Every Human Has a Voice, Use it or Lose it Before the Right to be Human is Downgraded

In the public interest at a time of rising totalitarian dictatorship fearful of losing power as identity. When the true identity is your voice not any ID endorsed by someone who doesn’t know you.

I am learning to understand my voice. Even if it is ONE voice. A journey of a thousand miles began with one step. A journey of a billion voices, starts with one. In the future we will come into an understanding that one voice is the ONE voice.

I have Scottish and Welsh heritage . The Celts are celebrating. I stand with the indigenous on Ngunnawal country, the meeting place bringing the tribes of the world together.

Johnny was a united of all voices not for any manipulated outcome, but for the simple fun of it.

Silence and fear are for those who relinquish democracy. Democracy respects all voices.