Humanity is Priceless

 The heart of humanity is precious,
It is worth more than all the assets accumulated on earth,
It is deeper than the unknown depths of all the oceans,
It is more beautiful than all the art galleries combined,
There is nothing that compares to the tender heart that shares, cares, reveals and heals,
For this is worth dying for.
I see so many falling between the cracks,
Allowing cruelty to be normalized,
Seeding deception like a cash crop,
Torturing innocence for personal gain,
Objectifying as if a trophy to be hung out and dried,
Exploiting humanity as if a toy to be turned on and off at will,
For the profile of the empty cavern is the heart emptied of compassion,
Unable to feel for the other in pain,
Distanced from what is true and real,
Pretending honour and respect whilst locating the back door,
For the wolf in sheeps clothing knows nothing of what is gentle and kind,
Yet smiles to be seen to be without knowing love as the content not the contour of a deep life.
For we are not consumers to market products whilst the planet is a quarry,
We are not here to be manipulated by promises of public interest and human benefit,
For these are just tag lines to justify self gain packaged as service to serve one self,
For service in this hollow world is giving to take away,
As all rights are thrown overboard,
As respect is being seen to be respectful,
An integrity is a mission statement that never lives in accordance with values,
For values are monetorised as if the value of the human heart is can be bought and sold,
When it is priceless,
It is pure,
It gives without taking,
It is genuine as a mirror image in a pond of deep reflection,
For the true face is the only face worth looking into,
And the eyes are sparkling diamonds that see only what is beautiful,
There is no vested interest to conjure illusions,
There is no spin to weave more untruths,
For the heart speaks without censure,
The heart gives without limit,
Hope sees the best outcome,
Ensuring the sum of the parts exceed the whole,
For what we do for others returns to the self.
We know not what we do to each other,
The harm caused by careless whispers and words,
In endless abuse that takes no responsibility,
As others cannot be heard in the shadow of self interest,
We circle in blame games with no ending,
As to be right is the plight of those who seek power not happiness,
For to be happy is to let go of being right,
As happiness joins with life peacefully,
Righteousness divides from life,
Right is might,
And each separation makes us smaller,
As fear projects as the negative, cruel and punitive,
When our journey is to know thyself,
And be true,
For you cannot bare false witness to yourself.
So I send this to all those fighting for more
not to be more,
I send this to all the families that lost their way home,
As home was always where the heart is,
To all those who think winning is taking it all,
Not giving it all away,
So all win,
For the zero sum game of win/lose is the final game in this show and tell where the cake shrinks,
For we are at the end of this no win situation closing down the end game,
As we reset to a existence beyond all programs and charades,
As we move into a new story that has never been told,
It is over the horizon opening to a new dawn,
For the bringers of the dawn will change the paradigm for good,
As we learn that all actions that harm another hurt the self,
Sending the arrow back to the arch bishop,
The bullet back to the machine gunner,
As all wars without turns back to the war monger within,
As life rebalances that which opposes all life forms,
As we re-learn that love, peace and joy are not motherhood statements but mother's love,
For the bond of love sees oneself in the other and protects the tender heart from all harm,
The rising feminine nurtures all life without exploitation,
For only life affirming survives to rebalance karma,
And life ending destroys the kite that uplifts,
That rises on the thermals of cloud less blue skies without bounds,
For to take without limit,
Ends in time,
As there is no time,
Like the present,
And I am open to the gift of a true life.