Council on Federal Financial Relations

In the public interest. It is funny absent mindedly I wrote public relations. I laugh.

My first thought with this that flashed in was “Council on Foreign Relations“. Hmmm I wonder who is refinancing our debt and how this will truly impact Australians. I have my concerns about the collapsing of an economy when a virus is mild. Then Australians have to take on the debt and that changes their lives in the image of those financing it.

I did go to the Council on Foreign Relations and wondered about impressions. Then I found this website

Excerpt: The meetings of the CFR are held in secret, away from the scrutiny of the public. The only way that a person can become a member is by invitation. Similar to the Trilateral Commission, the list of members is available to the public. The CFR publishes a periodical called Foreign Affairs, which is perhaps the most influential publication to be printed. The Council on Foreign Relations is located at the Harold Pratt House, 58 East 68th Street in New York City, New York 10021.

Secret is the operative word.

SourceURL: Council on Federal Financial Relations

Federal financial relations

This website provides information on the Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations and the federal financial relations framework to which it gives effect. It also provides guidance to drafters of new agreements on the operation of the Intergovernmental Agreement and how to develop agreements, including templates and process maps.