Dr Kary Mullis Discusses the Medical

In the public interest.

If in the future the public interest is not a defence, we will keep working in the public interest. As we are the public and it is our interests we work for. Not commercial, not political and not for personal advantage. Dr Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test which all the cases are being determined from, was no fan of contemporary medical science regarding it as corrupt and cultish. He has been quoted as saying the RT-PCR test does not detect infectious disease.

He criticises Robert Gallo. Dr Mikovits also mentions Dr Gallo in her book ‘The Plague of Corruption Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science


Dr Mullis states in the video below:

Gallo is a thief and a crook and a liar. they say don’t kiss deeply you might exchange Gallo’s imaginary virus Which we believe in even though Gallo is almost dead. What did we do cool. We have good movies sometimes. We have a medical system that is a huge dragon. I being a part of it don’t ever go to it. I don’t care if they have medical insurance or not I don’t ever part take. I like drugs but I don’t like the whole system there is something very scary about people wearing white things it sort of reminds me of church. science and church is something to think about as the sort of the same thing. Catholics pulled out and scientists moved in. The Aids thing, we are here in the nice summer air, let’s not talk about disease. there is not something called aids, people with a lot of different diseases have all been hoaxed into thinking they have this one fatal thing and they are going to pass it onto the rest of us… we don’t have this other stuff. Some have a bad cough, some have funguses growing all over us, I had funguses growing over him, if I was HIV positive would have to turn myself in. Got Aids, I would have Aids thing between my toes got spore knocks and it cleared it up. So I don’t have Aids, I might have HIV. I never checked. I wouldn’t either. would try and figure out if I was a member of the communist party either, in the 1950’s, I don’t think I was, and I am certainly not want you checking it right now as I am applying for a job. It is the same kind of thing,

People talked about the test didn’t work and that stuff. All the details things work and how it fits together. Whether hemophiliacs really have Aids or whether they have a immune suppression thing. whether Africa is afloat when it should be dead people the last of them there stacking up the corpses. Haiti should have been wiped out. Should be 20 million of us with Aids, by now. See all the predictions turned out not to be true didn’t they. They still have the old beast…

I don’t have one, I don’t go to them. You shouldn’t go to those people. got to witch doctors they are going to put a HEX on you. If you can prove in your mind that our doctors are not witch doctors then look at the definition of witch doctors and see if it doesn’t fit. I mean if you want to go to those people go ahead don’t expect them to treat you well. Why would you think they would treat you well. Why would you think they will treat you well. That is a neurotic claim. We all know that lawyers don’t treat you well. He tries to take me for a ride. Don’t lay yourself at the feet of a person because he makes statements in Latin.

Note: He is making reference to the global Cult. Is this why he died?