Is the Communist Party of Australia Operating out of Sydney: Senate


Chinese Communist Part office outside of China.

We need to see their names. We know Senator Malcolm Roberts. They need to be accountable.

Senator Roberts is asking what many Australians are thinking. Listen to the buck passing in the Australian Senate as the politicians show their expertise in not answering questions. So YES/NO for voice to parliament but for foreign security breach ask Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Senator Roberts asks I am after 1.2 National Security and Resilience.

I like the statement ”Senator Roberts you can’t just ask any question that include those words in it.

Let the people of Australia decide. I am clear our country is compromised.

What words? Chinese Communist Party??? Is DFAT the best when that is foreign affairs. It is indeed not only a security issue but a corruption issue.

AFP is appearing but we saw the raid on the ABC a few years back and it looked like politicisation. This article shows how justice is not occurring in the public interest:

They are popping up in other jurisdictions (police stations interstate) as volunteers. I would like to know the oath of office of the AFP as We the People do not seem to be the subject of protection these days.

Senator Malcolm Roberts said he is stunned by Home Affairs in relation to National Security and Resilience (note resilience is a Rockefeller word it is not about our nation but smart cities). The guy answering is just smiling, clearly not understanding the depth of this and the culture of the government in that it no longer listens to the Australian people who would not approve of these answers.

Then another bureaucrat speaks (no name again, presumably Home Affairs) says in relation to resilience there is a Task force established in November 2022 that is to better position Australia significant risks and challenges it faces across the spectrum of human and human induced crisis. the taskforce leads on national resilience policy and strategy ensures the Commonwealth has the necessary policy legislation and capability to manage what is a complex cascading set of concurrent national crisis. The current geo strategic and political environment. We provide advice around issues national security, we look after national security policy, legislation for intelligence services we look after countering foreign interference policy terrorism policy. We do that in collaboration with other agencies. This guy is the national counter foreign interference coordinator.

They continue to refer to the AFP. Malcolm Roberts asks them specifically and they keep hand balling by taking on notice. I don’t know who the woman is. Clearly intelligent, senior and across issues but professionally obscuring the answer. As a member of the public I am with Senator Malcolm Roberts, I want a clear answer. The climate change comment by Senator Roberts is very important as they are dropping chemical trails on us which contain aluminium, strontium and barium. I had a low flying plane drop them over the place I was staying (I believed linked to my reports) and I became sick with a upper respiratory infection. I actually got it from a baby donkey born the same week. It had a runny nose. Now the amazing part of this story is donkey’s don’t get cold’s. So I had patted the donkey and that is how I became infected. I was very tired at the time, so my inner immune system was compromised. So this is why I want answers.

We need a Question Time where we can actually ask the questions directly to these public servants and engage in the debate so democracy can be exercised by us rather than as spectators. We would ask more direct questions and end the corruption overnight. But we are silenced.

I don’t know why Home Affairs was set up in 2017 it appears a carbon copy of Homeland Security in the US which is about investigating We the People not terrorism in my view. This became clear when they implemented contact tracing of a alleged virus with a actual risk less than the flu (0.0004) breaching the security of every Australian. They captured personal data using QR codes that can be either hacked or picked up by foreign entities. I’ve seen the data and it neatly prints personal data. Another major issue was government employees in Canberra (and other States) working from home. This meant any communications between the government and employees was intercepted by telecommunications companies. This was a major breach of national security of which I was not lost. We know today that Covid-19 is a bioweapon and an intelligence operation where so many have forgotten what it means to be human as money becomes the objective not real heroes protecting the people and showing the way as a middle power.

The deregulation of Telecom (Government owned) encouraged by Paul Fletcher who became the Communications Minister (Wired Brown Land) and NBN then 5G push enabled foreign telecommunications operators (many are Chinese) to take over what I would deem as an essential service with a technology that causes cancer (EMF causes cancer, see World Health Organisation). I was getting messages on the phone saying press 1) Chinese 2) English or messages in Chinese. Optus is controlled by the Communist Party of China, so when I was talking on my phone they were listening and gathering my data. So I don’t have a phone anymore and will never have wi-fi.

