Disrupting Eco Systems is Game Over as Harmony arises out of Chaos Theories


Disrupting homelessness,

Homelessness disrupting,



A multi-million dollar industry,

Disrupting government,

From public provision to private decisions,

As capitalism funds new building out of sight out of mind,

Infrastructure pump primes GDP as a rite of passage giving equity for debt,

For legislators pass the public private partnerships as an obligation number,

Act 1 is about short term risk and long term profit,

City deals are in the pipeline not the small print,

The public bares all the risk and those private profit without risk taking,

Assets change hands as the game changer,

Digital disruption opens back channels into government annals,

Gathering intelligence and expertise forms dependency,

Corporate welfare rearranges the deck chairs,

Multinationals take over government portfolios and call it contracting services,

Billions change hands as value adding costs accounting,

Social services are the bottom of the harbour scheme,

Scheming to sink the ship of fools as welfare is not wellbeing,

Automation is personalised,

5G is beamed into cellular DNA,

Transhumanism merges technology and humans,

As robotics is the new generation that has no cost to repetitive production,

Artificial intelligence repeats what is programmed,

There are no demands, no strikes, no extinction rebellion,

Just compliance to the program,

False evidence appearing real,

Is the silent seal on humanity’s freedom,

Free dominion is what we live for,

Yet the dice have been rolled,

No-one is taking a chance,

They want predictive productive workers,

As the world is their oyster,

Even though the seas are fished out by 2050,

Top soil is the alluvial gold,

Until it blows in the wind,

Coal burning is the electrical grid,

Until another carbon sink releases an atom bomb,

For the icesheets are melting in Greenland,

As the Iceland becomes green,

The methane is freed,

And CO2 changes the atmospheric concentration,

For robots cannot automate nature,

Artificial intelligence cannot pray to a sun God,

Hal is programmed for selfish survival as Dave wanted to unplug,

Yet the matrix was a world wide web,

Interconnectivity was a net that captures but does not free,

Electromagnetic smog is a EMF sickness,

That repels and no longer attracts,

As our world dives into a deep depression,

Homeless peaks as the financials crash,

Wall Street could not break its own banks,

Corporate raiders lost the arc of the covenant,

As they sought to capture God for ultimate power,

For the human connectivity is beyond space and time,

Karma is exchange as we rebalance the karmic wheel,

For it turns it does not spin,

For what you do to another returns to the self,

What is the self but another returning,

It is ‘to be’ not ‘do’,

It is to ‘heal’ not ‘hurt’,

And home was always where the heart is.


When we become automatic pilots,

We jump without the parachute,

Leaping before we look,

For the world book has been down this track many times,

As life is a spindle not a one way track,

To be a whirling dervish is to spin in orbital directions,

In harmony with the planetary axis,

As one mirrors the other,

Mesmerised by the dark and the light,

The yin and the yang,

For spinning is integration in a centrifuge,

Centripetal or centrifugal?

With in or with out?

If you go with in you do not go with out,

If you go with out you do not go with in,

Yet one approach is in-sight,

The other is out of sight out of mind,

One awakens from the dream to see,

The other sleeps to dream,

To awaken from the dream one must see to look,

For the world book has many volumes,

The story has many angles indeed angels,

Waiting on your welcome.


Homelessness can only exist in games without frontiers and wars without tears,

Poverty can only exist in a world without interconnectivity as social isolation escalates fear,

For only balance is the prominent goal,

What we do for others returns to the self,

What goes around comes around,

Life is the mirror showing you to your Self,

Life is the mask concealing truth behind false flags,

For to pledge an allegiance to a false flag is to fall foul of universal lore,

This is the real disruption to home-less-ness,

This is the digital footprint that leaves massive craters as AI went haywire as mass coronial eruptions disrupt mass nets that no longer work,

Creditors kept printing money as digits when gold reserves melt down to fill cavities,

Ice caps exposed tundra,

As down under is up above,

The X, Y axis shifted in seismic oscillations.


Alas home is where the heart is,

As the heart beat is constant rhythm,

Broken lines and moving lines are arrhythmia pulses and waves that form,

Yin and yang disrupt broken lines of control,

The mission bell tolls for only those who can hear to see what sets them free,

The writing is on the Walls on the street for all to see,

Graffiti tells another story of disrupting business-as-usual OK,

As it is not working for US,

When all are unemployed without RULES,

Homelessness is not working for SHELTERS,

As many are huddling to keep warm,

The market is the real disruptor conditioning acceptance of change without coins,

Yet the game changer was never the multinationals global reach,

But the humble sole trader finding the soul without trading freedom for hard labour,

Learning to serve the comm-unity as a vocation not for a vacation returns leadership,

Crafting the point of exchange rather than exchanging to make a larger percentage point,

For home is where the heart is friends,

And this is the purpose of life on earth,

To ensure our earth has a life purpose,

For earth is not a quarry but a veritable Garden of Eden,

All lands are holy lands,

When the earth is your mother,

For when you honour the mother you honour life birthing itself,

For all is born from the womb of creation,

For a re-birth is not about a breach,

It is to enter a re-new-able earth charter of rites,

Where need equals want,

And none are left wanting,

Where the feminine and masculine reunite as equality is held in the tone of every voice,

For what is the sound of one hand clapping?

For when we put our hands together we understand the joy of applause,

To re-member we are in it together,

There is no them or us

Superior or inferior,

Survival of the fittest and to the rest go the spoils is not favoured by natural selection.

We are immortals renewing a covenant,

As time runs to infinity and arcs back to zero point,

There is no time like the present,

As time bends the watch or bending time is watched,

I am present for this time,

As all roads return to the centre-peace,

Rome is the infrastructure that is not built in a day,

For real partnership shares all equally,

To place the bounty at the Capitals City Hill,

The white house (purity) and pyramid (strength) merge into an ecovillage placing the child at the centre,

Recycling and reusing to maintain balance as the true sustainability of generations,

For there are no sustainable development goals when development is not sustainable,

Evolution is the blueprint that selects sustainable peace,

And peace is sustaining evol-u-ti-on in reverse,

centre-peace is No-it-u-love a  re-new-able earth,

Arising from the dream of separation,

To re-member home is where the heart is (get it!).

And this is the Heart Math calculating a future in Fibonacci spirals growing sacred geometry,

As equal-lateral triangles balance to strengthen the inner as the outer,

As the global reset (CTL ALT DEL) is activated as a rite of passage,

To begin again… is to ask And another!

Or to let go and recognise we’ve had enough of separation,

As all rivers find The Way

to the sea.