Education empowerment or “Suppression” Compliance in this Pandemic?

What is evident is that the government’s approach around the world is coercive in relation to fines, fear campaigns and social pressure to wear masks and adhere to edicts that are not legal.

What the public needs is education about the science in relation to why lockdowns work or why they don’t.

The public needs to know the science on face masks as to why they work or they don’t work.

The public needs to know if SARS-CoV-2 is isolated and purified in a culture or not. If not then it has not been identified.

The public needs to know if the RT-PCR picks up infectious viruses or not. If not then they are unable to talk about positive cases as it can mean coronavirus positive which is the common cold and flu. Thus an endless positive testing approach which disrupts lives.

The public needs to know about the patenting of the coronavirus, human coronavirus and the various patents that relate to pandemics so they understand whether the problem is novel or lab created.

The public need to know the history of bioweapons. They need to understand the dual use of BSL 3-4-5 labs that handle highly infectious viruses which they say is to study potential pandemics without the public oversight of lab released pathogens that CAUSE pandemics.

The public need to know the role of defence in pandemics and why they have a prominent position given it is health not war. yet the language is increasingly war. Wars only exacerbate dis-ease, information war, cyber warfare and destruction. They are not about problem solving, balance and care for human life. So why are they involved and not doctors?

Why is there a focus on “suppression strategies” to zero when it is impossible to reach zero. Why not focus on natural immunity?

The public need to know if there is a depopulation strategy being implemented and if the vaccines will cause harm given professor Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner) claim that everyone will die from this. the public need to know that this is not true or if it is then the vaccine rollout must STOP immediately. Other wise it enters the space of a international war crime. All involved will be identified as participants in a Nuremberg style war crimes tribunal. This has no time limit on it.

The public needs to know about the Great Global Reset and if the World Economic Forum and Inclusive Capitalism were involved in planning the pandemic given the Coronavirus simulation in 2019 and if they are using this to implement global regime change into a totalitarian dictatorship.

The public need the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so they can be clear and not divided by those voices who want chaos and them propose order as a solution.

All human and sentient life has value. Not one is inferior or perceived as ‘sheep’. We the people may appear a mass of people around the world. We are individuals with life purpose and dreams. We do not want to be dehumanised and earth support systems diminished for a few people who believe an untruth in superiority. We are ONE in reality. What you do to another returns to the self.

We must remember nonviolence, peace is within us (not outside) and harmony if we are to rebalance our world so that it is livable and sustainable.

This message sends peace to all. As we are indeed in this together and all have a right to know when events are created around them impacting their lives. We do not want to return to a dark age when for over a hundred years we have sought to create a civilisation that is freed to excel in its potential.

We haven’t begun to see the incredible potential of humanity. However, perhaps these times will evolve a civilisation that remembers the greatness in every face.