Do Values Matter?

In the public interest.

What does it mean to have value?

What does it mean to experience values?

Are they navigators?

I value all life on earth, I value the freedom of all people to be who they are? I value real safety which ensures we treat each other with respect and honour. I would never force another if they didn’t want to do something. I do not want to control people. I want people to control or take responsibility for themselves. If they are unable to do that and it causes harm I would value accountability. I value equality which means equal opportunity not sameness. I value every person – child, woman, man and value man, woman and child. I care not for the order, I care only for the joy I feel when I meet them. Even if they don’t agree with, as I value diversity.

I value peace as it means I am in harmony with life as it shows up. It need not show up in my image, it shows up as it shows up in reality. It is not for me to say it should be different. It is for me to stay in harmony with myself which means living in my own truth.

What about you. What do you value?