Domestic Violence or Family Peace?

Today is International Women’s Day. My video I felt to upload was a coincidence, yet I know that there are no mistakes.

When I felt inspired to feel the men’s pain this is where the core of violence is emerging from. That is why men must look into their deep pain and where they are triggered. This will become a new door opening to intimacy or in-to-me-see. This is where men are truly liberated.

I send love to women who have had great hardship, not felt heard or lived in constant fear of violence. May you find the inner light to find your way to peace and safety. It is unwise to return to violence situations as children’s wellbeing is deeply affected and issues can arise later in their lives or they can model violent behaviours. Work through the issues with counsellors and find inner truth and know you didn’t fail. There are always lessons to learn about empowerment.

May my words bring peace to you.

Below is Dr. Emoto’s Hidden Messages from Water. Everything we think, say and do causes balanced symmetry or chaos and can create disease and sickness. We must learn nonviolent communication. Refer to the links on the video for more information to empower positive pathways forward.

The Hidden Messages in Water ~ by Dr Masaru Emoto