Does Legislated Religious Freedom Lead to Discrimination?

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I did have some confusion around the difference between freedom of religion and religious freedom.  today I am clear.  The former is about people having the freedom to follow a religion without persecution.  The latter is about a specific Religious Freedom to behaviour in ways in accordance with that religion.  Israel Falou would be a case in point. On the one hand he is practicing Religious Freedom believing homosexuals will go to Hell, on the other hand he is discriminating as he is viewing those who are homosexual as abominations in the eyes of God according to the Bible.

I will provide two viewpoints one from homosexuals and one from Christians. The underlying point is that religious observance can cause division in our society and potential discrimination and vilification.

I note this statement as general and potentially dangerous to homosexuals as a community.  I do know a homosexual female couple and they certainly are NOT the following:

The homosexual activist movement and organized pedophiles are linked together by a common goal: To gain access to children for seduction into homosexuality.

The other side of perspective:

LGBTQ + Religion

This came into my inbox about the Religious Discrimination Bill.  Below is my video referring to Turning the Tide.

Religious Discrimination Bill threat to inclusive services

Hi susan,

Equality Australia has released a statement calling on the Government to remove unbalanced provisions in the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill, which threaten safe and inclusive workplaces and services.

These provisions would give licence to people to discriminate against others or make demeaning comments if they claim to be motivated by their religion, and would override long standing federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

CHP is committed to the principle that all workers and consumers in our sector should have a workplace, or receive a service, in dignity and without discrimination. That’s why we have signed up to urge the Government not to implement the Bill, and encourage others to join us.
Sign the discrimination statement
or learn more about the Bill and its impacts.

Faith-based organisations, including Anglicare Victoria, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, Jewish Care Victoria, McAuley Community Services for Women, Sacred Heart Mission and Uniting Vic.Tas, are also joining this call for action and have developed a dedicated faith-based organisation’s statement to call on Government to not implement the Bill.

To find out more, get in touch with David or Paige from Equality Australia.

My video on YouTube is below.  This reference is the book I am showing.

I discuss inspiration, direct connection and love.  The challenge is can you love the unloveable?

The video comments do not condone any sexual act that harms adults or children.  Abuse is another matter and has to be confronted and the perpetrator held to account and if possible, reformed.

I raise the issue of religious government. This is a card on the table in Australia likely linked to US far right politics.

This video was inspired.