Government Budget and Infrastructure – who really benefits? Australians or Foreign Contractors/Investors?

My concerns as a citizen is that COVID -19 was not a problem in Australia. Yet why the focus on infrastructure projects (to build back again?) and why not mental health and wellbeing of the public who are the most impacted?

The monies are spent on gas, PPE, the big multinationals and those deemed ‘essential’ which included gaming retailers (escape IT programs) not meditation (stillness, inner peace). The public wellbeing is the most neglected. Domestic violence, mental health on every level and suicide.

I am told by a 13 year old every child in her class has a mental health problem. I was shocked.

I am told by early childhood practitioners children are drugged for ADHD, some have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and can’t handle things, they get overwhelmed. Apparently the drugs wear off in the afternoon and their behaviours are difficult. She said children say “I am anxious”. They hear these labels constantly (like COVID non stop). In addition, no-one investigates EMF radiation affecting them. The fact it is a carcinogen (childhood cancer). It also causes anxiety and DNA damage. Parents leave them on devices as this invisible problem is not seen or heard as distinct from COVID (market saturation).

The parents have no time to be present as they have to work whilst those at the top end are making extraordinary profits. They only have to announce a vaccine to get over 1,000% rise in the share price.

There are real issues around Disaster Capitalism. This is a new form of market that uses crisis (or creates crisis) to force a market by government mandate. The public have no choice as their taxes are used to supposedly solve the problem. Yet so much money is wasted and those benefiting do not represent sovereign public interest.

The real issues behind the many masks are mergers & acquisition, concentration of wealth, undue influence over governments and taking over public assets and indebtedness.

Another major one is bankers engaged in speculative investments. The use of public super funds in strategic investments that benefit global agendas rather than investment in public investment. We see so many asset managers with the same global elite group on the Boards directing public monies as if a quasi government. Is this how the new world or global reset decides the future?

I have concerns about the spending spree as a debt creator by government from the very start. The lockdown wasn’t necessary. The vaccines can’t innoculate. In Australia we allegedly faced a mild virus that won’t kill 99% of us. So why do we need all the precautions? Why COVIDSafe? Why tracking, tracing and profiling people when the risk/benefit is low? Why follow WHO and other Western key countries into this new normal which clearly has a playbook, likely planned for many years?

Where are Australian decision makers? Was all this necessary to ensure health or are there other agenda’s at play using COVID-19 to change our way of life without our permission or consent?

I am not able to go online much and find it all too impersonal. I used to do website research- it is not logical or easy. Do we exchange customer service with AI programmed to say yes/no when issues are often grey. It destroys our sense of community. People lose services because of a computer. We all saw the robo debt disaster and how it impacted people. There was no empathy for the pain, hassle and stress caused. This is the Brave New World being built around us that has no “empathy”. Will the government talk about the lack of empathy that feels nothing about rape and domestic violence entrapping women kept on lower incomes as kids and women are not entitled. The Object of Things that sees objects not people. AI can’t possibly relate to humans and whilst cheaper so public money can go to infrastructure or money wasting space programs whilst slowly destroying the quality of life and human happiness.

What of depopulation beliefs and eugenics. Is there going to be discussions about this problem that thinks this is the real problem not greed? Is anyone looking at how economics rewards greed not love. How it divides us into classes not community. How the winners can make more easily and those in poverty traps eek out a living akin to slavery. Having worked in 400 companies myself I saw the unhappiness in faces who believe they have to work. AI and automation is a solution for those in powerful positions and there is no complaint from an algorithm, yet the greed that drives this together with no empathy (feeling) for those impacted is the core problem. Big money gets spent and we carry on with economic growth and then at the same time talk environment with little to no understanding of the true disconnect, imbalance that our thoughts create as we have no other way to conduct our lives. We are all programmed in these narratives that cannot solve the problem.

Einstein said: “you cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it, we need to think anew”.

What I see is no knew thoughts. Just foreign advice benefiting the few over billions. The real problems are cast aside as those in decision making positions have no connection to social costs. The real costs are there.

The government announces on balance sheet (budget) infrastructure spend. Last budget it was off balance sheet. So is the infrastructure for Smart Cities infrastructure paying for this to assist foreign firms moving their operations here to experiment with AI and automation in both Sydney and Melbourne? NSW announces it is to be another Silicon Valley citing economic growth and STEM skills (cells). Most women won’t be interested despite the rhetoric. No mention of jobs for women as we become increasingly marginalised.

