Four Corners: The United States vs Julian Assange

In the public interest.

The irony is that Julian Assange is considered a criminal for publishing large swarths of information in the public interest.  Yet the 5 Eyes intelligence networks all gather large swarths of information on the public (without their knowledge) and keep these activities secret.

This is the real story.

As a citizen I want to know if I am surveilled and my data gathered. I do not want facial recognition, or electronic finger printing, iris prints.  I do not give consent. 

Why?  I no longer trust the authorities given their treatment of whistle-blowers and those working in the public interest. Moreover, when you look around the world and see how civilians are being murdered with impunity and no war crimes hearings raises issues of pathological leadership. I feel that is the real issue in the story.  We can be bogged down on emails and Russians but ultimately it is about indifference to the harm caused in activities done in so-called the national interest.  Many of the characters involved in these activities are unsavoury and ruthless.

I do not think these leaders are safe for civilians as they are not working for the public interest and future. I do not feel secrecy makes the public safe, it puts us in harms way as activities are given the green light to profit the few over the many.  I do not feel security in secrecy.  It is not a question of giving up liberties for security.  The giving up of liberties (rights) is why security is undermined as those engaging in corrupt activities have less barriers or scrutiny. Transparency is critical for security.

The Australian Four Corners documentary gives insights into Assange and his focus on Hillary Clinton.  I suspect he focused on her out of great fear given what he found out about the Clintons and their misconduct and criminal allegations about them. The media has published about the Clinton Foundation, Whitewater murders, Burnie Sanders , Tony Podesta criminal allegations, sexual misconduct ‘Lewinsky affair’, Epstein visits and Pedophilia links and drug trafficking to name a few. I believe it was the corruption that drove Julian Assange to pursue Hilary Clinton.

He has concerns about the future.  

Clinton Foundation: Note: “…strip the courts of their jurisdiction to oversee the actions of the executive and legislative branches”
Burnie Sanders:

I doubt it was about the Russians, but I’d say they were keen to use Julian as a channel for leaks as they are in a political trade war.  The war is about domination of the spectrum to maximise profit that excludes the global public in all quarters.  I know it is about power over ideology as the global elite seek concentration of power without public participation.  

The cold war still plays out as peace is the last thought not the first. When peace becomes the first thought these war games will fade to grey. Julian Assange wouldn’t exist.

I will sit with this for a moment before I conclude. Julian Assange has proven that a small group of people can change the world when truth becomes the light on the Hill exposing what is dark.  Hillary Clinton has proven that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely unless it is held in check by systems of checks and balances. 

When those systems break down external parties enter becoming another front in order to restore balance, this is a natural response to dysfunctional abuse of power which uses language to demonise and target whistle-blowers.  In truth they are the ones who blow the whistle and say time out, reflect, think and awaken to other perspectives outside of controlled narratives.  

What you resist persists what you look at disappears. 

What you put out returns.  Those who know they are making accusations that they have done. There are two faces behind the mask of fear that seeks to silence dissent which reveals truth not secrets.

The declining values of leaders and influences together with a defiant lack of conscience and Justice is what is on trial.

Mass surveillance attracts surveillance of those engaged in secrecy as the mirror.

The truth will set all free is a universal truth. 

Truth in action is activism or active citizenship which is a duty of CARE.

The documentary provides insights.

The United States vs Julian Assange | Four Corners