Is Climate Change Geoengineering (weather warfare) caused by Shadow Governments?

We are witnessing a resurgence of climate change events. The public are unaware that climate engineering has been taking place since the 1970s.

This becomes the argument for restrictions using biosecurity act and Smart Cities whereby authorities state we must remain in cities as it is unsafe outside cities.

Toxic geoengineering is reducing the resilience of forests, animals, microbes in nature causing conditions for sickness and undermining life support systems and the planet’s ability to bounce back.

I’ve had the experience of geoengineering over the place I was living in NSW when researching Covid-19. I actually saw a surveillance small plane and when I saw the pilot at 100 feet then the plane turned sharply. Days later a huge chemtrail was over the house which shocked me. I discovered there was barium, strontium and aluminium in the aerosols in chemtrails. As a peacemaker I am astounded at the attacks on humanity and nature by mindsets that seek control rather than work in unity.

When you investigate beliefs, ideologies and group think narratives for truth, you will either come to clarity or become locked into ideas that serves no-one. At this time ignorance is unwittingly enabling interventions in nature and depopulation via genetic engineering which destroys the natural blueprint of all life.

Similar to SARS-CoV-2 we have scientific gain-of-function genetic recombinants that are weakening permanently the human immune system. Climate change is a scientific intervention that is weakening nature that does to give nature time to adapt and becomes a mass extinction event.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology in April 2024 states the following:

Dale Wiginton is an authoritative figure who has been discussing geoengineering for many years. Dale states the oceans are warming (heat containing) at the rate of 7 Hiroshima bombs per second (heat) which is a conservative estimate. is almost impossible to imagine.

Heat into the oceans. A cubic meter of sea water can contain 4,000 thermal energy of a cubic meter of air.

Methane levels rising exponentially.

We have reached past a tipping point. A mini ice age can occur. Dale Wiginton estimates we have past the point of no return 2 to 3 decades ago. The planet has changed fundamentally. What has been done can’t be undone (like genetic engineering). He speaks of methane related mass extinctions going back 55 million years – equilibrium period takes 10-20 million years. It is exponentially worse. Life support systems are miraculous, beyond understanding, if life is given a chance it finds a way. We must provide that chance. They discuss of the movie the Day after Tomorrow. Ocean currents are shutting down. that result in the movie is not going to happen, there is thermal energy built. Trajectory we are on is Venus syndrome. This could turn the planet into a sister to Venus. It can become a unstoppable event.

Seeing night time lows change twice as fast than day time highs. He asks people to consider this. The atmosphere is trapping more heat than it defects. Build up of heat trapping gases. Methane and nitrous oxide. The science community don’t admit to this. They downplay the severity. Some are making money out of this – Al Gore, John Carey’s, Greenpeace – he argues are hypocrisy. He compares this to wars. Making money off wars. Disaster Capitalism will try and profit as the ship goes down. That is what they are doing.

We are on a grim trajectory it has to be changed. We have conifer forests here. Those who enjoyed the aroma of trees emitting o2 and Co2 that is not happening. Climate engineering is destroying ozone and changing atmospheric chemistry, desecrating lower humidity. In Northern California there is zero forest smell. Trees have stopped the stomata the respiratory ports, not breathing expelling oxygen or expelling C02. In US not seeing true blue skies. Some hazy bluish thing. If you look at the horizon looking through particulate layer…. people looking at iPhones not looking up.

He speaks of nuclear and biological warfare, breathing particulate matter is behind cumulus cloud is a dirty white. The degree of altering planetary life support, threat cannot be overstated. The threat of Nuclear cataclysm (weather warfare, biological). Because climate engineering destroying protective levels of atmosphere vulnerable to CME coronal mass ejection (solar flare), if we have a major event like Carrington event (1800s) that will shut down grids. Nuclear plants can’t cool themselves (100’s). Ionising radiation will strip what’s left of the earth’s atmosphere and we have a lifeless rock.

The leaders have no idea how to create a safe climate as the contribute to the very disruptions that are harming life (anti life) rather than life supporting. It is self destructive projected from those unconscious to the harm they cause and ideologies that identify with.

Dale speaks of unity and freedom. We are all facing authoritarian control system. Freedom doesn’t mean do what you want it is the responsibility to do the right things with that freedom. To give the planet time to heal itself. How do we unite the Tic Tok kids who use gadgets that are polluting the earth. They do not realise they are part of the problem. Bring the conservatives who are hesitant to look at their own behaviour. Complete honesty. What do we need to do and stop doing immediately.

This video is a reality check for everyONE. The boat is sinking for all if we do nothing. We face a common threat when space ship earth fails we are done. He includes the green camps, he sees them as hypocritical.

Why are we here what are we going to do in the time we are here? Any one of us could be the last pebble to trigger the landslide of awakening. If we can do that collectively, expose the epitome of human insanity which is to use the earth’s life support systems and use them as a weapon and explose that would cause a shock wave around the world and take a quantum leap in the right direction.

This video is a CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp exposing the Shadow Government that is causing corruption and ecological damage.