Gaming, Violence as Challenges are all Illusions of Strength not Feeling Strong that is Strength

This is long but you will find answers the end. I thank the Metaverse for taking me on a journey. I hadn’t planned to write this. So the dark of our ignorance creates the light of our awareness of what truly serves us.

Like religion gaming is becoming a cult where kids connect (mainly boys and men) and play out fantasy’s in a cyber world that is increasingly violent and real.

Years ago I did research into television and media violence, the same story, you keep placing visual images in front of kids you will create the next generation who think violence is fun when the reality for those on the receiving end is anything but fun. They spend years in trauma trying to overcome the fears generated by unconscious and unfeeling perpetrators increasingly role modelling from games.

Absent fathers or fathers with skin in the game to try and bond with children don’t appear aware of the damage they do to their sons by placing violent images and having simulations where the child plays out the violent perpetrator. In this unreal world there are no implications, no consequences and victims get up again. So none of the reality is there in a 3D human reality.

Yet gamers as they call themselves will defend the castle (ego) and protect gaming as it is for them a escape from an increasingly empty world. More and more families break up and kids are no longer heard so they seek to vent frustration in violent games to feel some power in what is increasingly a powerless world made so by design.

The games, like real life, or “feel real” have been designed to create the imagined belief in power but real power was always found in loving each other, valuing people, respecting diversity and learning to communicate face to face. Augmented reality is pretend but the human mind doesn’t distinguish between perception and actual. That is the core issue.

These days the kids have no idea how they have been disempowered and in a way set up for more violence, turmoil and conflict in the future as the game plan sinks into their sub conscious.

The industrial military complex uses simulations to train soldiers, so none of this is new. The problem is the kids didn’t enlist in the army or ask to take on characters that are more cultish and evil then good. The innocence in which I grew up in is being seen as ‘boring’ rather than leading to the true freedom each child is seeking.

This emerges out of a tech industry largely run by young men and financiers all increasingly detached from the reality of humanity which is wholistic not a cyber world manufactured in silicon valley or some defence contractor. These men have no idea of the realities most of us face in the physical world. This link is from Meta which is the owner of Facebook. Is this the type of owner people on Facebook want?

The executives of Metaverse shape changing our world. Are they truly happy?

e-Safety Commissioner statistics on 4% of metaverse users, 75% are under 40 years of age.

Metaverse report:

Key quote: “….There is growing concern that the impact of these risks
and harms may be more pronounced in the metaverse, where
virtual experiences and sensations feel more real…

It is interesting when you look at the marketing it is about people being together, laughing, happy yet online they are not together in reality. Yes it may connect people but it is not real community. It is a cyber community. I noted the apps can find out the age of the child

I watch the kids on the iPhones and they either escape to the iPhone to avoid eye contact or they are permanently fixed on it. I recall the film Social Dilemma which revealed the massive tracking by AI of users.

The name “user” is deliberate, it is the same as drug user, as the person becomes addicted to their iPhone or the games. It works off stimulating the dopamine in the brain. The brain doesn’t know the difference between perception and reality so these cyber worlds suck in the ‘user’ who they aim to keep on the device as long as possible. This takes them out of their life where they learn essential survival skills in the world. They learn how to socialise, how to deal with problems, they go and play sport, they may draw or visit friends. The ‘users’ end up on their devices escaping their awkwardness and insecurity by existing in a world that is safe yet programs violence.

So the young are exploited for their innocence, ignorance and are easily programmable as they want to belong. So their fears are soothed by a cyber reality, sucked into these worlds and imagining this augmented power which is in fact an augmented weakness. They don’t develop into healthy happy young men (or women) but instead have beliefs shaped by Silicon Valley/Defence industries programmers who themselves have no idea of real power or joy in life. In effect, the blind leading the blind.

So I watch from the side at these ones lost in other realities and not living their lives to the fullest. Not developing confidence. Not meeting girls (or boys) but instead fantasizing over females as underweight, huge breasts, tiny noses falsely profiled in a fantasy land that has no bearing on the reality of who girls and women are in reality. The training of violent perpetrators as fun games makes crime the new normal and assassination as somehow winning the game of manhood in this false world. In reality there is no court of law, no victims, no consequences and no real world impacts to enable the “users” to understand they are being mind controlled to accept violence which works against the true nature of our species. Our true natural responses are to protect each other and to coordinate and solve problems to ensure no violence happens. What is happening in real time today is the glorification of violence by immature males and females who have never lived in the real world to experience the impact of their programming on real people in real world situations.

