Is Voluntary Assisted Dying Allowing Doctors to Kill a Patient Legally or is there an Agenda?

In the publc intereset.

We are in times where the elderly are suffering in nursing homes, under lockdowns people are considering suicide and others don’t want to live.

I personally have no problem with a person ending their life if there is no way they can be cured or recover and they are suffering, most Australian’s would feel the same. however, where I have real concerns is that it is emerging around the world that COVID-19 is believed by doctors to be a hoax and that death is constantly being fed on our media which actually subtly lowers the value of life. Moreover, there is great contention around nursing homes labeling COVID-19 symptoms with comorbidities as COVID-19 deaths and some dying from being put on respirators when the issue is low oxygen in the capillaries and blood.

Deaths increased due to lockdown, mental health, life disruptions, domestic violence and utter despair which is a form of psychological abuse imposed under the name of ‘stay safe’. Doctors are speaking out and saying the COVID-19 issue is equivalent to the flu and has a low mortality yet the WHO focused on spread not deaths as a risk determinant.

The misinformation has come from governments and certain doctors who appear to be affiliated with Bill Gates, WHO, CDC and the 2030 ONE Health Agenda. There are many others who have vested interests in endless vaccines. There is a death cult with great power over the top of all this. See previous blog.

I am uncomfortable as a citizen to go to a doctor in the future. I have asked the Prime Minister if the vaccines are and they have not answered my specific questions or assured me the death rates are wrong. They talk conspiracy theories but do not clarify to ensure confidence. The fact that eugenics is a real concern given Bill Gates Senior and Planned Parenthood. Health Minister Hunt stating some vaccines might cause infertility. I notice when I search online all the debunking information is there. I heard Hunt say this on television the night before the vaccine release. My mother was with me. We were shocked. Now everyone says it doesn’t. This is precisely why I am uncomfortable with giving power to doctors to take assist with dying. In a digital world the real question is – could the ‘wish’ be falsified? With this global alleged pandemic the death rates are low. What if unethical persons want the death rates to go up. That is my fear. What if they can take a vulnerable person’s life legally.

Why now are all the Australian States suddenly passing laws into voluntary assisted dying. How can they suddenly become compassionate for someone’s pain when the public are being put under stress, uncertainty, restrictions, economic collapse where they would feel like ending their lives.

This blogger wanted to end her life hundreds of times when bullied and experiencing psychological abuse. I realised through the experience I had to push through, I had to solve the problem of myself being not valued and seen as second class. I was homeless at the time, I had a diagnosis of cancer and was cut off Centrelink for conscientious objection to corruption.

Don’t misunderstand me, I completely agree with compassion and a gentle approach to end of life if a person is suffering extreme pain. One of my friend’s mothers is in absolute agony every day. I feel so so sorry for her. It is an awful quality of life and I would wish for her to pass over. However, she doesn’t want to die. So she endures. I don’t know how she does it. I don’t know the purpose of her life. Maybe she is meant to have this experience, maybe there are things she must complete (spiritually) before dying. So I can’t assume I know what is best for her. Only she knows.

I was told many years ago they were ending people’s lives without others knowing. Giving them an injection. My understanding was that this was compassionate in the cases I heard about. However, since this alleged pandemic I no longer trust the doctors as I can see some are aligned with big pharma and see their job as pushing drugs and vaccines, it doesn’t feel like healing. there is no mention of nutrition, mental health or alternatives. They continually prescribe. I don’t think solutions to life can be medicated away, we have to come back into balance. Maybe a person wouldn’t want to end their life if they lived in a healthy society with loving family around them and plenty of support. We are becoming colder and seeing people as objects not beautiful people.

I am not in support of voluntary assisted dying. We should have had a public debate and referendum on this issue rather than politicians standing around crying as if they are helping people. At a time like this there should have been much more critique and questions as to WHY NOW when people are frightened of death?


Doctors from around the world issue dire warning to the world

Which is Officially More Dangerous: Covid-19 or the Flu?

Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns

If what the doctors is saying is true then deaths have been labelled COVID-19 when they are not but under WHO the focus was the spread not the death rate. Cases were measured by PCR which is clear according to Dr. Kary Mullis doesn’t pick up infectious viruses. I heard that literally from his mouth. He has believes Dr Fauci is not qualified and will lie to people. He indicates this is an agenda. I am very concerned for our safety. I do not want the elderly controlled by public authorities and their doctors and nurses without family right by their side so they can witness what happens. That is what I would advocate.

I do not consent for voluntary assisted dying for myself at the hands of doctors that I don’t know or trust.

I have no intention of suiciding in this life I’ve been there and will not do it. I am going to live until my life transits to a higher plane, naturally. The only thing I ask for is the courage to endure a painful world awakening to a lack of compassion which is evident today. I would love to have met Dr Kary Mullis. He seems the real deal to me.

In Australia these are the articles about Voluntary Assisted Dying. Is it compassion or a depopulation agenda? Do we put our lives in the hands of doctors we don’t know?

 Voluntary assisted dying – Western Australian VoluntaryAssistedDying Bill was passed by both … 2015. The End of Life Choices Bill was passed by the New Zealand Parliament passed on 13 November 2019. At thegeneral election in 2020, the New Zealand ir people will be asked to vote in a referendum on the introduction of voluntaryassistedlaws. Outside of Australia …

Euthanasia in Australia – Wikipedia 10 December 2019, the VoluntaryAssistedDying Act 2019 passed the Western Australian Parliament. The legislation had passed the Legislative Council by 24 votes to 11, having previously passed the Legislative Assembly 45 votes to 11.

