Citizen funding of the Australian ABC or Nationalise?

In the public interest.

This came into my inbox which is an example of advocacy.  I am studying this topic at the moment and grassroots action will have to be taken to ensure the Australian Broadcasting Commission (not Corporation) returns to the people it was created to reflect and represent. It was the mainstay of the public interest and typically challenged those in power, which is part of holding those in power to account.

I realise today that the assertions of ‘left’ wing is propaganda.  Essentially from my own research it has become apparent that it is anything that challenges power it is labelled, in this case ‘left’ wing which is euphemism for socialism alluding to communism.  In truth there is no right wing or left wing there are orientations of ‘service to self’ and ‘service to others’.  These perspectives are labelled to create ‘the other’ in adversarial conflict. In conflict resolution it is ‘othering’ or glee clubs to garner power ‘against’ so that they can defeat the evil ‘other’ rather than embrace democracy as diversity and listen to the helpful other (critic) who may be right.  Humility makes allowance for this and in reality it opens the mind to possibilities as life will always bring you this other as a form of rebalancing.  Then one embraced you look at what is left.

You will have to contemplate that, right? what’s left?

We are dealing in truth with fear of loss of control or beneath that powerlessness parading as power. The real power is within.  The ego reacts by seeking to control e.g. stacking boards, donations, lobbyists, mergers and acquisitions to consolidate power. Creating power blocs appears the trend rather than demonstrating an openness to contrast as democratic clashing it up. Those who desire the world in their image seek to influence their voice over others rather than learning from the agora of diversity that all voices are equal and have a purpose, often unseen until historians review an event. 

In the future it will be about honouring the voices and rights of all people to hold their own view but not controlling the agenda to force others to agree with a point of view.  Instead the hard work of conflict resolution asserts that it is only when people deeply listen to what they take offence about will the pearl of self understanding emerge.  The outcome of a win win is the art of reconciling difference to a point where both can co-exist sharing rather than dominating as is the foundation to any society or grouping of people.  A mature evolved society seeks to work out a fair outcome, perhaps this was the essence behind Advance Australia Fair.  Perhaps we have to relearn why this statement was made. 

Life is meant to clash it up as a means of honing what is wanted.  A clash forces you back onto your own truth to determine is this true, is it what you really want?  Many do not know how to communicate with their polar opposite, yet that opposite turns up the moment you declare yourself this way or that.  Life is full of contrast and always the teacher is in the form of the so called ‘other’.  Your enemy is your greatest teacher in reality.  They are the one you will learn from as they challenge your beliefs. Many resist this confrontation as they do not wish to confront themselves, so they suppress the other as they are uncomfortable. Yet this discomfort reflects a lack of peace within where a person hasn’t been honest with themselves or insecurity is sitting there unexamined. So the other comes to shine a light or create a conflict which challenges.  This is how we expand ourselves beyond what we believe. 

I encourage respect of the ‘other’ regardless or likes or dislikes. We all play our part.  The people are being placed in situations where they have to reach for their own power. Speaking up, reclaiming democracy, funding causes are ways that the voice of those marginalized (the Australian public) can be heard. 

In the end there will be a discussion about nationalizing of public assets to bring them back to the public who own them.  Assets are being sold off in order to weaken democracy and rights.  This is done without citizen consent or awareness.  Subtle control is exercised through boards – out of sight and out of mind.  This has to be put before the public in a referendum, not just the devolvement through public/private partnerships, staged corporatization or breaking up of important assets but through public consent. Do they want privatization or nationalization is a key question. 

From a higher perspective there is no other.

Over the weekend, Andrew Bolt lashed out at the ABC and GetUp members like you, Susan. Again.

Why? Because he’s clearly terrified about the power of 3701(and counting!) extraordinary people who chipped in for a campaign to get more funding for our ABC at the upcoming Federal Budget. Can you join them?

The Australian also attacked our recent “headline-making” ABC report today, while Bolt accused us of “shaking the can” for “the Left’s ABC”.1,2

They want more money, power and influence for the Murdoch Press’s anti-democratic, ultra-conservative, climate-wrecking agenda. And the ABC is one of few things standing in their way – with its unparalleled levels of public trust and outstanding independent journalism.

That’s why we’ll be making sure the ABC is front and centre of the upcoming Eden Monaro by-election – a contest the entire country will be watching. We’ll also work in strategic areas where the ABC provided emergency services during the bushfires, and make a powerful case for the additional services additional funding would make possible.