That is not to say that females can’t be aggressive or dominating. They too fall into the trap of seeking power through control. The true nature of women is receptive, sensitive, creative, communicative, gentle and kind. The feminine is about relationship not conquest. Funnily enough this is also the true nature of man but somewhat moderated by male stereotypes. Men as a social group have been taught that soft and gentle is weak. When it is in fact strong. Is this why we see so a growing cohort of men wanting to dress as women? Is it the feminine within them suppressed?

I recall the film Men that Stare at Goats where Bill played by Jeff Bridges (real character Jim Channon), is shot in Vietnam and has a vision ‘the gentleness is the strength’. The extract points out that men do not instinctively want to hurt another person. They have to be trained. the gentleness is the pink elephant in the construction of male identity which is who they truly are and it is attractive to women not weak. Women are taught to value aggressive men as some sort of protection but in reality a tough, aggressive male is the last male you want to marry and have kids with. The gentle-man is of highest value in reality.

Both women and men have similar qualities it is just estrogen and testosterone that change orientations to be more left brain or right brain as hormones amplify ways of seeing that differ. Men tend to be action oriented. Women are too, as I would include myself in this. However, violence is not top of mind, violence is not our nature. It has to be trained. We can thank the real time violence that is flowing from Silicon Valley, Defence, satanic cults imprinting on young minds that this is somehow cool. It is not. It is mind control going on for hundreds of years.

This video which I haven’t watched all the way through looks interesting as gaming designers talk about less violent games. What kids really need are life skills, they need to know themselves, they need to learn about the opposite sex, they need to ask questions, to integrate values, to find their true strengths and be aware of their weaknesses. They need to know how to resolve conflict not model violent archetypes as strong. There is such an enormous need to return to humanity in a balanced, equitable and loving way that I’d have to write for hours to explain why this is important if you want happiness as a real experience rather than a temporarily passing parade of entertainments that devolve the human capacity for greatness.

Father’s need to reconnect to their ‘feeling’ side and show it to their sons. They need to revisit their own father’s and evaluate how they were parented. Look at the media around them and ask ‘has it served me as a person?’

Scot Bayless was involved with X Box and game development. He has experience with a lot of different games. He speaks about CG Spectrum is a trainer in programming and game development. Their model is mentor/student relationship. He acknowledges the power of the teacher. They have 170 industry mentors from every game studio in the world. I note chaos academic partner. I think order out of chaos.

Scot talks about standing out and ways to provide a challenge or a problem that is different from what they experienced before. violence is the easy response what do I do for a challenge. He says. IN a lot of ways violence is the easy response.

Troy talks about challenge games need engagement. A p[layer picks up the controller to do something, might tell a story, may be a way of non violence, exploring the world he says some players want more engagement, more adrenaline, fun and exciting and how to solve a puzzle. Each player wants different challenges. The challenge doesn’t have to be kill more people. The violence plays a role and mechanics, there can be replacement for violence needs to be something there that makes people want to keep playing. What keeps them playing is the challenge. Keeps them coming back. This is the commercial aspect, this is where the problem is. They want to keep them playing, it is no different from Social Dilemma (Silicon Valley) maximising their time on games. This has massive social/family implications disconnecting the kids from vital human connection, involvement, engagement and love where they actually live.

The mentoring is to create practical designers not happy human beings. I note they are males no females involved in the panel. In schools mostly teachers are females as they are good communicators. Moral or ethical instruction is essential with this industry as they are causing massive problems in families, in relationships, and creating a vision of the world that is in my view hostile not benefiting the child being mentored. We need wise mentors. We need women and men who are true masters, teachers and wholistic. You will not need order out of chaos when we train for mastery and self responsibility. That our thoughts, words and actions create the future. The key question is – what sort of world is programming creating? Will this produce a happy, well adjusted, community oriented, mature human population where the sum of the parts exceeds the whole. Or are we siphoned off into silos of cyber reality living out fantasies without limit in a moral devoid world where anything goes. Is that true freedom?

