Home is to Sing the One Song

It is Christmas Time,

Everyone is rushing around,

Finishing up work for yet another year,

Presents, food, visitors, trees and decorations,

Celebrations as the community looks forward to time off to relax,

To try to just be



Homelessness has no time off,

For you cannot afford a holiday,

You cannot buy presents or cook a Christmas lunch,

You cannot go out with friends,

As the ends has to find the means,

You cannot drive in the country and forget about life,

For there is no summer break as homelessness is full time,

Many reach real natural limits,

As they cannot join in when excluded,

As they cannot come out in shame,

As life is survival not celebration,

For a personal crisis can become a rubrics cube,

Where you just can’t find the winning combination,

Stuck in the labyrinth with no way out,

As each alley appears blind,

Yet when someone is kind,

A new door opens,

To faith.


Many do not relate to homelessness as they have a home,

Many do not relate to hunger as they can buy something to eat,

Many do not relate to not affording public transport as they have a car,

Many do not relate to not affording a phone as they just renew their credit,

Many do not relate to credit running out, the well spring running dry or food insecurity,

Nor losing friends or family as they have many reunions.


For those without a place called home,

A place where they belong,

They have to be strong,

To find home is where the heart is,

For this is the swan song staying afloat,

This is the unchained melody seeking freedom,

That reminds us that we can ‘be the change we wish to see’,

For to be free is to see opportunity,

Even in blind alleys with no exit,

Even in silent exclusion when locked out in the cold,

Even in indifference walking past real need,

For the future will walk in hope and inspiration as the renewable seed,

The future will turn hard knocks into wisdom of the elders,

The future will awaken as we are our sisters and brothers keepers,

Keeping a watch on each other’s well-being for the common good.

To know: 

What you do for another returns to the self,

For it is not to disable but enable inclusion,

It is not to make dependent but to empower independence,

It is not tomorrow for NOW is the hour of our decision,

To remember we are ONE family not living on isolated islands of despair,

That we are singing the ONE song at a higher frequency.

To inspire that:

We all belong when we let go of fear and judgement,

We all belong when we let go of inequality,

We become strong when we let go of anger,

When we forgive as this is for giving,

And to give is to receive,

To receive is to know,

That what you give returns in abundance,

That we have the inner wealth to keep on giving,

That we receive a smile,

We give a kind word,

That we receive a truthful response,

That we give random acts of kindness,

As strangers can come to us without warning to remind us,

That love is all around,

That love is who we are,

That love never is left wanting,

That we are loved without condition,

For this is unconditional love,

Which is the greatest petition giving all of our heart 
to all without fear or favour,

To learn unconditional love as the real test of our lives,

For our lives are always tested when we confront our greatest fears,

When we are about to leap off into a great adventure,

The tragedy and/or the comedy arrives,

For it is to face life with courage,

It is to laugh at life with humour,

It is to find the wisdom in life as it hands you a piece of bread,

Will you break bread or hide it away under a bushel?

To see the perfection in the process,

For there are no mistakes in the universe,

And the uni-verse is again, the one SONG,

The verse is the rhythm and the rhyme,

That reminds us yet again …

that all BELONG in this SONG.


You are unique and a treasure,

For your gift to life is your very self,

And you are the pre-sent,

The present at Christmas,

A gift that has been given and received,

Without expectation of return or to earn respect,

For happiness is the greatest gift I can give everyone,

Love is the greatest inclusion I can offer in humility,

Peace is the greatest example I can live as our destiny,

No matter outer conditions,

For I am learning that every day is Christmas,

That Christ mass consciousness is in the masses no matter religion,

For the real petition is to love your neighbour as yourself without condition,

For Love was always the answer.


Did you know the perennial question?   How can I love my life?

Love until it no longer hurts,

For love is to re-member each other as true selves,

Perhaps these are the elves at the bottom of the garden?

A Garden of Eden is harmony expressing the perfect presence,

For to extend the hand of friendship as a real friend 
is to truly see you are me,

And what I do to another returns to the self.

So when one feels homeless,

Or less without a home,

Show them the home in your heart as an opening flower positively shining,

As kindness matters.


When someone reaches out to you in hope,

Reach back with real inspiration,

As REAL HOPE inspires what matters.

When someone has no money,

Offer abundance in a way that feels ‘good’,

For the real wealth is sharing,

Real sharing is caring,

Real caring is smiling,

For to C.A.R.E. is Courage, Awareness, Respect and Equality,

For this is the inclusion that has no limit,

Acceptance is the greatest gift you can give at Christmas,

Happiness is open to presence re-membering who we really are,

For how can one not shine when a member of the human family,


Realising –

HOME is where the heart is,

And the heart always remembers



Peace and Love,

A Peacefull clown