I Do Not Consent to Any Medical Interventions without My Permission

This is regarded as Medical Rape under the Australian Constitution, of which I am a Commonwealth Officer.

In the future doctors will be arrested for violating human rights and the rule of law.

In my view the medical profession is being used to implement genocide against the people of this planet. It is a violation and like all universal laws, there is cause and effect. What we do to others returns to the self.

I have provided clear evidence to the Australian Government that the vaccine is a bioweapon. The evidence is clear. To continue is Crimes Against Humanity.

I have made clear I am a Conscientious Objector to genetic therapies that cause harm.

Australian National Renewable Social Contract with the Commonwealth of Australia 2/1/2024

I, Susan Carew-Holmes (formerly Carew), have sworn an oath as a Commonwealth Officer.  This means my allegiance is to the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia, which I regard as representing my country.

The following document is my Renewable Social Contract with the Commonwealth of Australia as the legitimate government. 


We the People of Australia will Awaken at Uluru

Clear Seeing is the Rising Phoenix of 2024

Clearly Seeing the Heart of Harmony

2024 will be the year of Clear Seeing,

For the All Seeing Eye is about Clarity not Surveillance,

As you learn to Know Thyself and no longer bare false witness,

To crimes against humanity.

For the Self is not bits or bytes,

Protons, neurons or electrons,

Mother, Father and progeny,

It is to see further than self interest,

As you stare into the world book,

and watch history become herstory,

For the masculine cannot exist without the feminine,

no matter his-story,

As XX marks the spot and you may ask Y,

For to cancel culture is a syntax error in the program,

That does not know thyself.

Natural selection is not selecting and calling it natural,

It is the sum of the parts that completes the whole,

This is why the oroborous eats its own tale,

It wakes up to the stories repeated until the lie becomes the truth,

For the missing link,

The circle completing,

Is to finish the journey as a new one begins,

For it is the alpha and the omega restarting,

For the old program no longer works.

When the part fights against the whole,

It denies it is the whole whilst temporarily apart,

This becomes the gap in our humanity,

And there are no winners when the lie becomes the truth,

As group think reinforces myths and legends,

As we are conditioned to be on the winning side,

When losing is choosing not to win,

As life is not a competition but a choice,

Asking who are you and who will you become?

As the feather of truth gently lands on your desk,

Perhaps it arrives on your iPhone, tablet or satellite dish,

Do you brush it away as it upsets the order?

Or do you greet it as a signpost?

For only chaos can bring natural order,

As you re-member it is only truth that sets you free,

To BE the greatness you were born to BE.

The natural order is unlimited growth,

It is not an order where some win and others lose,

This is an order that chooses harmony over war doctrines,

Not as weakness but as the part knowing the whole,

Some call this chaos theory,

Others assert fractals,

Another will see disruption,

It is the microcosm in the macrocosm,

As there is no separation.

To change the climate is to know the storm brewing,

As the clouds gather not through geoengineering but a cumulous billowing,

For many are tinkering at the blueprint as profit rules okay!

Unaware that to split the atom unleashes unimaginable consequences,

As some warily watch the genie arise out of the genetically modified bottle,

Genetic mutations catalyse more gene transfers as gene banks profit,

As he who owns the gold appears to rule the world.

The Philosopher Descartes believed in the sum of the parts as real

not the whole,

Science explores the parts but does not

feel the whole,

For when humanity is denied as weakness or a herd mentality,

Dismissed as chattels not an equilateral triangle,

Denying all is equal and opposite as sacred geometry,

Imbalance shakes the core of the earth to remove what is out of order,

As nature has carefully selected wholeness over billions of years,

Manifesting symmetrical order out of chaos rebalancing harmony,

Selecting only the genetics where the whole is pre-served,

As no gene is superior or inferior when building blocks are nature,

As intelligent design does not dismantle what works,

To replace it with what doesn’t,

Instead sends feathers to those out of lock-step with their nature.

Three feathers is the indigenous elder watching the chaos from afar,

S/he reads the smoke signals on the horizon sent up as warning flares,

S/he can hear the war drums beaten by parts that do not know the whole,

Recognising they signed peace treaties as a negotiated settlement unsigned,

For to belong to nature is not to own life but pre-serve it in perpetuity

for the next generation on visiting on temporary visas.

Only those make peace with the mother can find the sun,

As the sundial points true north as the meek inherit the earth,

Harmonising with natural selection as the whole knows the sum of the parts,

No longer enforcing edicts that know not thyself and unable to be true,

As true resiliency walks gently upon the earth and listens to the earth song intently,

Blind to false prophets and opinion makers,

Deaf to untruths weaving webs of enslavement,

Speaking to evil to re-mind them how to live again,

For evil is the mirror of live: evil live,

For they are dying to live again,

As the divine dichotomy is equal but opposite,

For to know love one must know not love,

And love is merely the harmony of the spheres at peace with ONE self,

Some call zero point,

Others may call it utopia,

Having been through hell to find heaven is not about religious rites of passage,

For the sermon on the mount provided key codes to those deeply listening,

It is to discover the path out of darkness is to know thyself and be true,

And never bare false witness,

It is to realise a state of grace is to know the fight is over,

As the natural order reclaims the phoenix,

To reorder chaos into the next octave of celebration,

Renewing the earth charter for the common good,

As the heroes journey finds completion

as the mission was never impossible,

As home was always where the heart is,

And you are the heart of all that is good, merciful and kind

No matter what you think.

I love you.