Israel: Sea of Galilee (reflection) or Bersheeba (self destruction)?

This video was shown to me today on the state of Israel and the financiers behind it and why violence is glorified in our world as we increasingly sea a setting aside of human rights, morality, values and love.

Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector is featured here. All views should be fact checked for due diligence. Whilst those who control Israel should be placed under the spotlight, we have to become vigilant as many are spinning with agendas. Very few are into peace as they don’t know what peace is.

Bring in other peacemakers unaligned with any country is how peace will be resolved. Those of us trained in this area should become the peace keepers not the military, not governments and not vested interests. They cannot have a stake in the game, nor political affiliation, nor economic interests. The only effective attempts at peace globally can only arise by those who dedicate their lives to peace inside and thus witness it outside. You cannot make people peaceful you can only teach peace by example, help others to know themselves, and disarm those threatening others.

Real peace is about respect, balance and deeply listening. For me I connect to the Heart of Uluru as the heart centre. You can never broker peace when you have not resolved inner conflicts or deeply faced your own conflict hidden by a facade. Until the inner changes the outer cannot change. Peace is balance. This is the true sustainability on the planet.

The Evelyn Rothschild and his wife Lyn de Rothschild in 2017 were on the Board of the Economist. Note the Death card with mosquitoes and a nuclear explosion.

I feel nuclear weapons were the purpose. I felt the word ‘Beersheba” and found myself researching Mordechai Vanunu. I recall Malcolm Turnbull visiting Bibi Netanyahu under the guise of celebrating some Australian operation, the word Bersheeba was mentioned. This was a nuclear plant.

Why did Israeli Defence Minister speak of Nuking Gaza?

Why would Australia order nuclear submarines? This of course makes Australia a nuclear target. We do not need them, the cost equivalent to GDP. The two parties have close ties to China, no matter appearances. Until you disarm and find true courage to face what you fear unarmed you will not survive. That is true courage. I believe it was Scott Ritter who saw the courage of pacifists as he called them. Is the plan global nuclear war where no country escapes the nuclear fall out. No win yet again.

If you want peace in this world, you have to change. Otherwise your fear will destroy the planet you live on. Those creating it and going off planet also will have to face natural justice one way or another. When you destroy your own species you destroy yourself.

The international economic order is the same as the New World Order. It doesn’t have a future as it is all about the economics of domination and abuse. It is a flawed system as it rewarded greed and avarice not peace.

We need a new consciousness to co-create a new way of being on the planet. This new way will naturally reward harmony and balance as humans will awaken to harmony is the real currency. It is only then you will find a new earth arise that is beyond imagination. You will understand why peace is inevitable.

I sit at the sea of Galilee contemplating peace.

Miracles happen all the time, when you awaken to the impossible as possible. Peace is not only possible it is inevitable when you give up your wars which are ultimately with yourself to justify separation.

It is not about walking on water, it is about unlimitlessness. Whether he walked or not the point he made was nothing is impossible when you believe you are more than you see. When you believe peace is possible you will will live it.

Always remember as Gandhi said ‘”an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” What you do to another returns to the self at this time. Those who continue to agitate for violence will find karma is returning as they have to either face their own inner violence and self hatred (projected out) or they will not be selected by natural selection. This planet is ascending. We either ascend with it, or we will not be able to.

We are indeed each others keepers.