked in many years. So I was very surprised.

I noticed one security guard looking at me darkly. I actually felt slightly intimidated sensing violence within him. His image keeps coming to me since that occasion which is why I am writing this now. He was not safe.

So I meet two Australian Federal Police, and one Protective Services Officer.  I explain to them what happened the day before.  I show my Statutory Declaration to prove my ID, as this was the barrier yesterday. The AFP officer took pictures of my Statutory Declaration and the flipside my lawful oath. A nice AFP officer (23913) offers to find out from Parliamentary Security what happened.  He goes inside to talk to Parliamentary Security.  He was told untruths about me.

The Parliamentary Security told the AFP officer I was a protester, that I had been involved with the climate protest the day before. Later that day I found out the protest was Extinction Rebellion, it appeared politically organised not publicly organised. The Security said I had been kicked out of Parliament in the past. All this was untrue.  This was a clear case of vilification.  The AFP informed me I was banned for 2 weeks apparently protesters are banned for 24-48 hours. So I found the length of time very interesting and as if I was targeted as a ‘threat’.

As I walked up to Parliament I noticed a lot of young people with climate T-shirts but couldn’t read what they said. They looked organised to me in harmony with the government’s climate change globalisation agenda. I didn’t know this group got inside until I saw the news on TV that night.  The day before I actually asked a security guy near the entrance what the protest was about as he looked tense? 

The AFP and Protective Officer and myself had a good talk.  Another officer (#23913) he went to find out the reason why I was banned.  Whilst he was gone myself and the other officers talked. I was aware he was recording my statement without my asking my permission. I allowed it as I do wish to inform the AFP and those that are aligned with democracy within the AFP.  There will be others who are not seeking to curtail rights and freedoms.  I was really surprised by the lies told about myself and somewhat intrigued about who had created the story in Parliament.  Was it Security or higher up?

Whilst speaking to the AFP officer he is inquiring about what I was at Parliament for? I told him Question Time.

I told him I am a peacemaker.  I am into harmony on all sides. Which is my truth. Some may not get this but I truly desire a world where we solve our problems and stop vilifying people speaking uncomfortable truths. I realised later he would have mentally typecast me as a protester, which I am not. When I go to protests I don’t go thinking ‘down with this or that’, I am curious to hear the voice of the people. I am not an angry person but I recognise crimes are happening in our name. I am there to listen and learn. I did attend the Canberra Convoy because a friend in Melbourne told me she was going and was staying with me. So I went to learn and observe as a peacemaker. I am not part of any group. I am just a member of the public with a interest in real peace. It is likely facial recognition happened then and I became profiled as a ‘dissident’ which I am not. My understanding is that there are attempts to frame public protest as domestic terrorism. I know energy directed weapons were used at the protest which is undemocratic and an act of aggression.

He wondered why I didn’t bring my licence (put in the pouch) when that was asked for the day before. I explained that there is tracking devices in the licences and as a woman I do not want to be tracked or stalked.

I see them as not only officials but men engaging in behaviours that are not unlike domestic violence and stalking (coercive control) but officially endorsed as surveillance without a crime.  I want my privacy, I do not want to be 24/7 surveilled by men who I perceive as largely foreign interests. I see it as a breach to national security. The office agreed he wouldn’t want 24 hour surveillance of his private life and then mentioned iphones to the PSO officer. Hence, acknowledging we are tracked as citizens. In my view for no crime or suspicion, it is clearly surveillance capitalism seeking control.

I was asked why I had cash. As it was visible in my Exemption pouch. I said I do not want to be tracked. I explained I was a former market analyst and was aware of tracking.

I was asked my occupation.   I am without income and without a home at this time but I see my work as in service to humanity.  I work for everyone, including the police.  I do not think the same way others think. Until we all work for the whole of the group we cannot solve the problems that are arrayed against basic rights and freedoms. A friend said to me recently ‘united we stand divided we fall’. Midnight oil sang the same. 

Note: I do not believe in this camp versus that camp.  I see problems to be solved. Humans divide on the basis of threats based on the information at hand.  In reality there is no threat only unquestioned thoughts based on fears. Peace is not something you can protect, fight for or justify any form of oppression as if a higher good. Peace is an inner state where we resolve our negative beliefs by putting them up against inner truth.  There are methods like Byron Katie which are about inquiry of ourselves to ourselves. Most people blame their uncomfortable feelings on an outside threat, not conscious that they are avoiding their own pain and fear.  Radical honesty is to look within for answers as only truth sets us free (as a fundamental truth).  I share this truth with protesters as well. Each plays there part in the bigger drama, but at the end of the day if peace and happiness is your goal, you have to look into your own shadow. Most don’t own their beliefs and attitudes but instead project onto others to demonise them and ‘other’ them.  This is the basis of seeking power outside ourselves. That is what happened to me at Parliament through untruths designed to demonise me in the eyes of the AFP so they would not investigate or take further action which means venturing into the right to enter the Parliament without ID and without profiling people as ‘dissident’ without their awareness..

I told the AFP and Protective Services Officer that I believe in dialogue not violence.  I expressed surprise at the untruth spoken by parliamentary security. The AFP said they could not do anything, it was not their jurisdiction which I found interesting I didn’t know that. They said there was nothing they can do.

I asked if I could put in Freedom of Information request to the parliament.  They are not sure.  The reason is to find out exactly the allegations made about me and by whom. This is about accountability for falsehoods. 

