Inquiry into deployment, adoption and application of 5G – Who Knows?

I just was informed about this inquiry today entitled “deployment, adoption and application of 5G”.   I note there is no mention of the health effects of 5G or whether 5G is in the public interest. There is a growing movement opting out of 5G, including government’s.

Parliamentary Inquires are not publicised enough so that the public is aware.  There should be more announcements on television and in social media so we can have a say in our government.

MP Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts requested this inquiry. He is a former Optus lobbyist who fought for the break up of Telstra and commercialisation of telecommunications. He wrote a book ‘Brown Wired Land’.  He has been parliamentary secretary to then communications minister Malcolm Turnbull in 2013 and later urban infrastructure and Cities minister. He was first elevated to cabinet in 2018 as social services minister before Morrison put him in his current role last year.

He is not a neutral third party.

I looked over the member’s of the Committee and noted not one Australian Green, I find that very concerning.

The Committee will inquire into the deployment, adoption and application of 5G in Australia
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The Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts is appointed under Standing Order 215.

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