For myself survival is a challenge, living without income, living off grid in the cold. Developing my own work in Happiness! how to train and educate our world that there is a more engaging world in peace, friendship, kindness, openness and inspiration. I’ve written 1500 poems when I was challenged and treated badly. I didn’t go play violent games to escape and feel power. So the masculine seems to need to use a cyber world for challenges not the real world. When I travelled the world alone as a woman I was told it was risky, more than a man as I could be attacked or raped. I found out I was in danger of meeting a friend. Had I played these violent games I might have feared the world. I watch what I put into my consciousness. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

When I was bullied by my landlord, I didn’t think up ways to annoy him. I chose to face my fear. I decided the scariest thing I could do was jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet. So I talked it up. I bought the ticket. Not only did I want to face my fear I wanted to conquer it. At 10,000 feet I stood on the wing and let go of control. I didn’t fall the wind gushed up. What I experienced was complete relaxation as I rushed towards the earth. I was tandem, the guy pulls the shoot. My feeling as I fell was that it was more the air rushing up and when the shoot went it felt as if I was pulled up not slowing down. So the sensation is not what you see from the ground as a ‘visual’ the actual experience was different. I thought if I was going to die hitting the ground would be the best way, you wouldn’t know.

So I get to the ground and I feel empowered, challenged, and a winner so to speak as I conquered fear not by beating anyone but by facing my own fear in myself.

When I returned from my world trip travelling alone. I cried. I had faced my fear travelling to 20 countries. I did it alone without much money. I climbed my Mt Everest. I did it without making another feel less than me. there was no competition in this, it was facing myself.

In my view that is where the real courage is realised and overcome. Courage is simply facing fear. I encourage people to get into the real world and face your fears. At the moment I face will I get food? Will I have enough petrol? I face no protection. Complete vulnerability. Can I find my strength there.

What I discovered is most fears are created by media, gamers and books instilling this fear as real. Fear means false evidence appearing real. When I chose to face myself not others, it was there I found my real power. I came to see my life is supported in magical ways. As is yours. I came to realise there was nothing to fear but fear itself. So those in the industry of fear cultures, to trigger male fear and to give a false sense of conquering the mountain and spending their lives engaging in activities that are not real, that is the real self delusion that is being marketed. I say this with love as when people are in this they think it is real, they are doing good, as they have not really lived themselves.

I want to see men wake up to the violence they are creating because they refuse to face their real fears inside. Go into yourself, do creative writing, walk, reflect, discuss and travel if you need to. I will finish this with a film that impacted me years ago about a young man dealing with parents fighting and had enough. He went on his long journey. It is called ‘In the Wild’ It is a true story not a game. He died in a wilderness area having found the answer to life. I am with him. Find your truth and live it. He died because he had completed the game of life, he graduated. That is why he left the earthly plane. He got the answer.

This is why the young people escape into games they are trying to escape a world that is in their eyes, insane.

Satanic cult images are not going to create self knowledge.

Freemasons are not going to create real brotherhood and sisterhood.

Money doesn’t fill the gaps of emptiness that can never be filled.

Violence does not create victors but leaves all with the scars of inhumanity that never leave the human consciousness and create more karma.

Many walk off into nature to try and find peace and truth. As nature doesn’t lie, deceive, exploit and create more noise to distract. It is calming and something within our psyche remembers the ancient call of who we are when life becomes simple. then we try and clear the clutter, the confusion, the anger, the betrayal, the abuse, to remember the wind in our hair, the birds, friendship, and freedom. Freedom is not a movement it is who we are when we stop thinking and trying to impress others who don’t care at all. It is not to be strong but to feel strong. When you are alone there is nothing or no-one to help you. We have been domesticated and made dependent and in a sick society still peddling entertainments as freedom. None of it is true.

Only when you find yourself will you realise what true happiness means and it is to ‘know thyself’ and throw out of your life anything that is not loving you or caring about what you need or truly want. That is why when our families break up we can become lost. Who is going to love us. It is only ourselves that can look in the mirror and realise I love me.

I love you all. I want you to find your happiness and let go of illusions.