I told the men I had travelled the world.  I believe in overcoming fear (and extending happiness to all).  Many are governed by fear without investigating what it is and where it comes from. When I travelled alone as a woman without much planning I did so to put myself in what could be seen as a unsafe situation and overcome my fear as a woman. I achieved this.   

I told the police that Australians are not unsafe, they are for the most part a safe people, they are friendly and the majority are not going to harm you. It would be a minority and even there we can investigate what is driving the problem. I talked about conflict resolution and de-escalation. Many do not understand the dynamics of conflict. In my philosophy there is always a reason for violence and always it centres on pain or beliefs out of alignment with their inner truth, that is why we feel bad and search for something to feel better. This is why people take drugs. They don’t know how to find their joy, so they self medicate. I see anger as fear expressed. So do we attack the person or deal with the fear?  I do not feel unsafe. I do not feel in fear. Instead I research to understand the ‘why’ of a problem.

I was very impressed with the AFP officers positive approach, very polite and trying to get a sense of the truth I felt. I am aware of profiling. I am aware of targeting. I am aware there are some who are not preserving the peace. However, I will meet each person on the basis of equality and respect and treat them as every person wants to be treated.   

I was given permission by the AFP to walk around the Parliamentary circle no problem but I was not allowed inside for 2 weeks (as above).  Do they have a right to even determine where I can walk? I am effectively banned from entering parliament. The real protesters are only banned for 24 hours.  Wow. They must see me as a threat.  I am into truth, perhaps that is the concern.  I would love to read the profile they have on me. Is it accurate. I think my book A Fool for Peace reveals my intent and purpose.  I believe in people. 

I conveyed my appreciation for them from the heart as I really felt they were good men. I enjoyed meeting them.  I was pleased to have a positive experience and learn the truth of my ban. I was not upset but fascinated about the events that had happened given I was innocent of the claims against me. My life and my work is my testimony.

The real reasons I believe I was banned from Parliament are as follows:

Open Letter to the Australian Senate about Covid-19 and Pro Vaccination Bias when there are two sides

“We the People” Senate Submission Reports Investigating the Truth of COVID-19 in the-public-interest

Australian Senate Informed of COVID-19 Corruption and the Danger of Vaccines and reported to ICAC and Police

This means that those who do not consent with official beliefs are excluded. The regime we are moving into is a compliance regime that has no tolerance for democracy or freedoms. The perceived enemy is allotted a social credit score and they are excluded from jobs, bank accounts and vilified as ‘dangerous’ or not protecting public health. For myself I have lived a very healthy life – mind, body and spirit. My research led me to my conclusions as a search for the truth of a matter that shutdown the world. It was my duty to communicate it to Parliament. Clearly it was not well received. So democracy is for those who agree with the government narrative. Exclusion for those who don’t. That is the future if we choose it. Perhaps now is a good time to exercise our freedoms before they are lost. This came to me now in inspiration:

Martin Niemoeller (?)

“First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me–
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

After I said goodbye I walked down the hill and saw protestors. I thought I’d have a chat with them and find out what they thought about what had happened. 

I met a guy waking up and down with a red flag (Australian). I asked him what does the red mean. He said this is our original flag. I didn’t know that. He said the original flag had 6 pointed star.  I counted.  He had been doing this a long time. I saw the track and humorously wondered if that was worn  because of him. He said they had been labelled protesters and banned but they allow them their. They were raising issues of paedophilia. I saw it as key issue as I do not want to be ruled by paedophiles (see Fiona Barnett’s link Eyes Wide Open).  The fact nothing is done means it is a big problem. I wondered at the children suffering. The concern is compromised politicians.

They told me that the AFP do not have jurisdiction inside the Parliamentary circle he called it (in front of Parliament). He said the Protective Services Officers had precedence.  I was surprised to learn this.  They are not police they are security and who controls them, why not AFP?

I met another guy and told him my story as a peace clown travelling the world and my belief in peace as balance. I told him there is no enemy. I encouraged them to love the other, these can be hard words to hear as it is not the mainstream narrative, but I know when you push back against something you can enter the same negative energy as that one who you see as ‘other’.  He didn’t disagree to my surprise. I see innocence in many people. That doesn’t mean there are not negative people doing deliberate violence, there are. They hold beliefs that justify that violence as defence, as safety, as overpopulation etc. So when I speak of love it is coming from a deeper understanding that the paedophiles were themselves child victims.  That doesn’t condone cruel and horrendous behaviour but it means they come out of an experience as ‘all they know’ indoctrinated that this is somehow power and justified by the Egyptian stories.  If we fall into anger and fear people burn out and they place themselves in harms way. We have to solve problems not hate people. I am lucky as I really don’t hate anyone. I don’t know why I just don’t feel it. Sure I get angry, sure I have my days where it feels all too much, but I seem to comeback to centre quickly.  I agree people have to do what feels right for them it is not my place to tell anyone to do it my way. I can only live by example.  So we had a really nice chat.  I see them not as protestors but concerned citizens. What a shame people can’t just sit down and do some truth telling as the indigenous so wisely advise. 

We are all in this together.  Until we are prepared to listen to what we don’t want to hear life will bring the issue back to our door. Life has a way of reminding us where we are out of balance, in denial, and refusing to look in the mirror. We are all on a learning curve. The times we are moving through will place people on clear sides of the issue.  We all get to choose the world we co-create together. For me I choose peace, personal responsibility and healing. What do you choose?

I found out in days that followed that I had been profiled by AI and it is a inaccurate profiling despite what the government believes. I am not protesting I am seeking truth. It raised for me questions of persecution and inaccurate predictive profiling and policing. It is an indicator of a Brave New World.