Preparing for My US Trip


My thoughts, beliefs and actions are focussed on peace in my world.  In truth it is my world that I must deal with in order to find peace.  It will not come from the outside world, I will find it within myself.

My trip to the US to attend the Rotary Peace Forum has come out of my desire to expand peace.  That comes from within.  So I found out about this forum and the money came to me. 

I recently participated in a 10 day silent retreat.  First time in my life I went quiet.  Some thought it was a miracle and not possible but I knew better.  I spend my life doing my own thing often alone and in silence, whilst I love a good yarn or chat, I am deeply quiet most of the time.  So the 10 day retreat was more about whether I could sit for up to 11 hours per day without my back giving way and if I could maintain my interest in silence.  I would say this is one of the hardest things to do – to simply watch the breath on the top lip and then follow the sensations in the moment to develop the skill of being in the present moment and developing awareness.  This is the first step to peace in the world.  We must learn to be still and live in the moment. Most of our discord comes from living in the past or the future.    We worry about what was and we fear about what is to come.  We seldom stay in the one place and just simply ‘be’.  This is what peace really is and when you focus on the breath your thoughts naturally disappear.  This technique was created by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) and it was self realisation that he found.  That is we live in the present moment and in that moment there is no fear as seldom the events scare us it is our memory or imagination of them that brings in the fear and biological reaction.  So I sat with this 2,500 year old technique and with patience and a sense of deep rest and peacefulness just sat for 10 days and felt the silence permeate the cells of my body. 

On the 6th Day REAL HOPE my peace education program was in my heart to focus on.  REAL HOPES is an acronym for:  responsibility, empathy, awareness, love, honesty, oneness, peace, enjoyment and service.  It is a program designed to help children experience their universal values.  There is an anti-bullying stream to help kids learn and think about how to deal with bullying or indeed power issues.  So REAL HOPES sits in my heart as my purpose for my journey to the United States.  I feel I am bringing REAL HOPES to them.  Perhaps answering a silent call.   I also felt strongly in the silent retreat that I was going to the United States, even though Rotary had said no to funding as not enough outcomes, my heart said yes.  I saw in my mind the people who would pay for my trip and when I emerged 10 days later went and saw them and yes they did not hesitate, they were delighted to pay for my trip.  They themelves are interested in unity and so my trip materialised.  The Rotary Peace Forum was on the way so I felt that was important to hear all the voices around peace, to understand what people actually know about this part of ourselves often associated with idealism, peace treaties and settlements.  The deeper aspect of peace as our true nature is not well understood in my experience, yet I am open to learn from the wisdom of others.

So in a few days I go and I will update you on what I learn.  If you are for peace you will find it illuminating and inspiring if you are not, you will find it illuminating and inspiring.  Peace loves all equally.

So come with me and let’s explore the future together.

Love from a Peacefull clown