Voluntary euthanasia: West Australian lower house passes … have easily passed Western Australia’s lower house, with the bill now headed to the upper house of parliament where it will face a tougher passage.

Tasmania’s House of Assembly passes Voluntary Assisted …’s House of Assembly has passed a VoluntaryAssistedDying Bill, making the legislation all but certain to become law. MPs voted 16 to 6 in favour of the legislation. The End of Life …

RACGP – Voluntary assisted dying: The current state of affairs Territory The NT passed Australia’s first voluntaryassisteddyinglaws in 1995, but they were overturned less than two years later by the Federal Government’s Euthanasia Laws Act 1997.

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Australia – The World … official title of the Northern Territory Act on assisteddying was the ‘Rights of the Terminally Ill Act’. It was passed on 25 May 1995 by a vote of 15 to 10, after a debate lasting more than 14 hours. In February 1996, an amendment bill to look at some small problems in the law was passed.2

SA tries again for assisted dying laws | The Canberra … Australia’s 17th attempt in 25 years to introduce voluntary euthanasia laws has come up for debate in state parliament. Labor Upper House MP Kyam Maher has introduced the VoluntaryAssisted …

The Facts about voluntary assisted dying – Go Gentle Australia show that around 85% of Australians support the legalisation of voluntaryassisteddying (VAD) to allow for better choice at the end of life. Despite this, only Victoria and Western Australia have passed an assisteddyinglaw (with Victoria’s in effect from 19 June 2019 and WA’s law likely to come into effect mid 2021).

Euthanasia becomes law in Western Australia – TOTT News Western Australia has passed the VoluntaryAssistedDying Act, allowing patients with a disease that would likely cause death within six months — or 12 months for neurodegenerative diseases — to end their life with a lethal “voluntaryassisteddying substance”.

PDF Voluntary Assisted Dying in Australia – Palliative Care – Advocate for system measures to facilitate the provision of information about, or access to voluntaryassisteddying, regardless of conscientious objection to ensure continuity of care for the person living with a life-limiting illness. – Have their privacy and confidentiality maintained.

The offence of assisting a suicide – Criminal Law – Australia passing of the legislation means that Western Australia is the second state in Australia to make assisteddying lawful. In 2017, Victoria passedvoluntary euthanasia laws. While Victoria is widely recognised as the first jurisdiction in Australia to legalise euthanasia, in fact, the Northern Territory introduced laws as far back as 1995.

ACT voluntary assisted dying ban draws united push from … MLAs are calling on the federal government to scrap laws that make it impossible for the ACT to decide whether it should introduce voluntaryassisteddying.

Husband shares wife’s story as voluntary assisted dying … have already passed in Victoria and Western Australia. In WA, it will not be implemented until mid-2021.

One year of voluntary assisted dying in Victoria: 400 have … Australia will be the second Australian state to introduce voluntaryassisteddyinglaws. An assisteddying bill was introduced into WA Parliament in August, 2019, and passed in December….

Voluntary assisted dying becomes law in Western Australia … Australia has passedlaws to legalise voluntaryassisteddying, becoming just the second state in Australia to allow people facing unnecessary suffering to end their own life. The scheme is expected to be implemented in mid-2021.. On Tuesday evening, after more than five hours of debate, the WA Parliament officially passed the law after accepting a raft of amendments.

Current situation – Voluntary assisted dying in Australia … The VoluntaryAssistedDying Act 2017 was passed on 29 November 2017. This was an historic victory as Victoria became the first Australian State to pass such a law. There is an 18 month period for implementation so the Act will not come into operation until mid-2019.

Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 (Victoria) – Wikipedia Act 2017 (Victoria) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia On 29 November 2017, Victoria became the first Australian state to pass legislation allowing assisted suicide. The law gives anyone suffering a terminal illness, with less than six months to live, the right to end their life.

History made as voluntary assisted dying becomes law in … large text size Western Australia has become the third jurisdiction in the federation – and 19th in the world – to legalise euthanasia, with the McGowan government’s voluntaryassisteddyinglaw clearing its final parliamentary hurdle on Tuesday evening.

Voluntary Assisted Dying South Australia legislation in South Australia has passed another legislative hurdle, with the Upper House last night waving the controversial bill through its second reading with a final vote set for May.

Voluntary assisted dying reform in South Australia has … is set to be debated in the South Australia Parliament, but there are concerns the process could prove difficult for regional people with limited access to doctors.

FAQ’s – Dying with Dignity Western Australia, VAD laws have been passed in Australia only in the states of Victoria and Western Australia. The Victorian VAD law came into effect on 19 June 2019. The WA VoluntaryAssistedDying Act 2019 (the WA Act) received the Royal Assent on 19 December 2019 and will come into effect in or about June 2021.

New petition for assisted dying laws in NSW – Dying with …’s VoluntaryAssistedDyinglaw has been working safely and effectively for 18 months with 124 terminally ill Victorians choosing this compassionate, end of life option in the first year. Similar lawspassed in Western Australia and New Zealand will come into effect in 2021.

Fight for Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws in South Australia on a VoluntaryAssistedDying Bill started in South Australian Parliament on 17 March. Victoria, Western Australia and now Tasmania have passedassisteddyinglaws. South Australians must have these laws too. It’s time to ACT NOW and ask your MPs to vote YES for this important bill. How can you help?

Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Act – Monash Lens contrast to Belgium (which is the only jurisdiction that places no age restrictions on euthanasia or assisteddying), the Victorian Parliament passed the VoluntaryAssistedDying Act in November last year, which limits voluntaryassisteddying (VAD) to terminally ill people 18 years and older, who fulfil very strict criteria in relation to …More Results