Do Australians lose more privacy and freedom with 24/7 surveillance and online forcing us to give all our information. These projects benefit the owners of property as they can map data and statistics as humans become metrics not lives that matter.

There is no quantum leap into a truly renewable lives. You can build wind power, solar and call this sustainable but the consciousness of ‘more’ of ‘insecurity’ of ‘power’ of ‘status’ and ‘superiority’ has not changed. Just using technology for more control to retain a life style.

The pedophilia issues is a card on the table. Melinda Gates left Bill given his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein used pedophilia of children to compromise leaders and he used this extorted money to expand into neuroscience – mind control not freedom of mind power or innate abilities. This in part implants chips in the body to remote control technology. It can also be tracking devices. It brings EMF to the body which is known to cause cancer. Transhumanism fuses humans with technology to augment super powers. We see the same mindset with soldiers. Some super soldiers were photographed in Syria standing over 7 feet – genetically modified.

Do we genetically modify the natural world so it can be owned by the few on the Board of Earth Inc?

Clones wipe out rapidly the natural genomes. What of RNA synthetic genes or so-called vaccines (gene therapies) that actually change a 4,000,000,000 genotype that configures WHO WE ARE? How does any commercialised scientist (who can patent) understand the genetic implications of RNA gene therapy stimulating anti-bodies as false instructions to act as a barrier to pathogens but not able to reduce the circulating pathogens? Dr. Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR Test said it was causing harm as there was an over stimulation (cytokine storm) he was experimenting with chemistry to utilise existing anti-bodies (not new ones as they are harmful and out of lock step with nature). He also said PCR doesn’t pick up infectious disease, yet this is the gold standard worldwide to calculate cases when clearly erroneous.

Why no questions?
Why no alternative ideas?
Why no alternative cures – Vitamin D, C, zinc, hydroxochloroquine, ivermectin, chlorine dioxide and happiness?

This leads into the parallel story. Who benefits from the infrastructure spend? Australian small to medium business or foreign multinationals who get large transfers of tax money via contracts. Concentration of wealth enables foreign influence over our country. It sets the agenda 2030. Not the people. This is the problem. How do we budget for this?

It is worth checking through Australian Government Organisations Register for insight into who the government is doing business with. If you think about it the millions and billions these multinationals make could be done by Australians in business not affiliated with global agenda’s or elites. Why are we not employing Australians to do these jobs not selecting foreign companies who set up in Australia, giving them extraordinary profits and access to our government systems? Who pays?

Which foreign equity financier funds spending?
How does this impact Australian sovereignty under PPP’s?

We are seeing Australian icons being taken over in mergers after stories critiquing the Board or individuals to then open the way to global elites to come in. I personally, do not feel safe in this environment as it appears we are being sold to the highest bidder.

Those who own the gold rule the world right! I was raised to believe this is our world and we share it, we do not control it. As a human being I do not see myself as a “owner” as we are only here a short time but rather a “steward” yet economics teaches ownership as power not stewardship as balance (em-power). That in my view drives to the core imbalance.

Looking at the external contractors provides insight into the extent of imbalance and infiltration into our country. It also reveals the devolvement of the public service who could have undertaken more than a contract role. We lose their expertise as foreigners take over (software, infrastructure) and implement AI and bionic platforms (no workplace, no permanent staff – hence agile) creating a very insecure future where there are no allegiances to ones own country. CSIRO talks of this without any fundamental questioning of who is served and is this the future or a race to the bottom? This author feels an Extinction Event, particularly with the green light and reset ushering GMOs as underpinning the Sustainable Development Goals. This is resetting robust, resilient nature to become weakened, functional for profit and insensitive to how each organism serves local eco systems and global ecosystems. That is how economics mind controls all of us to go for the money not love. That is why 1:4 have mental health problems and it is why the budget responds to business not community. They compromised who they are in order to have power. When the power was always within.

Some links below to see just how extensive is the spending spree which we cannot afford. We are living beyond our means and then those in power turn around and declare cuts, restraints, job losses, restructuring as our society is shape changed by those who care nothing about our real needs.

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It is noteworthy that Finance has considerable external influence.

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Check out how they manage Commonwealth resources?

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We need an Integrity Commission staffed with people with no vested interests to go through the cost/benefit of using multinational companies and exactly what infrastructure is being built and who owns it? does it end up as users pay (tolls etc) rather than a public asset (free). We can’t afford to keep paying users pay as we get poorer and the few the top have their fourth industrial revolution for a short period of time.