Can you chip in $12 and stand up to the Murdoch Press by fighting for a stronger, fully-funded ABC?

Here’s a copy of the original email we sent you last week.

[1] GetUp collects money for the Left’s ABC, Andrew Bolt, The Herald Sun, 10 May 2020
[2] GetUp chases cash via the ABC, The Australian, 11 May 2020



“Never get between an ABC presenter and a bucket of taxpayers’ cash.”

That’s what Andrew Bolt spat at ABC legends Paul Barry, Adam Spencer and Ellen Fanning for backing a fully-funded National Broadcaster.1

Bolt was joining the IPA and others in the Murdoch Press seeking to repudiate a rigorous report, funded by GetUp members, which shows how much our ABC has lost.2

It’s clear they have an agenda in the lead up to the upcoming Federal Budget. And Bolt summarised it in two words: “Cut it.”3

But our ABC report also highlighted the deeply felt support and need for our National Broadcaster. And before the next Federal Budget, there’s set to be a hotly contested by-election in Eden-Monaro, where the ABC has been critical throughout the bushfires and coronavirus crises.

By working in Eden-Monaro and other strategic electorates, together we can launch a positive campaign about the ABC’s vital role in our national life. That includes a big advertising campaign, elevating the voices of people who relied on the ABC for bushfire broadcasts, and pushing for additional services that’ll scream out for more ABC funding.

Can you chip in $12 to support the campaign for more ABC funding ahead of the Federal Budget and the hotly contested Eden-Monaro by-election?

In just a few days, our new ABC report has generated more than 250 media mentions, attracted support from ABC presenters and even a response from Communication Minister Fletcher who actually tried to deny the ABC is being systematically defunded. 5 We’re definitely making waves.

But one of the key findings of our research is that while people love and rely on the ABC, they don’t realise how much has been cut by this Government. And what that has cost in ABC jobs, programmes, and resilience.4

When we make that clear, many of them – from young parents to retirees – are ready to take action to defend the ABC.

That’s the next frontier for our ABC campaign – educate and energise thousands of people in Eden-Monaro and beyond to demand more for our ABC, so it can deliver more for all of us. And with Bolt and the IPA already ramping up the attacks, we have to start now.

Click here to chip in $12 to energise people from all stripes to support a bigger, better ABC.

Our exclusive research has shown us who cares about the ABC, why they care, and what will get them out of their seats to defend it. Now we need to fund the campaign to light the spark:

  • A deep dive in Eden-Monaro. Specific polling and on-the-ground research in Eden-Monaro showing local support for increased funding and highlighting the local reasons and personal stories of why the ABC matters for their local communities
  • Advertising and community building. An advertising and action-taking campaign for Eden-Monaro and other strategic electorates to educate and energise communities to stand up for their ABC
  • Sparking exciting new content. Supporting the development of new content ideas for the ABC based on what our research shows people want to see from our Auntie (for example additional education content for our kids and increased emergency services)

The Federal Budget is a few short months away, the Eden-Monaro by-election could be set at any time, and Bolt and the IPA are lining up their ‘cuts’ agenda. If we don’t all stand up now for our ABC, who will?

Can you be part of it? Click here to launch a positive campaign to get more funding for our ABC.

Thank for standing up for our ABC,

Alix, Sarah, Tosca and Bea – for the whole GetUp team

PS – In a world turned upside down by coronavirus, the impossible happens every day. Newstart doubled overnight and millions are being supported to stay in their jobs, because it was needed. And as a nation, we’ve never needed our ABC more. That’s why more funding for the ABC is a fight we can win, if we all chip in together.

PPS – This won’t be the first time GetUp members have succeeded in putting the ABC front and centre of a by-election. In 2018 our movement mobilised in the Mayo by-election. The campaign was so successful it saw Liberal Candidate Georgina Downer, a former IPA staffer, professing her support for our National Broadcaster.

Check it out!

GetUp members dressed up as B1 and B2 stand behind Liberal Candidate and ex IPA staffer Georgina Downer
GetUp members having fun with Liberal candidate and ex IPA staffer Georgina Downer at the 2018 Mayo by-election.

[1] ABC presenters cry for money they didn’t actually lose, Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, May 7 2020
[2] Report on ABC funding cuts ‘surprising’ and ‘deeply regrettable’ says Communications Minister Paul Fletcher, The Daily Telegraph, May 6 2020
[3] ABC presenters cry for money they didn’t actually lose, Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, May 7 2020
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