Julian Assange Speaks about Edward Snowden

In the public interest. 

The public have the right to know as criminality is occurring at the highest levels and civilians are being murdered. Those in the highest positions are unaccountable as privatisation is expanding control over public assets and removing the right to know.  The public/private nexus is blurred.  The public are very concerned at the lack of accountability, the pedophile rings, the human trafficking, the drug trade and the buying of access to politicans by private interests.  At the highest levels surveillance technologies are being given the ‘green light’ to enable the collection of data to profile people so that they can be targeted if they do not comply.  We live in a democracy and We The People do not want surveillance, corruption or control by unaccountable shadow figures.

Disclosure is essential and will save lives.  It will enable the world to redirect resources into solving the climate challenges and to evolve our civilisation in ways that promote peace.   The corrupt practices have to stop and be held to account by the International Criminal Court.

Whistleblowers are incredibly courageous as the can lose their lives, there is no money involved, it is about the public interest and this gives credibility to their actions.  The public interest is central as all governments are supposed to be acting in respect of what the people want.

Julian Assange is not in good shape, he has been jailed without trial when habeus corpus is a right (to be placed before a judge, and to be informed about charges) and his incarceration in the Embassy through legal means is against international law. He has not been protected by his own government which raises questions of allegiances and foreign interference. 

Unlawful interception of communications is against the law.  Freedom of speech and privacy is the secret war. 

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