Ex-Judges Request COVID-19 Parliamentary Government Oversight Committee

In the public interest.

It would not be neutral to have industry representatives involved in a Coronavirus Commission, particularly those in the IT high tech sector who may have vested interests in Australians going online.  Therefore, in my view, a neutral by partisan Judicial oversight committee should be formed. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Australian people.

There needs to be a neutral independent committee oversighting government to ensure integrity, accurate problem solving and true representation of the Australian people and not other influential interests.

susan —

Today a group of retired former judges have made an important intervention.

The former judges are urging the Federal Parliament to establish a NZ-style multi-partisan parliamentary oversight committee to ensure adequate scrutiny of the COVID-19 response while the Federal Parliament is not sitting.

In the middle of this unprecedented health and economic crisis, it is critical we do not let a crisis in our democracy emerge as well.

Will you add your name to the call for the establishment of an Epidemic Response Committee?

This is our chance: the Government has announced that Parliament will sit again next Wednesday, for potentially just one day. This is our opportunity to put in place proper parliamentary scrutiny. Add your name.

We need to act now. Add your name to let the Parliament know that they should urgently adopt this proposal.

Accountability is crucial as governments exercise broad new powers and unleash huge — and required — public spending during the pandemic.

In fact, the Ardern Government has welcomed such an oversight committee, acknowledging that it was inevitable the Government would make mistakes as it must act so quickly and without perfect information. An oversight committee ensures those mistakes are picked up and remedied.

Add your name to this urgent call: a multi-partisan parliamentary oversight committee would help secure proper scrutiny and accountability in the decisions of the Government in this time of crisis.

~ The Australia Institute Team

P.S. We are placing a full-page advertisement this Saturday to help amplify this urgent message. We know that times are tough for many of you, however, if you are in the position to chip in $20, $30 or $50 to help us place this advertisement, it would be very much appreciated.

P.P.S. Not in a position to donate? That’s okay — are you able to forward this email to 3 friends to help boost this message to Parliament before next Wednesday?

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This is my comment and views regarding the importance of independent oversight of government decisions in the public interest.


We are witnessing an economic collapse globally on the basis of a mild virus that is dangerous to those with compromised immune systems. I cannot validate the links below but they were discovered as part of my research and in the public interest.

It appears the World Economic Forum in October 2019 simulated a similar pandemic raising questions of coincidence or foreknowledge?

The US/China trade world in the race to dominate 5G as artificial intelligence, robotics and automation are run on different spectrums and only one can dominate. Doctors and scientists have raised issues of major health effects greater than COVID-19 due to 5G radiation not properly tested. Moreover 5G is reported as a immune system suppressant, which if true, could boost the virus as it is rolled out in Australia. https://pftw.worldpeacefull.com/coronavirus-linked-to-china-5g-and-biowarfare/

There is information that the coronavirus patent is by Pirbright Institute apparently related to the Rothschild banking family who are deemed the global elite and powerful influencers. The Gates foundation apparently were part financiers of this patent 10,130,701.

There needs to be oversight to ensure that this is a legitimate state of emergency or an attempt at reforming the global map and humanity given how widespread the collapse is and the billions of lives affected.

The Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s speech indicates government commitment to a Future Ready smart city focused on Artificial Intelligence and Automation (labour replacing). He indicates that the majority of Australian businesses (70%) are service sector perceived as labour intensive. Many small to medium sized businesses are in a process of collapse given the forced shutdown. Technology is viewed by the government as changing labour intensive to technologically intensive. Everyone is being forced to work online as these technologies are foreseen to become part of our everyday life without a referendum.

The recent voting down of the Australian Bill of Rights (24/3/2020) submitted by MP Andrew Wilkie is concerning given emergency powers negate constitutional government and as citizens we are witnessing our rights being weakened and removed. I have concerns that alternative information that could be beneficial in solving the problem will be silenced even from those with neutral expertise. This is evidenced from the AFP raid on the ABC and changes in legislation.

I believe in democracy and freedom of speech as it brings information out into the open, it is a safety valve for frustrations in society to surface (preventing violence) and to ensure that corruption does not replace legitimate governance.

I am a peacemaker and I recognise that the endless power and control exercised in our world is not serving humanity. It is evident that we face an ecological crisis as we are living in systems out of balance with nature. Greed does not serve best interests and economic growth is not in balance with real needs and wants when we market to false fears. We are at a point where we must change in ways that promote harmony with each other, with the planet and hold to account any behaviours that risk the health and safety of all citizens. I have concerns that there may be higher fatalities due to depression, fear, hopelessness as they suicide. I am told that the elderly are suffering from no visits from family due to restrictions. They don’t understand and feel confused. So there are real social-emotional problems that could take lives in higher numbers than the coronavirus which the PM states is a mild virus.