Following 911 NSA Started Top Secret Surveillance of Citizens

This video features a NSA whistle-blower. This is in the public interest.  I am no supporter of government or corporate surveillance as I do not believe it is about safety. I am currently surveilled by the FBI (as an Australian Citizens) and have recently experienced cameras flashing when in Canberra recently.  My crime is producing blogs in the public interest and being a citizen raising issues that I believe are important.  I am a advocate of democracy, transparency, accountability if a society is to mirror ethical behaviours. If leaders and those in positions of power do not, then we see our societies unravel.  There will be some who want that to happen, I believe in the strength of humanity and my inner feeling is that visibility such as the visibilit6y below helps serve society as they are empowered by whistle-blowers who know the truth and have the courage to lead by example.  We lose our freedoms if we do not speak up.

  • Stellar wind program, domestic spying without a warrant (see
  • Domain as activity, pull entire life together from all domains overtime.
  • Biggest data storage Utah
  • Keep data mining in database and target
  • Software takes in data, build profiles on EVERYONE in that data.
  • monitor what people are doing. Graph. Index to Graph.  Pull out a community. Overtime.
  • Lay out their life in a timeline, everyone – Senators, fall into a Totalitarian state.
  • Whistle-blower – they came to house with guns drawn, pointed at his head. He was just out of the shower.
  • He was asked to implicate somebody in a crime.  He told them the crime was George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tenet, Hayden conspired to subvert the constitution, constitutional process, any number of laws here’s how they did it, explained Stella Winds and FBI agents not cleared.  He created a problem for them a bunch of people not cleared, highly classified, domestic spying.  Impeachable crimes.. 
  • Democracy – out in the open.
  • Do we want the Goverment to have this data
  • Can’t have secret interpretation of laws, run them in secret
  • Can’t make up kill lists, not tell the criteria.
  • KGB, Stazi, Gestapo would have loved to have over their population.s
  • Just because we call ourselves a democracy, doesn’t mean we will stay that way, that is the real danger