Full Story of Freedom Protest in Melbourne and Police Violence

In the public interest.

This story is compiled by the public not the commercial media and it paints a different story to angry men and violent protest narrative of the commerical media. Australia is experiencing an unprecedented tyranny to impose a New World Order run by the Pilgrim society which has links to the Pirbright Institute who patented the coronavirus. There is high level corruption driving the lockdowns and detrimental COVID-19 injections on a public confused by the mainstream narrative presenting stories with clear bias. There is sophisticated propaganda and intelligence operations dividing and intimidating ‘we the people’. This works against natural freedoms of which all are born with and are the very basis to human happiness.

The police are taking orders from superiors compromised by foreign interests. So they are not working in the public interest. They too are being placed in a dangerous position of imposing draconian police methods that pitch the police against the public and visa versa. This increases conflict, stress and not wellbeing which real public health promotes.

This outcome is not in the interest of the police in Australia as the end game of this New World Order is to remove the police and replace them with Artificial Intelligence, so they are used and believing they are protecting public health.

So creating tensions like this turns the public against them and this paves the way to defund them which is the real end game. The idea is to not protect the public and to remove those who would protect the public. This includes the military down the track being replaced by drones and energy directed weapons targeting through nanotechnologies in the DNA reportedly in the vaccines.

So the police with integrity have to look into this as it is a crime.

These links are in relation to Cops for Covid Truth. There are police who do not subscribe to the “police state” and in fact those at the top are investigating them undermining their freedom of speech.

So “we the people’ and the police must come together to Advance Australia Fair so that we do not lose our democracy or sovereighty. Peaceful protest and policing is the key. As a peacemaker I would say to the police to not engage in violence and perhaps like the Italian police stand with the protestors if you feel called. Work for the highest good together.



https://www.advocateme.com.au/cops-for-covid-truth – Senior Constable Cooney speaks up.