Freedom Rally’s around Australia Raising Awareness

Whilst a destraction of the Queens funeral happens in London detracting from the serious criminal pedophile issue and the royal family, freedom rallies are happening across Australia. Abuse is not freedom.

This link reveals that ex CIA Robert David Steele was murdered revealing this dark underbelly of those in power seeking to remove what has been termed ‘freedom’. Many high profiled expert voices are contracting pneumonia and dying, there is a growing pattern, it is likely this is the diagnosis to hide the deliberate removal of those voices this regime does not want. May his courage be a spring board to true freedom from fear. For you cannot assassinate every voice that reveals truth, this action contravenes universal lore and life responds to rebalance that which is out of balance. This is why empires always fall. Only balance is sustainable.

The world is watching who is being killed as this list grows so will those who jump on board the freedom express. What you express is your freedom, it is the real identity unbounded by drivers licences or authoritative voices who decide if you are included or excluded on the basis of compliance (only yes). Humanity is not for sale. Freedom cannot be killed no matter status, power or influence.


Each soul comes into this life with a mission, there are no mistakes. Whatever this universal power is, it doesn’t play dice and the absolute can see what is occurring in linear sequences playing out in the relative all in real time at the same time.

Robert died 28 August 2021. Rest in peace Robert Steele and thank you for a truth and reconciliation approach toward the global elite who responded with no negotiation. Thank you for your courage on behalf of humanity. May other intelligence officers wake up to this zero sum game.

The British Royal Family, Pedophilia and the End of a 1200-Year Parasitic Monarchy – JUST ONE FOCUS – TRUTH

Joachim-Hagopian-Pedophilia-Empire-Satan-Sodomy-The-Deep-State-36-Netherlands-The-Pedophile-Kingdom-and-Sodom-and-Gomorrah-of-the-Modern-World.pdf (

Cops for Covid Truth spoke to the crowd in Sydney a few days ago (17/9/22). The movement is growing as the totalitarian regime is coming to light. Australians, when they are aware, do not want totalitarian control or a republic replacing democracy (their vote) or genetic therapies (changing DNA) that is reported to be causing higher deaths than the alleged SAR-CoV-2 rebranded Covid-19 (Certificate of Vaccine ID). Note ID = 19 = AI.

They say Resist! It is not even about resistance, it is simply about truth. It is the only thing that has ever set humanity free from those who believe control is peace, it is not. This must be done demonstrating true peace, true reconciliation with those who believe they are opposite. What is done to another returns to the self as a universal law. The more you suppress the more people express, not as rebellion but as health, as it is our nature to respond to the real threat to our humanity.


The mass Australian gathering who are not ‘protestors’ but people seeking to prevent a foreign totalitarian takeover of their country.

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