J.K. Rowling Angers Parents with Creepy Pedo

In the public interest.

I am realising that through the media industry people are being groomed to accept paedophilia, boy love, same sex marriage (I have no issue with to mutually consenting adults), however grooming can utilise these themes in order to make paedophilia socially acceptable.  The problem here is that every parent loves their child and they do not equate love with sex.  Paedophilia is a sickness and mental health issue.  That has to be stopped.  If it is at the highest levels then there must be prosecutions.  No-one should be allowed to attack children and call this ‘love’.  Love shares cares reveals and heals it never harms.

Who is J K Rowlings?

J.K. Rowling Angers Parents Everywhere with Creepy Pedo Scenes in ‘Fantastic Beasts’


What the hell is wrong with J.K. Rowling? Seriously. I need to know. It’s bad enough that she is constantly expounding on her characters via social media with details of their lives she never wrote about (and no one needs to know) like Albus Dumbledore being supposedly gay. Rowling, author of the best books for children written in the last twenty years (in my opinion), just can’t let a good thing be. Nope! Like every other single thing in this crumbling cesspool of a culture, she had to go and ruin the newest movie in the Harry Potter series by making its villain a gay pedophile. (Why aren’t the gay police rioting for that defamatory depiction, by the way? Strange how the only gay character in one of her movies is also a pedophile. That’s an ugly stereotype only someone on the political Left can get away with.)

I can’t tell you how thrilled my children and I were when we saw the preview for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” We are hardcore fans. My girls share a room that is decorated as a Hufflepuff dorm room complete with owls in cages, Dobby the house-elf lurking about, and a Firebolt hanging on the wall. We are reading The Goblet of Fire right now. We even own the textbook that the new movie is based on. We love Harry Potter. And until now I was willing to overlook Rowling’s leftist proclivities because, like all celebrities, it’s trendy and she wouldn’t want to be put on a blacklist somewhere for having unpopular opinions and so she goes with the flow. It’s advantageous to a person like her and so…I care not

But the minute she decided to force me to explain to my children why a grown man, Gellert Grindelwald (who incidentally is the man that Dumbledore was supposedly in love with in Rowling’s imagination), is caressing a teen boy in a dark alley, is the minute I turned on Rowling. How dare she? There are two seriously creepy scenes in “Fantastic Beasts” that should never have gotten past a director who knew parents everywhere would be taking their kids to see this movie over the holidays, relying on the good name of the seven other films that came before it. As parents, we trusted that name, believing the content would be appropriate for our kids. Imagine my horror and disgust at a grown man nearly kissing an underaged boy in a dark alley—twice.

What is this fresh hell and why are we expected to put up with it? Thanks for making me explain pedophiles to my seven-year-old!

It is infuriating to continually be bombarded with the envelope-pushing of the Hollywood elite who decide for us what is appropriate for our kids (and that’s pretty much anything you can think of these days). Not only was it inappropriate, but the movie is terrible. The story is ridiculous and stupid (when you’re carrying around a Pandora’s briefcase full of dangerous creatures, maybe you should make sure it closes and not lose it), the sets are boring, the acting is terrible, and the plot is non-existent. I would have forced myself to like it simply because it carried the Harry Potter brand and my children would have liked anything remotely connected to Hogwarts, but after the inappropriate, pedophiliac overtones, there’s no way this one is making it into my collection.

Rowling ought to be ashamed of herself. What utter rubbish.