Ex Victoria Police Officer – This is a Police State!

So will someone bashed down my door because I am seeking the truth or I say something that is not mandated by the authority. This certainly feels like the implementation of a brave new world to usher in a new world order. Slowly people are starting to understand the reality of oppression. Thank god I left Melbourne. I will never live there again. Victoria feels like Nazi Germany now. Dan Andrews says he doesn’t mind if he is not popular. This is not about popular it is about abusing 5 million people who are not in danger or high risk of infection. Yet we are acting as if it is a high risk strategy for everyone. the nursing homes are institutional spaces, it could be brought in t facilities. We clearly need to protect them. I don’t hear of any cases of elderly in the community, why is that?

I vote for democracy not abuse of power. I vote for police that serve the public not dictatorships. I vote for justice and fairness which is the Australian way.

In the public interest.

Ex-cop ‘disgusted’ by police state in Victoria speaks out

Australia:Ex-cop ‘disgusted’ by police state in Victoria speaks out Avi Yemini speaks to former police officer who is not happy about COVID-19 enforcement: ‘We feel like French Resistance in World War II.’

Real concerns about the pregnant woman. He had concerns about the man whose door was broken down because of a Facebook post.  

Woman has Dictator Dan on her t-shirt.

He says he feels like the French resistance.  He said he parked his car they got pulled up twice.  The whole feel the whole scenario is beyond what it should be.  

In his opinion you can get an expert to say anything.  You can get an expert for the defence or the opposition because you hired them. If the government employs an expert they will say what the government wants.

Pour the money into the Aged Care and let everyone get on with their life.

It has gone too far.

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/8xk3Qf81H2g

The interviewer said he is a paid expert. I find that comment interesting.