Another significant issue is when politicians get into business with foreign entities and use their influence to profit, breaching our privacy. The Queensland Premiers father Harry Palaszczuk started GTA Foundation a genetic harvesting company done with impunity and without consent during Covid and beyond. DNA is a targeting frequency and when DNA is changed, we can be patented and owned by the patent holder. He was never arrested, not a murmur from anyone. I do not believe Home Affairs is protecting us. There are critical issues about this department involved in this larger agenda to set up a police state which the Australian people do not want. I find the cameras are akin to stalking as a woman. We were failed by Home Affairs and the intelligence community who are paid by the people to ensure national security which means our safety and way of life which was the envy of the world.

I recall my step father telling me that ASIO was attached to the Federal Parliament. He drove me there and showed me agents posted outside. I was thinking they should not be at Parliament. We have a separation of powers under the Australian Constitution of the Executive, Parliament and Judiciary. This should include police, intelligence agencies, defence etc. I would also ask why is there a Minister for Defence Industries, clearly they include Lockheed Martin, BAE systems Leidos etc.. I found out that 5 corporations globally control private intelligence agencies: Leidos, Booz Allen Hamilton, CSRA, SAIC, and CACI International.  Who did Edward Snowden work for?

This question asked of Defence Ministries (see link below) seems to me to undermine defence procurement rather than highlight the national security issue with US, UK and foreign multinationals having their own minister in the Australian Parliament. The real question is the industrial military complex that profits from the deaths of civilians worldwide and the Iron Mountain Report highlighting the purpose of war is depopulation of the public. No questions about violent video games indoctrinating another generation of males that there is an enemy. Those of us into peace know that defence is a form of attack as we perceive we are insecure and unsafe. The peace work, for those who decide to invest in it, recognises that what we think about we bring about. As defence leaders continually focus on military defence they will attract attack, as we can see in the Ukraine and Israel operations. Whenever we put an industry around national security, defence, health, social security etc. what has happened is we move from procurement (budget allocations with a drive to reduce costs) to contractors (mostly foreign) who charge exorbitant prices, (more than if locals were employed to do the job), they sign non-disclosure agreements which concentrates power in a few corporations rather than a competitive environment that rewards domestic merit and true innovation (not data). As they concentrate they garner influence. There is foreign government ownership or ex politicians/military involved in what has been termed a shadow government which in turn influence the Australian Parliament and affect the future of our country without our consent. The reality is that the Department of Defence has two masters – Australia and US (and China?). That is never questioned.

It seems we as the people are diminished as if we are simple animals (has been said) and that we are not needed for this Smart Resilient Cities technocracy so many have invested in. The real existential threat is we face depopulation, food contamination, biotechnology interference at the biological level (gene editing/Crispr/protein deregulation/anaerobic bacteria, synthetic and small molecules [nano]) and the list goes on. All for profit not homeostasis which is real peace. What blows my mind is all those that go along with this unable to understand the damage economics is doing to us as a people, no longer easy going but manipulative and when we go against nature we lose. The military can’t seem to understand that imbalance amplifies only balance restores the so-called order out of chaos. The end game is no win for any side when you go down this track. treason of our country and pretend they represent us. They don’t.

The Chinese Communist Party were participants in the Wuhan Institute of Virology Biosafety Level 4 Lab and the US National Institutes of Health funded the faculty. This is a US/Chinese collaboration. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is owned by GlaxoSmithKline, who owns Pfizer! (the one who produces the vaccine!) and is managed by Black Rock finances who manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company. No national security picked this up and informed the government who as representatives of the Australian people would never have locked down our country over the ‘spread’ of reports of Covid-19 when SARS-CoV-2 was never isolated. I wrote many reports over those 3 years trying to understand what was going on.

I get flash backs to Chinese bribes in Australia:

Before anyone says I am against Chinese, I actually met a lovely Chinese woman 63 today. She and I smiled and talked. She showed me a Chinese dance, it was very funny as we danced on the oval. I showed her a western dance, she copied me. That is peace making. Some guys even tooted seeing two grown women holding hands dancing, it was a unique moment. She told me how happy she was to meet me and I felt exactly the same. We only just met. Ha ha. She was a grandmother. Really gorgeous. We are talking the Chinese power brokers not the people. The Chinese are a wonderful people, one of my favourite philosophers Lao Tzu is Chinese. So there is great wisdom. One hopes the leadership awakens to real power in wisdom.

We all have to change and start to really talk, listen and reveal what is true.