Is it better to find Happiness or be SMARTer?

Which do you choose?

I made my choice.

I love this it speaks to my heart and my humanity. I want everyone to find what makes them happy, that includes Silicon Valley High Tech people, Rothschild and global elite, those in the thinks tanks. What I wish is for them to get out of their silos of focused thought around money and get excited about who they really are, far more than just wealth generators, but human potential that goes way beyond business. I see a world where we all sit at the same round table, where we all share our diverse perspectives, where we drop the us against them, we drop you are left I am right, we drop male/female differences and just be with people and enjoy the diversity. It is the same as walking in nature and feeling the diverse plant and animal life. This garden was not meant to be predictable, same or boringly routinized, it was meant to be fun, exciting, up and down, round and round (merry-go-around or unhappy-go-round) but primarily a place of infinite potential where we are explorers not workers or slaves.

I am the dot in his graph, I went my own way. It was great fun, it was painful, but it was my true path as I was here to learn not confirm to other’s beliefs. I listen, I learn, I am open but my heart directs my course, it takes me to where I need to go. More and more I follow this amazing impulse that is the heart beat of my own life. More and more I let go of fear, smallness, powerlessness as I feel grateful for the smallest things – food, shelter, money, my car going, nature, diversity, newness and this deep love I feel for everyone. I want my family to come home, to come back together, to let the light of who they are in, take a chance to be wrong, take a chance to go a new way home, take a chance to stand out in this sea of ‘not good enough’. There are no useless eaters, there are no failures, there are only opportunities waiting for us all and they are often found in the smallest moments. It is not about owning it all to say ‘I am success’ it is actually about letting it go and saying ‘I allow for more opportunity’, to find from this emptiness (spaciousness) there is enough openness to really discover this world goes beyond form and words. I send you genuine love. I sit in the dark typing at a TAFE, the only one here as I don’t have wifi (don’t want it), I sit amazed at the generosity of life. The security guard who let me stay a little longer as it get’s darker outside. I will go for a walk out of my freedom of choice. I will buy a coffee. I will go back to my emergency accommodation and do more work on my studies as I really love what I am learning.

I love you. That is what connecting to humanity gives you, this love that needs nothing from outside. That is the real abundance which I believe this speaker has found. Take care.