David Icke Discusses COVID-19 and Emerging Owellian State

David Icke discusses his view on COVID-19. He speaks of a hunger games society. He sees a cult which exists in the top 1% global elite. He regards the problem as an arising technocracy and AI. He discusses a smart grid and a cashless society.

We are certainly witnessing through the COVID-19 that we must go online and not use money. We are experiencing for the first time normal behaviour being criminalised or fined.

The question for me is – why is a mild virus for the 80% shutting down 99% of economic activity, particularly those in the small to middle sized businesses? It appears that they may not recover if government shuts the society down for too long. Does this mean that automation takes over, as we see at Woolworths, check outs diminishing. So labour intensive industries disappear and be replaced by technology.

I found information indicating that the coronavirus is partly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Moreover, the company that patented it are called Pilbright Institute related to the Rothschild, who are part of the global elite.

Donald Trump is criticising the World Health Organisation and indicating a determination to reduce funding as he is questioning what top people have said. This is not to say the coronavirus is not happening, I am sure it is, but the issue is is it a real pandemic or is it orchestrated?

Funnily enough I had a academic from Wuhan University looking at my book A Fool for Peace. https://www.academia.edu/27265551/A_Fool_for_Peace_1_A_FOOL_FOR_PEACE_A_Fool_for_Peace_2

I think people are starting to ask questions. Overtime they will become more alarmed when normal life is treated as a breach of rules. They will feel under house arrest, they will feel that normal behaviour of human connection is wrong, children will learn to fear others, They will be divided believing people are risking others when 80% are safe in actual fact. They will think they can get it easily. The belief that hospitals will be overloaded is hard to understand when those who get a flue will stay home. Most won’t die. But what about those who suicide silently as they are so isolated, what of the domestic violence, what of rebellion? What about wellbeing impacted by the collapse of the economy and the harm this will cause. What about the 1.5 trillion dollar debt projected and who pays it back? What about the bankers who lent the money and the concern that they may foreclose on a country. The central banks are mostly owned by the Rothschild empire.

This is a quote from Mayer Amschel Rothschild member of one of the world’s most wealthy elite families:

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!

There must be a community discussion about what is going on.