Coronavirus Information Control and Simulation Event 201

This is in the public interest. The World Economic Forum, The Event 201 Coronavirus Simulation that occurred in 2019 was sponsored by Johns Hopkins University and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who have vested interests in vaccines and are coordinating big business particularly in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology industry together with other multinationals who will benefit from disaster capitalism that has been called as a pandemic. Issues of corruption are key areas to investigate before that information is taken down as conspiracy theory.

We are in a time where we must be very wise in dealing with articulate, professional and powerful people engaged in coordinated activity, unelected.

The Coronavirus pandemic was simulated and leading players like Bill Gates and Dr Fauci have indicated it would definitely happen in 2017, there is video evidence.

Event 201 was prior planning with real professionals from governments, big Pharma, intelligence, bureaucrats, CDC representatives etc. This simulation was to explore the scenarios, similar to the Rockefeller LockStep 2010 plan, to deal with diverse or contestable views that they have called conspiracy theory, misinformation, disinformation as it moves people from the coordinated narrative. Having had some training in counter-terrorism it is evident that in any war of ideas there are attempts to control the narrative and turn the opposite view into “dangerous”, “ignorant” or “harming others”. this is to dissuade discussions that may challenge the dominant narrative. The social distancing forces people apart, we can’t gather or meet (when well) to discuss in the public interest what is going on as our very lives are at risk when a government stops us working and engaging in economic activity. It is not a natural disaster we are going through it is a planned depression. That is why our views matter as our lives are directly impacted and suppression of civil rights impacts mental health and safety. Yet it is communicated as keeping everyone safe. It is an experiment at this time and many are awakening to the reality of how our civilisations were built.

It is evidence that many mouth pieces for Big Pharma and governments have themselves engaged in disinformation. The Fact checkers have been proved to provide deceptive information.

This is due to the fact that billions of dollars are at stake. So if the objective is to vaccinate the globe, then there is a vested interest to ensure the ONE narrative to move us towards a New World Order. That is becoming clear.

Jane Halton, who is the Chair of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI), she is on the COVID-19 Coordination Commission in Australia, she is formerly from the World Health Organisation, she was on the board of ANZ and has been a senior bureaucrat in the Australian Government. Currently she has been assessing the hotel quarantine debacle in Melboure as well as sitting on the board of Crown who had 2 hotels involved in the quarantine problem. She would be classified as a person with a conflict of interest. She is not neutral as CEPI is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. CEPI is funding the vaccine manufacturers who are stating everyone must have a vaccine for a mild virus that will not kill the majority.

The misinformation and disinformation has been extensive and those who are researching all sides are starting to realise what is going on here.

It is interesting how the thrust of this video is to push vaccinations. They regard those opposed to vaccinations as “anti-vaxxers” this is adversarial communication. Those deemed anti-vax are often parents whose children have experienced vaccine injury. The issue of autism related vaccinations have been raised by doctors. It is a conflict on the basis of the health and safety of children. When we divide as pro this anti that we can’t hear each other. We have to invite differences as a basis of respect. However, when there is money involved, fears of brand image, loss of market share, regulatory responses, fines or even jail then those in industry seek to dominate the narrative which on the ground may not keep people safe. The real discussion is about the economics of greed and the insecurity that drives it. It is not just vaccines, it is energy, it is security, infrastructure, telecommunications and on and on it goes. What has been witnessed is making markets out of public goods that need to be delivered by governments without a profit incentive. The competition to make a market out of patenting viruses and then controlling the distribution chain and influence in government (as an important asset) becomes part of business strategy to create certainty in market based economics. This is why it is difficult to get clear, too many vested interests in business, government and defence who see bioweapons, doses, DNA/RNA change (patenting), economic control and transfer of assets, market power to spin information and on and on it goes. At the end of the day who really works in the public interest. The public. That includes persons like myself who work for free, no vested interest other than the health and wellbeing of my society which extends to the global civil society. The public do not have the skills to understand the complex business/government dynamics that are changing our world into a new reality without our permission.

So let’s see how this high level group discussed the issue of competing messaging that they assert is “dangerous”. The question is to whom is it dangerous and what happened to a democracy that invites diverse views in order to solve a problem. You cannot solve a problem if only one side is heard.