Is Australian Politics a Joke

I am not a fan of Pauline Hanson, but I have to say this was funny. I do think this is a joke. I no longer listen to any of them as I do not believe anyone represents the Australian people. My hope is they all wake up before they face charges for their part in a global crime. That is the future folks, I feel it.

This is from One nation who I didn’t subscribe to but there is truth in it. I think Malcolm Roberts is brave. I’ve been amazed at this global agenda and how may go along with selling off their own country that their children will not inherit. All due to compromise, selfishness or greed.

This is the message from ONE nation.

Currently, there are two Australias, one is run by some of us, and the other is run by America and Europe.

The extremist left has opened our doors to so many foreign organisations and radical actors who have enforced their language, their hate, their vile and their culture on our once relaxed people.

Our easy-going Aussie lifestyle is being overtaken by the dangerous American/European style of busybody governance which hides our children’s gender choices from us, prescribes how we talk and who we associate with.

The aggressive American-style politics will weaponise the law to remove you and our Pauline from democracy.

Did you know it’s you they are really after, Pauline is just in their way. 

What’s next? We will cede everything we are and all that we have should the government be allowed to enforce digital currency. That will be the final straw.

Australians do like Americans, we consume their culture on the big screen and eat their style of burgers. But none of us want their left-wing hyper-extremism on our shores.

Of course, most Australians think fondly of our predominantly European heritage, but none of us wants the hyper-control government style of modern Europe (particularly from the EU).

One Nation stands ready for the challenges of foreign invasion and stands ready to fight for our freedom. We’re the only party in the fight!

First, though, we need every Australian to reject the two major parties and the actors who have given sovereignty away. Our grassroots campaigns have been rolled out locally. 

The worst of our  American/European invasion is the ridiculous way the major parties treat our economy. In a brilliant comedy routine, our Treasurer, Jimbo Chalmers, gives a really good laugh. 

Kind regards,

Damian Huxham

National Secretary | Pauline Hanson’s One Nation