How to React to Unwanted Situations

In the public interest.

What we think about we bring about. So it is to find thoughts that align with our true desires. Many people are reacting to situations. You came as a creator not a reactor. So first thing in the morning she says, do your best through meditation to tune into to who you really are. React to the impulses that come from that.

I typically follow inspiration and with fascination watch where it leads me. Frequency is really about how we feel. The higher the feeling (love) the higher the frequency and we cannot attract what is not in alignment with our frequency.

If someone is negatively affecting you and you have a reaction. It is a vibration that causes the reaction. Law of Attraction, everything is a re-action to the vibration you have going on. Continuum of reactions, you decide to what you want to react. What vibration do you want to practice.

It is to break the so called ‘evil’ cycle otherwise it is a chain of pain. We can see this globally as people follow the momentum of reaction and fear.

Focus is the key. Send the signal you want, the universe responds. Do it playfully is the suggestion. Life is about fun.