Is Australia a Police State sending a sign to the rest of the World

This is what a foreign takeover looks like. They use the local police to create fear.  The police must wake up to how they are being set up and delivering objectives for foreign powers who care nothing for Australia or its people.

We must all stand together police and citizens against tyranny.  It is not who we are it is not what the soldiers fought for.  Freedom is our nation and we are not going to lose the lucky country.

If Australia loses freedom this is the beginning of the end for the rest of the world.  Support Australians in strengthening our democracy by showing solidarity around the world for citizens saying no to tyranny.  New York citizens have started -what of Asia, North and South America, Europe, UK, Canada and in every corner of the world.  When we are all free, all are free. It is our world and now is the time to stand for freedom of who we are as humans.

This is courtesy of TOTT news, Australia’s front line.

Welcome to Melbourne’s Police State | Video

Melbourne has become almost unrecognisable after spending nearly 250 days in lockdown.

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A Brave New World of medical biofascism, coupled with authoritarian force against all who object.

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