Homelessness is an Outcome of Inequality

Why are people homeless? Because they have been failed. 

I am contemplating the homeless in Melbourne who are trapped and contemplating suicide. The fear around COVID means less help.

We don’t know how to love each other and are not caring what happens. We do not want regimes that just relegate people to compliance or non compliance, we need to understand the unravelling social fabric that is the catalyst for family breakdown, psychological detachment and violence that is a a call for help.

We must move forward in ways that heal the hurt and co-create homes that are ecovillages where all our needs are met not just a roof.

The kids are not tough they are mirroring what they were taught by parents who walled them out. They learned to wall out love and live in survival mode where they believe no one gives a shit.

The drug trade has been fueled by wars and criminals cartels that were endorsed at the highest levels.  The young people pay the price as they need drugs to feel good. For them the addiction (like fear) dominates their choices.  They are not in their right mind as they are not in balance.  They have not been taught how to find that warmth and fulfilment inside as nothing is permanent, all is change and they are feeling worthless.

there are no useless eaters, there are only problems that have been neglected as those at the top value business not social evolution.  They do not value those in poverty as economically viable as worth is personal net worth it is not the intrinsic worth of the human condition reflecting structural violence of a system that does not know how to nurture love. This is the outcome of valuing power over people.

How many Einstein’s or Mary Curie’s are in the group of homeless who have never had a chance to find what they love.