Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

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We should be mindful not to speak of ‘Jewish’ as the people of Israel do not necessarily agree with their leaders, note the attempted impeachment of PM Benajamin Netanyahu. It would be the same that Australian’s do not necessary agree with PM Scott Morrison. So leaders in many countries may not be representing people but more economic interests if the truth be realised.

Moreover, politics in Israel is dominated by Zionist parties. They traditionally fall into three camps, the first two being the largest: Labor Zionism, Revisionist Zionism and Religious Zionism. There are also several non-Zionist Orthodox religious parties, non-Zionist left-wing groups as well as non-Zionist and anti-Zionist Israeli Arab parties.

The issue of ethics is the card on the table. It is the Joker. I sense war crimes tribunal beyond impeachment. Legal issues are emerging..

My understanding of semitism and those anti are referring to a wide range of people’s. I am not saying there is not prejudice against Jewish people I am sure they have suffered but the use of the world anti-Semitism is curious as it only points to Jews according to definitions. Psychologically it typically creates a barrier to criticism of Israel which blocks them from hearing critique which is important as this is where growth occurs in understanding. In all conflict resolution it is important for people to be exposed to critique, especially in a democracy. that is why the Greek Agora’s had Senators debating and critiquing each other, it assist in problem solving, if resolution is desired. If they become intolerant seeing any criticism as anti-semetic or labelled as an enemy then they won’t listen as denial will attack the other party or seek to silence them, this is anti-democratic in truth. Yet teachers come in many guises. My greatest teachers were the ones who were the cruelest to me. I came to realise that it was my own belief in powerlessness that led me to suffer. So today I no longer accept victim status but victor as I found my own power confronting and facing all fear. I overcome my suffering and am healing. I would suggest the same to Israeli’s, particularly those in government.

I do realise that people use ‘suffering’ to be victims in order to change laws, to garner support but the hard work of conflict resolution requires an inward looking approach as we often say that their are 3 fingers pointing back when we point an accusing finger. It is far harder to look within at the darkness that projects out, particularly when civilians are harmed. That is why critiques are important, for all sides.

This information below is providing insights into the Israeli Lobby in the US. Of course they are in Australia as well. The real underlying question is should they influence other countries policies? If they do, then why? How does this undermine sovereignty? How does this redirect funding away from community or public spending? etc.

Of course I send love to the Zionists, Israelis, Jews, Semites, Muslims etc. as all are my family. My wish is for the family to resolve all conflict and let’s move on from endless wars on terror, corruption in politics, interference in other countries, economic ownership as influence and think tanks manipulating public policy. How about representation by the people for the people? That is a novel idea hey. Gandhi once said about civilisation – its a good idea. I smile. One way or another without funding this will stop.

I note below $4 billion spent on the US/Israel relationships, my mind goes immediately to homeless people or the poorest. How many in both Israel, Palestine and the US could be housed with this money. How would raising socio-economic standards de-escalate violence and improve relations. Social spending is a key to peace building. Politics diverts, democracy invests in its people. Imagine if the $4 billion was invested in real Peace (peace education) in the Middle East. There was a point when I was hoping to go to the Hope Flowers school in Bethlehem but unfortunately the venture fell through due to conflict and my Australian patron leaving for the UK. I wanted to clown with both Jewish and Palestinian kids and teach REAL HOPE, as children will show the way to peace. They don’t see Jew or Muslim, they see playmate. Ref.

Imagine if we could drop the enemy by questioning our thoughts and see the reality without a story. When there is an intention for peace, it will happen. Peace is The Way. To not learn to live with neigbhours means there is a vested interest in war. If we look at both sides suffering on the ground, the Jewish and Muslim families, they must be so tired of this never ending war. We need to select enlightened leadership around the world to break the cycle of bullying and violence that is business as usual, particularly with men.

Here is a video that overviews the Israeli Lobby.




God works in mysterious Ways huh. The truth sets all free, including the Zionists. God is love, that is how you know who is chosen.

Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

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This book is stunning. The two authors are prominent political scientists with impeccable credentials, hailing from Harvard and the University of Chicago. They have boldly gone where many of their academic colleagues would fear to tread. Although their conclusions about Israel and its
negative influence on American foreign policy will awaken much anxiety, resentment and fury in certain quarters, Walt and Mearsheimer don’t seem to care. Why not? They are scientists. They appeal to logic, facts and common sense; and let the conclusions fall where they may. The writing is
calm, dispassionate, thorough. The basic argument is that the extraordinarily high degree of economic, military and diplomatic support given to Israel by the United States cannot be explained
or justified by the notion that Israel functions as a strategic asset to the U.S., or that Israel as the “only democracy” amidst a sea of authoritarian neighbors is deserving of special favor for its “shared interests and values”. In fact, the authors claim, Israel is more a liability than an asset. During the
Cold War, the strategic-value argument had perhaps some plausibility — but no longer. What has replaced the Soviet menace, as the enemy which the U.S. supposedly needs Israel’s help to combat, is Islamic terrorism. But the U.S. favor shown to Israel at the expense of the Palestinians only makes us more not less vulnerable to terrorism. Furthermore Israel’s cruelty towards the Palestinians and its essential nature as a Jewish but not a truly democratic state in which all citizens of whatever ethnicity or religion would be given equal rights and respect, belie the “shared values”
argument.So if neither “shared values” nor “strategic asset” can explain the overwhelming U.S. support of Israel, what else is there? The power of the Israel lobby, which has brought about a situation in which it is impossible for elected officials to question support for Israel, much less redirect foreign policy in any way contrary to the perceived self-interest of Israel. This has led the U.S. to make critical mistakes, such as invading and occupying Iraq. The war on Iraq has proven disastrous; the authors argue that the U.S. would not have attacked Iraq, were it not for the influence of the Israel lobby. In the end, perhaps what is most significant and remarkable about this book is that it has seen the light of day. It got published. Could it be that there is still hope for reasonable, open debate about the right courses of action in the Middle East? The authors have
been and will continue to be vilified as anti-Semitic or worse. They are owed a debt of gratitude for having the courage to stand up and to refuse to be silenced. This year has witnessed an amazing phenomenon. More accomplished Americans are willing to question United States blind support for the State of Israel. Recently we have seen books out by
President Jimmy Carter, Grant Smith, Professor Petras and full-page placements in newspapers questioning the American Israel Political Actions Committee placed by the Council for the National Interest Foundation. I suspect the major reason behind this is the Iraq War. As one digs deeper in why this war occurred and who were the major advocates a deeply troubling theme emerges. The chief architects and advocates of this war were also what Pat Buchanan terms “Israel Firsters.” These are Americans who have conflated American interests with those of Israel’s. I urge all readers to do a search on Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Bill Kristol, Doug Feith, Richard Perle, etc. and investigate their financial and political ties to Israel. I think the reader will be astonished. I suspect that Professors Mearsheimer and Walt did just as I did and were both outraged and troubled by what they discovered. Moreover, the recent efforts by the same cabal that manipulated a rather dull President into invading Iraq are up to their same tricks again by lobbying for war against Iran and Syria. Hence the book; “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.” This study is both timely and critical.The authors published a brief last year that examined the Israel lobby and its impact on U.S. Middle East policy. When the Atlantic Monthly cowardly reneged on their promise to publish the paper, they found refuge with the London Review of Books. Thank to
the internet, the Lobby was not able to squelch their research. This paper has now circulated among millions of Americans. For this rather minor effort in questioning US-Israeli policy, they were subjected to slander, humiliation and threats. Faster than you could say AIPAC, the usual pro-Israel flacks, Dershowitz and Foxman, rolled out their worn out charge of anti-Semitism. I suspect if a dog’s bark was construed as critical of Israel, Dershowitz and Foxman would be on the first morning talk show claiming the dog was an “anti-Semite!” I wish these two clowns would buy a thesaurus and find other words of insult. However, to their credit, Mearsheimer and Walt upped the anty and decided to publish a more detailed and documented book on the Israel Lobby.The book examines in
detail the power that the Israel Lobby now has over U.S. Middle East policy– manifested in the extreme by the invasion of Iraq. The book is well documented with over 100 pages of notes and citations. It first examines the true financial costs of the American-Israel relationship– it should
surprise no one that this is one way relationship- the U.S. taxpayers shovel out billions of dollars every year (now exceeding $4 billion) getting little if anything in return. The authors then ask the critical question- is Israel a strategic asset or liability to the United States? Correctly they conclude
that it has evolved into a major liability. The United States pays a high price for its blind support of Israeli policies…