Former Pentagon Chemical & Biological expert indicates inadequate Infection Control & Masks

My first ever interview was a co-interviewed with US Major Douglas Rokke in Melbourne in 2004 on the subject of chemical and biological weapons specifically depleted uranium dropped on the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. He was the former head of the Depleted Uranium Project in the Pentagon. The issues he raised concerned zero care towards soldiers and civilians in respect of the detrimental health effects of uranium exposure. He became a whistle-blower to speak out as people were sick and dying from radiation. What I realised was there was pathological leadership that was only focused on profiting from disaster capitalism. (interview found here –

This audio interview of former Pentagon Chemical and Weapons expert Major Douglas Rokke indicates that many of the measures for stopping the spread of COVID-19 are inadequate.  He raises the issues of the masks not working explaining that the virus is sub-atomic and that the masks are porous to the microscopic particles. It raises questions about why masks should be mandatory and why the decontamination processes don’t work.

This is  mandatory listening.  The audio can be downloaded.  Best to do this before someone tries to censor it.

The misinformation both official and unofficial is the reason why there is confusion in the public.  There are vested interests in the COVID-19 global crisis and in my view the public are at risk of losing their democracy.

July 08, 2020 (Hour 2): Encore of guest Dr. Doug Rokke