Coercive Control: Vaccinations or no Job no Pay

In the public interest. They booed at the Tennis last night, so despite the intense pro vaccine media campaign, people are starting to question. That is the basis of democracy not just the preserve of politicians in parliament. We actually believe in democracy in the public and we have a right to think as we choose not as other’s program.

Responsibility means thinking about what works for the highest good for all. I will never support any program if it harms people. I care nothing for the propaganda as I see through it clearly. I am interested in health and wellbeing for all

This is most definitely coercive as the antivax narrative has demonstrated. Any research into anti-vax reveals parents concerned about vaccine injury. This is an issue that must be discussed. It is not to shutdown but open up the discussion.

The COVID-19 vaccine is actually NOT a vaccine it is a DNA/RNA technology. So when vaccine is stated this is inaccurate. Many have not noticed the debate is not about vaccines.

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Medical tyranny is descending upon Australia and citizens are standing up.


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 By TOTT News in NewsSociety and Cultureon February 19, 202110 comments

Following national rallies against lockdown restrictions in 2020, a new Millions March event has been scheduled for this Saturday.

Members of the Australian public are choosing to stand up and unite to uphold their freedoms against medical coercion in a peaceful gathering.


The following events have been created by action groups across Australia in response to intended mass vaccine coercion, including restrictions on welfare paymentsemployment opportunitiesinternational travelschooling and more:

Use the hastag #MMAMCV on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

MMAMV Australia

Facebook Event


We will not get this vaccine to keep our job.

We will not get this vaccine so our kids can go to school.

We will not get this vaccine so we can travel.

We will not get this vaccine so we can go to the shops.

We will not get this vaccine to get government assistance.

It is illegal to be coerced into having a medical procedure like a vaccination.

We’ve had enough of government and media threats, coercion, harassment, bribery and bullying.

We do not consent and we will be marching as one around the Nation to make our voices be heard.

If you have any doubts or concerns at all about this vaccine then now is the time to stand up. Not only for your own sake, but for your future generation.”

– B.C, supporter.


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