Hillsong, Exclusive Brethren, Scientology and other cults

A brotherhood creates dependency in the system.  I felt the links to control. The consciousness of Christ in my understanding is love and love – shares, cares, reveals and heals.  Unconditional love places no conditions on love. Jesus existed prior to the church. HIs message was love.  I don’t think he would have been into politics as it is the art of perception management.  He was about authenticity as an example. The political system was set up as secular so no religion would impose its doctrine on the people.  In Iran the Ayatollah imposed Islam on a creative and artistic people.  I am not against Islam at all, but when any religion fuses with the State then the people are forced to adopt the religion, that is not freedom. It is women that typically have the most challenges as they are seen as typically less and there are strong beliefs of their place in society.  I am glad I found that higher power in my life, it didn’t come through religion as I was raised an atheist, it actually came through bullying, aggression, hardship and my deep search for truth.  I wasn’t seeking this power, but I found it as truth was my deepest desire, then I was no longer a seeker.  In my world I follow no religion, I just follow my heart and know there are no mistakes.  I am at peace with people following whatever inspires them, it may not be a higher power and I am fine with that as we are all one.  We are indeed the one song singing.  S/he may sing as an atheist, s/he may sing as a Buddhist, or a politician, or a lawyer, a street sweeper, a mother, a child, dancer, plumber, artist, Muslim – such is diversity within unity. The real harmony is smiling at the contrast and knowing we are same same but different and that the contrast is what brings us home. That is the essence of harmony.

I feel to explore this topic as I am singing the one song.