It is time for Caring Economics Rewarding Partnership not Domination

The market failure in public areas is very clear.  What we see is monitorisation of poverty, mental health, disability, homelessness etc.  Those who engage in these areas seek to make money from governmetn spending rather than a clear focus on service to others.  It is still a model of service to self, exploitative economics and rewarding greed which is the very basis for the poverty, homelessness, mental health that we are seeing as externalities from market and social failure which ignores human need. 

The Real Wealth of Nations is a feminine perspective which rebalances the imbalance caused by a patriarchial economics which frames activity by  hierarchy, dominance, metrics, exclusion and so on.  The femine approach is about partnership, equality and caring which has been viewed as irrelevant by those who only value via economic gain rather than human potential. 

The author of the book the Real Wealth of Nations is Riane Eisler who has been invited to speak at the United Nations.  She is placing on the table caring.  The artificial intelligence smart cities revolution is all about removing the ‘human’ from service as they seek predictability and control not human harmony. It is a distinctly different paradigm that many will struggle under.  

Riane Eisler: Caring Economics

Oct 18, 2007 (note the date, this could have been implemented 14 years ago but still we have the same capitalist view that maximises profit leaving the increasing externalities of mental health, family breakdown, poverty to the side as the billionnaire club grows on the basis of human exploiation and as we are learning abuse, human trafficking and criminal activity. This suggests they have lost their connection to humanity which is likely to be generations of abuse called the ‘new normal’.  Lockdown is psychological abuse on the basis of a mild virus which clearly is not small pox.  Yet the media has turned what was low risk into high risk and mental health issues are arising as people become paranoid and divided on the basis of media spin dividing people into pro and anti vaccination when the real issue is controlling a narrative to say the only way out is vaccination when cures were clearly available (hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, vitamin c).  The push was to develop the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry as they saw billions in a forced market based on disaster capitalism where the winners transfer billions out of public treasuries creating economic vulnerabilities of debt and large equity funds takeover of countries on the basis of economic collapse. This is dominator economics not partnership. Our lives are being increasingly marginalised as rights are removed under this collective attitude of ‘doing the right thing’ when the honest approach was to use valid cures that have had trials and worked.  What we have is experimental gene therapies that change the DNA and have recombinants (HIV, malaria), lockdowns which work to undermine immunity rather than develop immunity which a caring economics would focus on.  This is the core problem at it is leading humanity to an extinction event.  Professor Luc Montagnier a world leading scientist and nobel laureatte has made clear we are looking at genocide as a small group believes in depopulation and is utilising ecological changes as human induced to prove the case of globalisation in order to take over the global commons.  This is a dominator approach.  The pedophilia rings confirm domination rather than caring as the real problem confronting humanity.  Partnership models would empower communities and develop self sufficiency and healthy relationships to ensure balance and wellbeing rather than oppressive AI/automation approaches that remove the human from service.  There has been no debate just a pushing forward of this New Normal which impacts human happiness and health adversely given the fundamental imbalance.
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Riane Eisler is an internationally known scholar, futurist, and activist, best known as author of the international bestseller The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future. She is the President of the Center for Partnership Studies, co-founder of the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence (SAIV), and The Alliance for a Caring Economy (ACE). For more videos, check out