Geometry is the Art of Balance without Balance there is no Climate Change solution

In the public interest.

Sacred geometry and philosophy are both art forms that return us to balance. Truth returns to zero point that is why when we speak truth we feel peace. If it is not truth there is no peace or indeed appeasement. Geometry is the art of balance not the science of balance as it is not dissecting it is connecting. Science reduces problems into parts, geometry is the pattern making that harmonises all universal systems back into balance. So when we talk climate change most have no clue of what real balance means. Many speak analytically, they hold summits, they talk driverless cars, electric cars and energy grids (all electricity not natural balance). Free energy would be the geometric balance to electricity generation that uses technology to inhibit natural energy. These blockages are the equivalent to emotional blockages in human systems of energy or chi in the body.

Our challenge on this planet is to recalibrate to balance. It can be a hard road as thoughts will tell us concepts and analytical equations when the very balance is when we find inner truth and express it outward, this becomes the spiral fractal of creation itself. This video gives insights into the real climates of change we are yet to realise as we reset to a higher trajectory.