Intelligence Agencies Undermining Democracy in Australia

In the public interest.

Australia was a progressive country, far more advanced than the United States. Today we are taking on the US system which is very concerning given privatisation, insurance, de-unionisation, deregulation and the loss of rights.

The removal of Whitlam was a coup de tat and a watershed for democracy in Australia.  Some cite it was not different to the Kennedy assassination.  

When does our world move beyond the politics of fear?

Some questions I have pondered as an Australian citizen reflecting on politics that is supposed to represent the Australian people.

What is the nature of the US/Australian alliance? 
In whose interests does it serve?
For those American and UK intelligence analysts reading this, how would you feel if this happened to your country? Stand in Australian shoes.  We are an ally.  A friend. Does that mean anything or is it only about US and UK interests? 
The question is – who are those interests?
Who are the individuals orchestrating a coup de tat or undermining a sitting government?
Is security really ensured through secrecy (deception) or it is about democracy (openness) to ensure transparency and oversight?  What do you want to experience?  
What you do to others returns to the self!
What of drugs?
What of mass surveillance?
What of specific surveillance of peace activists, persons of interest and others?
What of illegal activities?
What of false allegations?
What of undermining a legitimate government?
What of the intended closing down of a US base Pine Gap in Australia?
What of the a national emergency being called by the Governor General?
Are national emergencies used to gain control?
Why did Justice not occur?
Is this happening today?

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