Covid-19 Vaccines are Bioweapons Cease and Desist

This was sent to me, it is evident people are starting to understand they are not dealing with public health but an attack on people using ‘vaccines’.

This notice provides insight into US public responses to the growing evidence confirming the vaccines not only caused harm but killed people. It is a warning to the Health services and all involved in administering the jabs which cause harm.

The products should have been recalled in 2020 but the purpose was not a novel virus but depopulation. It is incredible as a member of the public to realise we are without doubt in a silent war where the people are the target.

What I have come to learn from my own research is this type of perpetrator attacks the weakest or when you are at your weakest. They draw energy from suffering and capitulation. It is the ultimate in bullying and war crimes.

The core problem was NEVER overpopulation that was used to justify the murder of millions. The core issue was an economic system that was exploitative and rewarded service to self. It was a system that created classes between people – those successful and those failures. I always remember a wealthy member of Inclusive Capitalism (Lyn de Rothschild’s operation) who spoke of the ease of making money. I knew he would see others as stupid if they can’t. The truth is you can’t make money without money. That is why they started superannuation. That is why they made money out of real estate. They used avenues of easy money and then they could buy up assets and garner influence. This circumvented democracy and the rule of law as they pay their way out of problems.

From a universal perspective life responds to energy. The greed is an emptiness that appears an endless well of acquisitions in search of more power. This powerlessness amplifies the more they take. The more they take the weaker they become as they disconnect from the universal values that unify. That is why the whole thrust to market ONE as they unify digitally the globe, cannot work as they are not unified within. The real unifiers are love, compassion, empathy, truth, caring etc. We write words and label them as I have done but the universal energy doesn’t see words it responds to harmony, the words are the purveyors of the energy of harmony. You can use any label it doesn’t matter, nature knows what is in harmony and what is not. So disruption is clearly out of alignment with ONEness, nature knows and responds as it seeks to restore balance. What we are really confronting here is mental, physical and spiritual imbalance. To try and control it all is folly and is not possible no matter the summoning of what is perceived as negative power. This type of energy turns on itself as there is no unifying principle. That is why, as Gandhi wisely noted, empires always fall.

The notice below really is non-cooperation with evil as Gandhi would put it. You simply say no to anything that is causing harm. People have to get educated and wake up to what is being done in the name of health. It is killing us and the longer we stay in denial the more children are in danger.

The Hippocratic oath is to save life not invert it to assist in suicide which is changing the medical professional from saving people and in places of trust to killing people and becoming places we will view as gas chambers.

The idea is to sew distrust between We the People so automation becomes a safer pathway. Yet we need the human touch, we need to feel cared about. So we may have to do the hard work of resolving the problem and clear seeing through the disinformation campaign waged to win hearts and minds. What really wins hearts and minds is the truth rising and to stop genocide which is not about depopulation but profits.

  Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD Feb 25 · Dr. Ana’s Newsletter
Many healthcare workers are still giving the genocidal shots. I know many who know their deadly effects, who still choose to give them, because it is part of their jobs. It is time to put them on notice. Please see this brilliant Substack by Katherine Watts. We the people can put an end to this, while long drawn-out litigation may or may not succeed in compromised courts. If everyone who knows serves their healthcare provider with this notice, people can make an impact. Only when all who know change their actions- stand up against genocide and those who commit it, will the tide turn.Notice of War Crimes To Health Care Providers and Health Insurance Providers Katherine WattFeb 24If you decide to use this notice, print out two copies and keep a signed copy for your records. If you want to revise the text before taking it to a medical appointment, download and edit the Word version.Notice of War Crimes to Health Care Providers and Health Insurance Corporations (PDF)Notice of War Crimes to Health Care Providers and Health Insurance Corporations (Word)NOTICE OF WAR CRIMESIf you have been promoting or using products known as “Covid-19 vaccines” on patients since December 2020, you have been participating in fraud, mass murder and war crimes, because medical countermeasures (MCMs), covered countermeasures, and prototype products are DOD-contracted bioweapons intended and effective for injuring, sickening and killing recipients.You may not have known or understood your participation in fraud, mass murder and war crimes before today.  I am now informing you; you have now been given notice.This document provides:NOTICE OF DEMAND that YOU, PROVIDER, CEASE AND DESIST from committing acts of additional fraud, mass murder and war crimes, effective as of the date of this notice, and immediately close your vaccination and immunization programs.NOTICE OF MY REFUSAL TO PARTICIPATE IN OR SUBMIT TO, acts of fraud, mass murder, war crimes and financial crimes you may attempt to commit today or during future visits to your facility.NOTICE OF MY INTENT TO PROSECUTE you for fraud, mass murder, war crimes and financial crimes you commit today or during future visits to your facility, by providing witness testimony and other evidence; andDEMAND FOR NOTICE – If you intend to restrict my access to medical care, today or during future visits, due to my refusal to participate in, aid or abet the commission of crimes, notify me immediately, in writing, of the terms and conditions of such access restrictions.I, [John Doe], hereby notify you, [physician, nurse, pharmacist, medical student or other ‘vaccinator,’ ‘qualified person,’ or ‘covered person’ as designated under PREP Act, 42 USC § 247d-6d(i)(8); 42 USC 247d-6d(c)(4), and related declarations, determinations, notices, regulations and guidance issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.]1. Individuals claiming to represent the US Government are engaged in a global chemical and biological warfare program to sicken, injure and kill targets. They are operating a chemical and biological weapons production, distribution and deployment program, through the US Department of Defense, US Department of Health and Human Services, federal, state and local health agencies and organizations, and pharmaceutical manufacturing corporations. They are funding, producing, stockpiling, and deploying lethal bioweapons fraudulently labeled, marketed and promoted as “Covid-19 vaccines,” through your hands and the hands of other medical care providers around the world.2. These DOD bioweapons have now contaminated the development, manufacture, supply, distribution and dispensing of all pharmaceutical products throughout the world. All products promoted, marketed or labeled as “immunizations” and “vaccines” are now presumptively toxic.3. In 1996, Congress and President Clinton passed legislation arising from the Nuremberg trials and the Nuremberg Code, to protect Americans from war criminals committing war crimes, including torture, mutilation, maiming and murder. See 18 USC 2441.4. I therefore formally REFUSE TO SUBMIT to any and all “immunization” and/or “vaccination” procedures from this date forward. It is not moral or lawful for me to submit to, commit, endorse, participate in or facilitate fraud, mass murder or war crimes.5. The causal relationships between DOD bioweapons injections, and target injuries and deaths, were known to DOD and HHS officials, and to contract manufacturers, in Spring 2020, when the events fraudulently presented to the public as “clinical trials” began.6. Thousands of health care providers have observed severe adverse effects (morbidity) and deaths (mortality) experienced by targets of DOD bioweapons since the covert, fraud-based, mass murder attack on the general public began in December 2020, and yet the criminal enterprise continues because you and other providers continue to participate in it.7. To the extent you do not yet understand the military killing campaign in which you have been participating, I will provide you with supporting evidence and analysis upon request.8. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced several new ICD-10 codes for use by health care providers, health insurance companies, government agencies and/or international non-governmental organizations such as the World Health Organization. These ICD-10 codes include but are not limited to:ICD-10-CM Z28.0-, immunization not carried out because of contraindicationICD-10-CM Z28.1-, immunization not carried out because of patient decision for reasons of belief or group pressureICD-10-CM Z28.2-, immunization not carried out because of patient decision for other and unspecified reasonICD-10-CM Z28.3, underimmunization statusICD-10-CM Z28.31, underimmunization for COVID-19 statusICD-10-CM Z28.310, unvaccinated for COVID-19ICD-10-CM Z28.311, partially vaccinated for COVID-199. Through IRS Form 1095, my employer-sponsored health insurance information and Social Security number are electronically accessible to the US Department of the Treasury. Through IRS Form 1040 and analogous forms, my bank routing and account numbers and Social Security number are also electronically accessible to the US Department of Treasury.10. Therefore, your act of recording and/or submitting ICD-10 data regarding my REFUSAL TO SUBMIT to DOD bioweapons attacks, to my health insurance provider, employer and federal and international agencies, will expose me to digital theft of my financial resources by the IRS and Department of Treasury; digitally-blocked access to banking and financial transaction services; and resulting harms including joblessness, homelessness and hunger.11. Your use of CDC-recommended ICD-10 Z28 codes from this date forward, aids and abets crimes under laws prohibiting fraud, coercion, theft, extortion, and related financial crimes. I therefore demand that you DO NOT LOG any “immunization” or “vaccination” ICD-10 codes into my medical records, digital, paper or any other format.12. Effective as of the date of this Notice of War Crimes, any further conduct by you or your employees in furtherance of DOD bioweapons attacks on me shall be construed as your knowing, willing, intentional and malicious participation in fraud, mass murder, war crimes and financial crimes.